Frazzle Post: Toronto (ATP) – Cincy (WTA)


Federer v Murray – 3:30AM AEST
Clijsters v Sharapova – 5:00AM AEST

Why Murray and Clijsters will win, probably in straight sets:

  • It’s a matter of form. They both came through their matches in straight sets. Both most comfortable on this surface. Murray in particular showed a lot of aggression in his quarterfinal and semifinal matches, beating quality opponents with ease.
  • Fatigue – Both had the earlier day match with plenty of rest, both will face opponents in the night session who were taken to 3 sets before prevailing in over 2 hours.
  • Pressure – Federer’s priority is the US Open, and as far as preparation goes, he’s gotten the most out of this week already. On the other hand, Murray is the only player in the top 5 without a title in 2010. He needs this more. The assumption being that need translates to want.

Reasons to rebut the presumption

  • The rabbit – Murray can’t play much better than he has played this tournament. Roger Federer can, but he’ll need to pull a rabbit out of his hat – forget the brain cramps, the fatigue, serve well and play the kind of tennis he played for half a match against Berdych. At the end of the day, aggression comes more naturally to Federer than it does to Murray.
  • Mentality – if anything, Clijsters has been just as messy as Sharapova this week, but I have a feeling that she may carry more of an aura for other players than Sharapova these days. Aura, as we’ve found out in the past, doesn’t really bother Maria. When it comes to mental strength, I still give Sharapova an edge.
  • Pressure – pressure works in both ways. The fact that Fed has done better than expected this week, the fact that he knows what it feels like to win matches back to back against the top 10 again – taking this pressure off his mind might do just the opposite: loosen him up. (Though the narrative of today’s match prove the contrary.)

The fate awaiting Federbear, tomorrow (last minute clemency still on the cards).

Go Pinky. Go Maria. That is all.


xx doots


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48 responses to “Frazzle Post: Toronto (ATP) – Cincy (WTA)”

  1. annalisa says :

    YAY! a frazzle post!!! as always, DIS post makes me feel miserable AND hopeful at the same time… 🙂 xxx a.

  2. pban says :

    miserable is more like it…you said it doots 3 sucks:(

  3. PJ says :

    DIS makes me wanna spork myself. I’m not so sure I am ready for the onslaught of uber frazzles. But that being say, GO ROGER MAKE DIS YOUR TOURNEY.

  4. Dari says :

    Yo let’s get excited, not miserable! Roger is about to show hid stuff! And its his BIRTHDAY! Go Roger! I wish you to play some bad ass Berdy-beating tennis!

  5. Jack says :

    Maria’s first round sucks…..Roger being Number 3 sucks.

    But I’m still excited about both tournaments regardless.

  6. jfK says :

    Falla is stalking Roger. And why did Tennis Gods give him Falla and Berdych so soon after Wimbledon?
    And Shazam and Kuzzy first round? How does Maria keep getting $#!+ draws?

  7. BS says :

    Yay! Frazzle post is back! I don’t know if it’s a good or a bad thing though. The draw sucks. Dis makes me feel angry. Why is it that Nole always gets the easy draw? Unfair!! Having said that, I think it’ll be good for himself to have some tough matches, provided that he wins them of course 😉 I’m unusually optimistic but that will all disappear Tuesday night when I’m uncontrollably nervous before the match starts.

    Kuznetsova is a good draw for Masha because she’s bound to be tired after her week in San Diego. I might change my tune when the match is over though 😛

  8. jfK says :

    .Falla is out…so I’m frazzling a little less….

  9. pban says :

    falla is bad luck,good he is out but with roger being where he is right now even chela is giving me frazzling fits

  10. Matt Zemek says :

    Frazzling is for the majors, good people.

    Life’s too short to let Toronto hijack your stomach’s juices.



  11. jfK says :

    Roger and Maria are through.
    Omg not ready for Berdych so soon…ahhhhhhh

  12. BS says :

    So Berdych up next. That should be REALLY fun :I I’m going to force myself to watch it, because I didn’t watch a second of either of the two losses this year. Maybe (hopefully) the result will be very different this time *fingers firmly crossed*

  13. pban says :

    I couldn’t watch those 2 losses either…work as usual 😦 so i would really want to see Roger give me some Berd served on a plate….hate the guy and yes I am a sore loser. Loved Nalby destroy Sod though that was primarily to see Nalby to go up the rankings….I don’t think a Roger Nalby USO 2nd rd would be much fun 😦

  14. jfK says :


  15. Lynsey says :

    I think I may’ve died.

    Am I still alive?


  16. elisha says :

    LMAO everytime I muted the match(didn’t wanna hear the comms), he played beautifully! I think I should mute his matches from now on…!! (BUT I wanna hear the squeaky squeak of his footwork on the court XD ) Gosh, just when I thought for a second that I was ok with Roger losing this one so he can go back and talk some more strategy with Annacone(since he wouldn’t be losing points anyway), when he broke back, I was like FUCK NO I AM NOT SATISFIED! YOU BETTER WIN THIS SUCKER, ROG! haha SO INCREDIBLY happy he won! And he looked mighty happy as well 😀

    • dootsiez says :

      *hi five* My method is to plug the headphones in, turn up the volume and leave them on the table. That way, I can still listen to the balls and squeaky shoes, but I can’t make out most of what the commies are saying.

  17. Matt Zemek says :

    In defeat and in victory, we can count on two things:

    Saliva and profanity coming from the mouth of our gracious, sweet host.

    Djokovic would play Federer at night if he beats Chardy, so the heat won’t affect him.

    Great to see Junkyard Fed re-emerge and gut out the kind of win on which much of his career has rested. Sure, he’s lost a lot of 7-6 an 7-5 in the third matches at Masters events over the past 3 years, but he’s won so many tight sets overall, especially at the Majors.

    • dootsiez says :

      He’s exactly right when he said that a few months ago, these were the matches he was losing – unable to come back, missing clutch serves. Not happy he was taken to 3 – clearly by my profanity 😛 – quite happy to see him fired up and pull through a thriller.

      Time to drool!

  18. pban says :

    if fed gets his footwork right djoko and his heat issues won’t matter. Notice how few balls he shanked against that shithead today and no trick shots or that squash shot , a surefire sign that he is not moving well…but his serving could improve 2 DF to lose the 2nd??

    • dootsiez says :

      “a surefire sign that he is not moving well”

      NOT moving well? I’d say the exact opposite.

    • flo says :

      I think pban is saying that when he goes to the squash shot to dig the ball out of the corner it means Fed is not getting to the ball well. So he moved well today because there were so few of those…I didn’t watch.

      But this is the first uptick in the Federer stock since AO. I can’t count Falla because that was an aversion of disaster and relief but NOT something to be excited about. I agree with all the people who are saying this was important in that he showed the fighting spirit and got through it.

      • dootsiez says :

        Rereading the sentence, sounds like that’s what pban meant, and quite right too. That said, more impressive today is Fed’s variation. Didn’t go for baseline hitfests with Berdy – varied his game beautifully, went for lots of wrong footing tactics, used slice well. Happy gal, I am.

        Re stocks going up – 6 weeks off from Wimbledon, we’ve heard nothing apart from the fact that he’s been practicing up a storm. The losses stung, dude’s motivated now. No doubt about it. Cautiously optimistic.

  19. jfK says :

    Broke the QF curse and beats the first top 10 players since AO

  20. Jack says :

    So happy Roger won!! I thought it was gonna be one of THOSE matches again….but glad he pulled it out.

    And isn’t Berdych a shithead?! I mean, fistpumping on double faults and shanks…….and he has fans, how??

  21. BS says :

    Wow. I stayed up until 3 in the morning to watch this, but I’m sure glad I did. What a match! That first set is the best set of tennis I think I’ve seen him play since AO, easily. The more matches like this that he wins, the better. I was terrified though, I went away and when I came back he was broken. I’m becoming really, really supersticious about him and I don’t think it’s good for my health 😛 Bring on Nole, he can beat him for sure.

    • dootsiez says :

      “Bring on Nole, he can beat him for sure.”



      • BS says :

        Ok, ok I’m sorry. Nole is gonna dish out a double bagel to him and we’re all gonna be really upset. *antijinx* Happy now?!

  22. PJ says :

    Bear porn? Oh Doots, you spoil us so.

  23. pban says :

    doots what i meant was that when he hits those squash shots it means he is not moving well, my punctuations leave a lot to be desired so my post came off meaning the exact opposite of what i originally intended. He is moving beautifully in my opinion….as a result fewer shanks and even fewer squash shots.

  24. jfk says :

    And Fed gets through another tough match again!
    WAY TO GO ROG!!!
    2 heartattack matches in a row…lol…

  25. jandemom says :

    Oh, doots, poor Federbear; hope he’ll be OK for the final! DIS makes me happy to see Roger toughing out these matches, but jeez! the stress! the looking for a “good” spot to watch the TV! the yelling at the TV! and the happy relief at the end (yay, but please, Roger, make it a little easier on us, will ya?) Good luck vs. Murray. Come On!

  26. A_Gallivant says :

    mind if hum these lyrics?

    All the odds are in my favor
    Something’s bound to begin
    It’s got to happen, happen sometime
    Maybe this time I’ll win (in 2 sets like I’m suppose to!)

    Fingers crossed!

    • dootsiez says :

      *joins for the chorus*

      Everybody loves a winner
      And everybody loved me
      Mister Peaceful, Mister happy,
      That’s what I long to be…

      All the odds are in my favor,
      Something’s bound to begin
      It’s gonna happen, happen sometime
      Maybe this time I’ll win. 🙂

  27. PJ says :

    From Bear Porn to Drowning Bear. The fate of Federbear lies in your hands, Roger Federer. You are responsible for whatever our esteemed Crazy Head Bitch Doots do to him. JUST SO YOU KNOW. NO PRESSURE.

  28. Freudo says :

    Go Roger, defy the odds!!!!
    I’m ready for “clemency”, (hold your breath)
    bedazzlement, (less frazzlement)
    “rad bromance,” (Love it!)
    i’ll suck antacids,
    clutch my pillows.
    bellow for ya,
    I want to be happy, too..(What’s with the 3:30, thought it began ON the hour, High Noon in foggy CA where I hI from

  29. Freudo says :

    I see about the time. I was relying on espn time whcih is not real time, it’s where to fit tennis between poker and little league bazeball. Well that changes everything! Roger has less time to sleep, I have less time to fret. I better get on it 🙂

  30. Jack says :

    I really hope Maria and Roger win the titles!

    I mean, Roger has lost his last two finals and so has Maria so would it be too much for them both to win today?

  31. jfK says :

    Doots you were right about today 😦
    Roger 😦 and now Maria blew 3 set pts and KIm is trying to draw level.
    why why why??

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