The high-road, and all that.

“No one reads your blog because you’re gracious and objective. They read your blog because you’re a sore loser of a bitch who yells a lot at Roger Federer.”

So I’ve been told by my dear supportive friends. Aww fanks, you guys, I couldn’t have done it without you.


Except “graciousness”, in the face of defeat, does count for something. Quite apart from the fact that my Mama taught me better than that, there is simply no point in my ardent admiration for another human being if I won’t at least try to emulate their conduct in my own life. That’s not what sporting “idols” or “heros” are all about. In my books, admiration and aspiration should be used interchangeably.

So appreciate the fact that as much as I do enjoy descending into profanities; as much as I love seeing the occasional surfacing of sourpuss Fed, I’m going to at least attempt some kind of graciousness here and acknowledge the obvious: Murray simply played better.

He served well, moved well. He was the fresher of the two, and made Roger play catch up throughout the entire match. And while he’ll never have the luxury of a Nadal loopy-forehand bounce high into his favourite backhand when he’s playing Roger Federer, Murray didn’t lapse into the kind of bitchy, passive-aggressive, moody teenager tennis he’s only too capable of playing either. It was a solid match from him, and yes – of course he’s a US Open contender. He has been a contender for the last two years. One day, you’ll see him break through, provided he doesn’t go all Elena-Dee on us.

So there’s that.

Oh, and there’s a cutie …


If you’re a Federer fan feeling a little disappointed, think of the context:

  1. He has won matches back to back against top 8 players.
  2. He was erratic, he brainfarted so loudly even Myla was embarrassed, but all in all, he played some scary good tennis for his first tournament since Wimbledon.
  3. That’s right, it was his first tournament since Wimbledon. But not Murray’s.
  4. He had two momentous, emotional, long-winded wins the two nights before, and still made his match against Murray more competitive than Rafa or Nalbandian.
  5. It wasn’t a strategic problem he had on Sunday, it was an execution problem. Rust? Confidence? Form? Fatigue? The explanations are endless, but like I said – Murray was the better player, played the cleaner game overall.
  6. No 2 seeding for the US Open is by no means sealed, but he’s making net gains on the rankings as opposed to net losses at the start of the year.
  7. Do you really want him to peak now?

At the end of the day, I’m pleased. I really am. Federbear is tucked safely into my sock draw, nursing his hangover.

federbear drunk

Bloody bear!

xx doots

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14 responses to “The high-road, and all that.”

  1. PJ says :

    Why are you so genius with words and tennis and stuff and Federer and bears. Sending you my first-born (when/if I have one).

  2. A_Gallivant says :

    I’m glad you were able to be gracious for us all! I concur about your list of positives from Fed’s play. He was playing better than he has in a long time and I too want him to peak at just the right time.

    Whoo can’t wait for the USO!!

  3. heba1992 says :

    nice nice doots xx and i am actually not feeling disappointed..roger had a good week in toronto and 2 scary matches with birdy and nole…all the best for him in cincy..take care xox

  4. Jack says :

    I’m actually not really that disappointed with this loss, like you said a good week overall for Roger.

    And here’s another positive:

    The person who lost the Roger’s Cup final last year won the US Open! 😀

  5. jandemom says :

    Glad to see Federbear survived, doots! 🙂 It was a week of positive signs & positive tennis from Roger, so I think that’s good for him & all of his fans, too!

  6. Freudo says :

    hi, doots, thanks for another fine post. I never really had a Federer home away from home until I found your picket fence 🙂

  7. BS says :

    It was a good week overall, as you said. The only thing that did bother me was the fact that he lost to Murray, because I just can’t stand that guy. Having said that, I prefer him to lose to Murray than to Rafa because whenever he does lose to Rafa it’s like another nail in the coffin. Anyway, my rambling done, I’m looking forward to Cincinnati, because it’s the last tournament I get to enjoy before my final year of school starts and I have no time to watch Roger lose 😦 Great post doots! 🙂

  8. Forehand Shanker says :

    There’s another positive to take away from the loss to Murray: Federer has seen the changes that Murray is planning to make to his game in order to make a run at winning the USO this year. Murray will always be a great retriever, but he’s has been hitting his forehand with more authority either to angle guys off the court or approach the net off a short ball. It’s, well, Federesque. So having experienced this in person, Fed knows that the game plan for beating Murray at Oz ain’t going to work again.

  9. astraldrops says :

    Nice doots!

    Can’t wait for the USOPEN frazzle times. Hoping a similar experience tp the oz open this year

  10. pban says :

    Didn’t see the match so can’t really comment but the scheduling of the semifinals and finals leave a lot to be desired.I just get the feeling that Fed simply didn’t have the energy left to play the waiting game or rather Andy can have his moment but it still ain’t a slam as dear ole douchebag put it so succinctly

  11. judy says :

    you had me at federpoop. 😉

    lots to be happy about re: fed in toronto… he was playing relatively well, trying new federcone things, got back to 2, sporting a new boyish cut and looking HOT while doing all of the above! happy that your lushy feddybear has been spared any drownings. i probably squeezed the life out of mine whilst watching the final, but he’s ok. 🙂

  12. Deborah says :

    doots, as I told you on twitter, it was all my fault: I ate strawberry/chocolate ice cream for the semi and failed to find any until the second set of the final! Do I blame you or baby boy for the weight I’m gaining eating the ice cream he keeps in my mind with that outfit? Anyway, it was a good run. It was so good to see him play on Sunday, livestream since ESPN in the US , had bigger fish to fry, like an international basketball exho, and reduced us to tape delay. Of course the rain delays were a pain and when they returned earlier than the time on twitter, I got distracted and burned my dinner. None of this would have mattered if we had gotten the win. Oh well, can’t stop lovin’ that man.

  13. Mia says :

    Agree on the MAndy forehand — he sure can pull the trigger with it now.

    And even as I hate seeing Fed lose, this went down more smoothly. All things considered, he’s still getting into the groove of things. Can’t have him him peaking too early. But I want that #2 seeding down for the US Open.

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