Picspam: Birthday boy.



I’ll keep it simple and corny, rom-com styled. ‘Cause that’s how I roll.

  • To a former world No 1. Hopefully a future one too.
  • To a husband, a father, a leader. Roles growing more important to him as time goes by.
  • To Mr Hair. Mr Monogram. To looking past the surface at the man beneath.
  • To grace, integrity, diligence. Qualities I try to emulate beyond the field of sport.
  • To my writing inspiration. The reason I have a habit of recording thoughts down everyday.
  • To tennis. It goes on with or without him. But all the better with.
  • To 16 slams, countless records. Don’t think for a second that I don’t count myself lucky to be the fan who gets to complain about her favourite player not making TWENTY-FOUR slam semifinals in a row. I try to say it sparingly, but you really are out of this world, Roger Federer.
  • All that glory, all that fame ever gave – to the hottie who wears bright pink and baby blue in front of his jock mates.




And last but not least, to friendships with the most insightful, thoughtful fans around the world. People I constantly learn from. What would my life be like if you were all strangers? Less colourful, I presume.

I’m not celebrating the birthday of a man I don’t personally know. I’m celebrating the thing that brought us all together. So happy barfday, Woger McFed. Now go win this fucking thing already.

xx doots

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36 responses to “Picspam: Birthday boy.”

  1. FortuneCookie says :

    I wanna say that that was all really heartwarming and stuff,but all my brain is processing is HOT PINK AND BABY BLUE?!HOT PINK AND BABY BLUE ROGER?!?!
    And practising with Sod?!Okay,I can just about tolerate this (still not on the Sod train.In any way.) because I know somehow that he’ll never ever practise with Berdy 😛

    • dootsiez says :

      OUTRAGEOUS! NO DISSING SODDERS ON LE BLOG. Roger obviously has good taste in practice partners. Sodders obviously liked what he was seeing. Hottie.*sniffles*

  2. TennisAce says :

    I hope he never practices with Berdych. Notice how no one is calling him out for his unseemly complaints regarding his Washington loss. Phewt.

    Anyway, Happy birthday to Woger McFed. The darlingest tennis player ever. Real men wear bright pink and baby blue shorts and look good doing it too. hehehehehe

    Love seeing him back out on court and I second Doots with the fans of Roger. I have met a few in person and boy we are one ever loving bunch. So funny that I hosted a number of Federer fans at my house recently. Never met them before but they were in the Caribbean vacationing and they did not have the right channels at their hotel, so because I lived nearby I hosted about 6 people from the States, Canada, and the UK at my house. They were all Federer fans, did not know each other except through me and wonder of wonders were all staying in the same hotel.

    I made arrangements to pick them all up, took them to my house for an overnight trip and the next day treated them to Caribbean food, tennis matches and we sat and talked about all things Federer all the time. It was a wonderful visit and something I will treasure always.

    The one thing we had to ensure was that we felt secure in each other’s company, but I realised that most Fed fans are trustworthy people and they had a great time with me, much better than if they were stuck in some dingy hotel room. It helped that the match we were all watching was him being tested by Bozo.

    • dootsiez says :

      That’s fantastic! Reminds me of going to Paris recently and staying with whynotme there. If it wasn’t for Roger, I wouldn’t have known someone with such similar interests and politics as me. Next week I’m having drinks with a few Federbitches too. It’s so much more than tennis, but it would’ve never existed without Fed 🙂

      • TennisAce says :

        Doots, that is so true. I remember years ago when I had just started talking to people on tennis message boards, I was more inclined to hide information about myself, rather than share with fellow tennis fanatics. As I have been posting and writing about tennis since about 2005, I have found that I have come to know so many people on message boards. Most of us whom I associate are ardent Federer, Venus and Serena fans, but I have also come to know and appreciate many fans of other players.

        I also think that the social network tool Facebook has really helped to bring fans together from diverse parts of the world, that and the fact that people have stepped out of their comfort zone and decided to just meet up with fellow tennis folks just for the hell of it.

        I know that Pete Bodo over at hosts a meet and greet in New York every year and that GV Girl does a tailgating party in New York. I think these things have really brought fans together. I know I have read over at about people come from as far away as the Phillipines, Israel and the UK and meeting up with other fans that they met on a message board.

        Tennis draws so many fans together and so many people from different backgrounds and it is good when we can just all try and find the time to associate with each other.

        One tournament that seems to do this all the time is Indian Wells as you have a lot of people who make the trek there. So nice to read reviews and see youtube videos of fans of every player coming together to have a good time and have their fan girl and fan boy moments.

        • dootsiez says :

          Indeedy. I was hesitant to reveal too much about myself initially as well. But I think putting a human face on someone actually enhances thediscussions. You’re more likely to be constructive when you have to ne yourself and not just a username and avatar.

          I for one will be organising some Aussie Open drinks for those coming down next year. Just putting it out there for those coming down 🙂 perhaps we will meet one day too Tennis Ace!

  3. Dari says :

    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ROG! GIVE YOURSELF A BDAY PRESENT AND WIN THIS SUCKER! cheers to more years of spectacular tennis and another major (or two)!

  4. Jack says :

    Isn’t it nice that even though Soderling broke his slam semi-streak, he’ll still practice with the guy! Can’t really see the same happening between Rafa and Sod!

    And I’m glad Roger’s birthday isn’t during a tournament so then he can never lose on his birthday! 😀

    Wonder what Mirka gave him on his birhtday though?? 😉

  5. Freudo says :

    Great ramblings Doots and the pictures are sweet, just the right size, love him in pink and blue. My tennis coach is friends with James Blakes current coach who has been stalking RF’s shots in super slow-mo, slower than the ones on You-tube. I’m trying to get hold of them. I love the You-tube from a practice yesterday, too:

    • dootsiez says :

      Oooh if you get hold of the super slo-mos, do share and care if possible. They’re so instructive, not to mention totally beautiful.

      • Freudo says :

        I know. I’ll keep trying to get them and share if I do. I’m thinking of getting an HD TV, just to watch Roger better.

  6. Annie says :

    Hahah, that pink and blue is amazing. Yes, happy birthday Rog 🙂 Thanks for another year of entertainment and federporn.

  7. roadrunnerz says :

    Awesome shout out, Doots! Not just to Fed but to his fans. If it wasn’t for him I’d never have found your fabulos blog. (aka my sanctuary after particularly hard-to-take-Fed-losses, lol).

    Going to see his first round match on Tuesday. Last time I saw his first round match in TO he lost to Simon. No repeats of that please, Federpoop! Oh and…happy b-day! 😉

    • dootsiez says :


      Bring him good luck this time! (Imsojealousbitch)

      • roadrunnerz says :

        I can’t wait!! I get Fed and Stan and Dancevic tonight! Freakin’ dream line up for a Swiss-Canuck (However if Fed loses tonight, I promise to blame myself and never attend another first round Fed match in Toronto again).

        By the way…I’m not on twitter so I can’t follow you there, but I wanted to say I love your political posts too. (and not just ’cause our political views seem to run along the same lines) I don’t know much about Australian politics to start, but your blog has suddenly made me interested.

        • dootsiez says :


          Also, you SO need to be on Twitter and join our happy Twitter family! 😦

  8. sita says :

    Aaawww Doots, you never disappoint, I am all misty eyed….
    Loved him practicing with Le Sod , I don’t think you will ever see Sod practicing with Rafa…
    That dark pink tee brings bad memories though, i have seen him practice in it , the results have been you know what. But I am looking forward to seeing him in his baby pink attire on court….
    Happy Birthday Woger and thank you for everything you have brought to my life.

  9. pban says :

    love the guy and love you guys and many happy returns of the day to all of us …..ever since i started posting here i have stopped being apologetic in admitting my obsession with Roger.I know its not normal but i’ll be damned if I’ll get over it.

    • Mia says :

      In (Fed)full agreement. Don’t know why but he just inspires devotion. And he’s not really getting old; like vintage wine, he’s only getting better. Cheers to him, this blog and to all Fed fans!

  10. Lily says :

    Happy Birthday Mister PeRFect !

    And thank you for your hilarious posts Dootsiez and the community you created.

    (And for your tweet about “100 Years of Solitude” : my (real) name is from this book. My parents had the same idea than you 26 years ago !).

  11. Jack says :

    Roger got a birthday cake:

    Have no idea who Sidney Crosby is though! 🙂

    • jfK says :

      A hockey player I believe

    • Ceeza says :

      Crobys considered by many to be the best hockey player in the world.. He’s often compared to Roger .. While Akexander Ovechkin the other “best” hockey player in the world is often compared to Nadal.. It all depends on who you ask but Crosby and Ovechkin are clearly the top 2 Hockey players in the world..

      • Jack says :

        Hockey isn’t really that big over here in Britain so that’s why I never heard of him.

        But thanks for telling me who he is! 🙂

  12. jfK says :

    Happy Birthday Roger 😀
    Thank Lynette 😛

  13. BS says :

    Happy Birthday Roger 🙂 I know I’m late, but as they say, better late than never right?! It’s still 8th August on this side of the world anyway…

    I don’t know what he was thinking with the pink and blue combo but somehow it works on him. I wonder what Anna Wintour would say if she found out 😛 Practicing with Sod? Well I suppose if he can forgive and forget maybe I should too…nah, ain’t gonna happen (I’m talking to you Berdych 😦 )

    Thanks a mil for this doots, your blog has become one of my favourite sites to visit over the last while and it’s great to have found a place where everyone is as crazy about the man himself as I am. How could you not be?! Anyway, keep up the great work 🙂

  14. PJ says :

    Oh lovely bullet points on why is he sooooo loved. And ditto on friends all around the world. The world is more interesting with Federbitches all around. Although…more competition for his pants, y/y?

    Thoroughly enjoyed the speeshul Picket Fence Birthday Post!

  15. A_Gallivant says :

    Hey Doots!

    Great post! I love that you celebrate this day because Fed has brought us joy, angst, and most importantly access to folks we might never have met.

    I just met a Fed fan at Legg and we plan to check out Indian Wells together. I am hoping to meet up with other fans in Toronto and US Open. Echo sentiments about initially being reserved about personal information, but then finding that changing over time.

  16. Katarina_YYZ says :

    Happy Birthday, you old GOAT!
    Can’t wait to see you play on Tuesday night 🙂

  17. northcay says :

    Great post Doots! You’re the voice of the “quieter” Fed fans. I just adore the guy for the person that he is on and off court. All’s been said already about him, I don’t want to sound like I’m Vijay Armitraj (sp) salivating over him BUT one just can’t help liking Fed. I went all the way to Melbourne for this year’s AO (and by went it means continent hopping) saw him at the practice court and he smiled at me– smiled at me because I wished him luck and he thanked me. I’m rambling.

    What I’m saying is it’s nice to have someone like you in the net.

    • dootsiez says :

      Ah you came to Melb for the AO? Well you chose the right year! 😀 Are you making the pilgrimage down under next year? There will be Fedophiliac drinks!

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