Quotable Quotes: You and me, could write a rad bromance.

Sorry for the cut-and-paste job. As far as press conferences go, the man is in fine form. IN FINE FORM I TELL YA.


Q. What kind of relationship do you have with your new coach Paul right now?

ROGER FEDERER: It’s very romantic. (Laughter.)

I don’t know. Look, it’s … it’s going okay. I mean, we don’t go to candlelight dinner every night. I have a wife, you know.

So what to say? Yeah, I mean, we don’t know yet if he’s going to come to Cincy yet. We’re debating that. Severin has just arrived in Cincinnati today, so we’re, you know, looking at the schedule now that we know how this is going to end, you know, regardless if I win or lose tomorrow, and we take it week by week, and he’s been able to help me, tell me good stuff, like I expected. He’s a nice guy. So far it’s been going well, so we will see how it goes tomorrow.

Seems like Severin Luthi’s staying on with Fed. As a real princess once said, when there’s 3 people in a marriage, it gets a bit crowded, no?

Q. A gentleman asked Djokovic before that he told you something at the end of the game, and the answer of Djokovic was, “Ask Roger.” So what did he tell you?

ROGER FEDERER: Um, well, he told me that he thought I should have won the match earlier, so I deserved the victory. (Laughter.)

I was like, Yeah, I kind of agreed. But look, I’m still happy I won either way, you know.

You know, he’s a good sport, and we enjoy, you know, the tough rivalries through guys like him or Murray or Rafa, whoever it is at the top. Makes you a better player. I think we’re, to some degree, thankful that the other guy is around, too.

Sometimes, of course, we wish that they weren’t there so the road maybe to victory would be a bit easier, but at the same time, it’s great playing against such good quality players.

Q. I think it’s fair to say most of the tennis world were disappointed that Rafa didn’t come through because perhaps we would have seen the Rafa-Roger final. Do you feel any tinge of anything at all that you’re not facing Rafa tomorrow? Is it relief or can you feel for tennis fans that they’re not getting the final perhaps that everyone wanted?

ROGER FEDERER: Well, I think Scotland is happy, right, and many other Murray fans around the world. (Laughter.) And I think my fans don’t care who I play in the finals, you know.

For myself, I think once you get to the semis that the top four guys are in the draw, you know that to win the tournament it’s gonna be hard. You know, we were able to pass, Murray and myself, and we’re excited I think playing each other now, but, you know, I didn’t feel anything, you know, after Rafa lost.

It’s unusual seeing him lose sometimes, especially when he’s on a streak like that, but you could predict that Murray was gonna have his chance today because hardcourts is Murray’s best surface, and he’s beaten him in the past, in Australia, for instance, and it’s just proved his point again that he’ll be one of the No. 1 contenders for the US Open.

That’s what he’s proven, you know, at the Australian Open, at the US Open in the past, and for this reason I’m happy to be playing Andy. I’ve played Rafa so many times that, you know, we don’t need necessarily to play more and more and more. I hope we can play at the Open. That’s what I kind of hope for, because that’s never happened before.

Q. What do you want to achieve in the sport? Maybe Davis Cup with Switzerland? What more do you want to achieve? What’s your final, I mean, goal in tennis?

ROGER FEDERER: Winning tomorrow. This is … it’s going to make me so happy, you won’t believe it. (Laughter.)

Oh Fed. Winning tomorrow’s going to make me so happy. You won’t believe it either.

xx doots


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10 responses to “Quotable Quotes: You and me, could write a rad bromance.”

  1. pban says :

    me too… happy feddy and the world feels just right.Will miss the match though on account of work so I am terribly scared as I have seen all his matches this week 😦 #antijinxfingers crossedpleasetennisgodswe’ve gonethruhell

    • BS says :

      pban, don’t worry, we’ll all frazzle for you, it is Murray after all! 😦 But I’d still rather Roger play him instead of Rafa any day of the week.

  2. BS says :

    Oh Roger. Every press conference is something different. Some of the quotes he gives just crack me up. Anyway, I too will be really happy if he wins today…I’ve watched all of his matches this week, even though it’s completely messed up my sleeping habits so it’s essential that I watch the final 😛 Anyway, Murray is going to win today *antijinx* (Am i still allowed to be an antijinxer?!) And please doots, no federbear torture 😉

  3. Jack says :

    I was really tired last night (mainly due to staying up til 3am the previous night watching him beat berdych), so I went to bed after he was a set and a break up, thinking he’d win it in two.

    Obviously, I was wrong! 🙂 Still won which is what counts.

    But what happened?? Did Roger’s form dip or did Novak raise his level??

  4. sita says :

    Ah…Roger, if only you could win matches based on your form in press conferences….
    He’s moved up to #2 in the rankings, folks. That somehow seems better already but he needs to win the finals to seal #2 for the USO seeding.
    I am worried with the way his level of play dipped , he just seemed too tired in the third set. And to think he could have easily closed it out in straights ! Yet, after the last two roller-coaster rides , I am better prepared for the finals.
    One thing I can say is he wants it real bad this time and will fight his gut out , watch out Andy 😉

  5. roadrunnerz says :

    So cool to see a relaxed, happy, funny Fed after the spring season he’s had.

    I admit I’m surprised he made it to the finals here, but so frickin’ happy he did.

    I was at the match last night (couldn’t resist getting a last minute ticket when I found out I had a rare Saturday evening off). Even though my seat was located in the middle of Little Serbia, I think the stadium as a whole was very pro-Fed and very rowdy….and it was great fun! :p. Was so psyched to see my first late-round match in a tournament with Fed playing and to get a good close match. (while I could never root for him against my Federpoop, I admit I have a definite soft spot for Nole and made some great shots yesterday).

    Not sure if Fed has anything left in the tank today for Murray, but at this point I wouldn’t be surprised if he gutted out one more. That last answer in his press conference was awesome, lol.

    • dootsiez says :

      That sounds riveting roadrunnerz! 😀 I was totally freaking out like you wouldn’t believe. You got a nice match, as much as I would’ve liked for Roger to have closed it out in straights, Djoko made a match of it in the end.

      And like I said on twitter – which you need to get obviously – Roger has exceeded my expectations this week, so I’ll keep them modest for the final. I’d like to see him win tomorrow, but I think Mandy’s got this in the bag. In the long run though, this is only a good sign for the US Open. 😀

      • sita says :

        Doots, you picked Mandy going into the AO finals too , and that worked 😀

        • roadrunnerz says :

          Yup, I also think that him making it to the finals is already a win in my books. (that and I’m still on a high for having gotten the chance to actually see it live, lol)

          And on another note, I really want him to keep Annacone around, ’cause I totally think he’s good for Fed. And much as I love his loyalty to his Swiss team, I don’t know if Severin seriously has anything new to offer him at this point.

  6. jfK says :

    I’m going to have Gaga stuck in my head now. Just like Allejandro. I wonder if she’s a Fed Fan anyways? :P. I agree with you Doots, Fed already proved me wrong by beating Berdy he’s had a really great week I just want him to take the Cone with him to Cincy b/c they’re just getting started.
    ALLEZ ROGER good luck in the Final.

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