I don’t care what day it is, it’s Federporn Day.

What kinduva self-proclaimed Head Bitch would I be if I didn’t provide a little celebratory Federporn to say goodbye to Mr Pinky?


While pink continued to be the dreaded colour of doom for Rafael Nadal, la vie en rose proved to be filled with rejuvenation and new life, reminding us all of pleasant things like …




Ahem. Back to Federporn!


You take the shirt, Michael Llodra, I’ll take the pants.






Look at you and your granny-vase!


Look at you and your … um …




Bye bye, Mr Pinky. 😦

xx doots



15 responses to “I don’t care what day it is, it’s Federporn Day.”

  1. Amandita_FP says :

    Awesome post doots!!! Mr. Pinky looks lovely in all these pics & you just made my Monday morning much better =) thanks =)
    Take care, the flu is awful, but I hope you feel better soon.


  2. Freudo says :

    I wondered what you’d do today, and I wasn’t disappointed! Yesterday a wee bit excited about the final I awoke at 2 a.m. to find out our house had no Internet and No TV, cable outage. Close to matchtime, we fled to a wireless cafe, where I watched on an inferior stream from Spain on my laptop. My paid-for TV tennis stream blocked in USA by CBS. Frustrating to say the least, ball hard to track, but the result was worth it! Thanks you Doots, thank you Mr. Pinky!

  3. Matt Zemek says :

    Owens-Corning Tennis. Federer plays it better than anyone else.

    Now, time to get Djokovic, not Murray, in the bottom half of the 2010 US Open draw, with Soderling and Berdych as quarterfinal foes for Rafa and Murray in the top half.

  4. sita says :

    Doootsieeeeeeeez……….You are the Best.Head Bitch.Ever……..Loved the post <3.
    I am going to so miss Mr Pinky , I don't think he will ever wear pink on court again 😦

  5. bwlass says :

    “You take the shirt, Michael Llodra, I’ll take the pants.”

    Okay that had me in stitches!!!

    You are becoming addictive!!!

  6. simple_mee says :

    I just loved the post Dootsiez :))
    Mr. Federer looks radiant as always! Am so looking forward to the US Open now …. Hope our hero rocks the way he always has been!

    Thanks for the lovely picketfence posts! Love ya ❤
    Take care

  7. A_Gallivant says :

    So cool to see the shirt exchange. Hate that I missed that! Glad you were feeling good enough to finally give us some PORN!! LOL

  8. jandemom says :

    Oh, I hate to say goodbye to Mr. Pinky. He was such a wonderful late-summer (or late-winter, depending on your hemisphere) treat for the eyes. And he played pretty good tennis, too!

    Thanks for the porn, doots, it’s a great way to start any day of the week. And feel better soon!

  9. pban says :

    Me like Pinky and his fresh brand of tennis 🙂 ,why no Pinky in NY 😦

  10. jfK says :

    Neapolitan Fed was hot. Pink was really stunning on him against his tan skin.
    Thanks for the porn, I’ve missed it. 😀

  11. Lady B Good says :

    Thanks, I LOVE these photos, he is drop dead gorgeous, he’d look good wearing just about ANYTHING!
    and THAT HAIR, i could get lost in those chocolate brown curls!
    Good luck at the US Open, next week Mr Pinky!
    Hope you feel better real soon from your flu.
    Take care.

  12. heba1992 says :

    how there could be a federporn and i dont see on time :/ !!!
    okkkk its my fault i’ve been busy packing coz i was in oman & returning back to egypt in 2 days !!
    anyway..i’ve been missing federporn for a loooong time..thanks you made one…i really needed xD 😛
    congrats for u and all feddyfans for the win..all the best for him in the US open…BTW FEDERPORN ABOVE IS PRICELESSSSSSSSS
    oh and feel better soon from your flu
    take care xx

  13. PSP says :

    Love it!! The man just looks good in any color, even in sissy pink!! 😉 Now, it’s time for US Open, Fed!!! BTW, hope you get well very soon, Doots. There is a big time difference between USA and this part of the world, you know. You won’t be able to stay up late if you are still sick… ^^

  14. Javier says :

    Look how good they react to these girls Doots.
    Kids interviewing Fedal =]

    Keep on going on with your page!

    take care javier.x

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