Frazzle Post: Cincy-Montreal

Cincy preview:

  • Gulbis v Murray. Nalbandian v Djokovic. Baggy v Berdy. RZod and ARod. I think I love you, ATP.
  • One stat you should keep in mind as we head into Day 4 of Cincy: Roger Federer has never won more than 2 matches in Cincinnati in an even numbered year. Now he faces Kohlscreiber. Do your maths.
  • Richard Gasquet is for no apparent reason STILL IN THE DRAW. Hope springs eternal. He’s up against Fish.
  • If Ferrer v Davydenko sounds like the least appealing match of the day, then men’s tennis is in a very, very good place right now.

Montreal Preview

  • At some point, someone has to make Kim Clijsters pay for her erratic play. SOMEONE. But will it be Kaia Kanepi?
  • ARad v Kuzzy. Consistency v Flair. Your guess is as good as mine.
  • Without making much of a wave since the Australian Open, Li Na has been amazingly consistent in 2010. She’s up against Azarenka for a place in the quarters.
  • Regardless of the outcome of the match, there’s something that Francesca Schiavone has that Dinara Safina would very much like to have.
  • Demmy, Woz, Pennetta, Zvonareva, all in action.

AusVotes 2010 preview:

Excuse the hijacking, it is my civic duty to show you this:

Much credit to GetUp for their work this election campaign. A voice of reason in Aus politics.

Without further ado, FRAZZLE AWAY!

xx doots


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17 responses to “Frazzle Post: Cincy-Montreal”

  1. elisha says :

    I remember reading a comment somewhere saying that Murray can have Toronto, Rafa can have Cincy, but Roger needs to get USO to relive that 2008 feeling! And I tots agree. I’m not going to expect some big booming tennis or anything like that. I’m just hoping Roger goes out there, enjoys himself, and look at what he needs to tweak or whatnot. Like homework, I guess.

    I’m still wondering what’s up with the coaching situation. I hope Annacone stays, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t. Also, as much as I love Luthi, I do wonder what kind of advice he gives Roger other than mental support. Especially since he’s been with Roger during the real bad times and the real good times.

    Hoping for lots of good stuff!

    • dootsiez says :

      I think part of the Federluthi relationship is more about company rather than technical support, with all due respect to Severin Luthi. As far as I understand, Fed isn’t done trialing Annacone yet, it’s just that Annacone is also tied up with the LTA. We’ll see.

      And I don’t know about many people who enjoys homework 😛

      • FortuneCookie says :

        Yeah that’s how I’ve always seen the Fed/Severus Snape relationship too,gotta be honest,I think that Roger would be crazy if he decided to stick with Luthi instead of Annacone (if that situation arose)…

  2. jfK says :

    Montreal – “Remind me why I’m following this?” Agreed. And Maria 😦
    I’ll be in Cincy for the first part of the week, my first tennis tournament. Can’t wait :D. GO ROG!!

  3. Ben says :

    It’s too bad so many players will be missing from Montreal for the women. I see Clijsters taking her second straight title — her quarter (and potential semi against Jankovic) looks pretty winnable, especially given her good form near the end of the final against Sharapova.

    Wozniacki seems like a potential finalist, too. Maybe we’re in for a re-match of the 2009 US Open. That’d be cool to see.

  4. pban says :

    Fed crashes out in the 2nd rd of Cincy every alt year ie the even numbered year … I have zero hopes .

  5. Katarina says :

    Blake got bageled. Ouch. 😦

  6. pban says :

    I have a bad feeling about this, how could Fed get Istomin ??? Tennis Gods you just love making it worse for us don’t you 😦

  7. Jack says :

    How come Nadia is a fed hater??

    • FortuneCookie says :

      She was openly cheering on Falla in the locker room during the Wimbly match and (I forget the source now),I remember reading somewhere how she’d said all this stuff about how nice Alejandro was in comparison with Roger etc,she definitely didn’t sound like a fan!

  8. pban says :

    heh heh bet nadia was sore he picked sveta as his favourite esp since she is so good at brainfarting herself.

  9. Wonderbra says :

    I was wondering what this whole Petrova Fed-hater was about, so I checked the web and found this:

    It’s in french, so for those who don’t understand, I’ll translate. The ladies are asked who their favourite male player is. Among others, Petrova says Roger. And she adds that not only every tennis player dreams about playing like him, but also that he’s a great champ and that “il est plutôt pas mal” (basically, that he’s hot). This was written in october 2009. What happened to her since? Did she go all Marion Bartoli on him and he rejected her or are these rumors about her cheering for Falla BS?

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