The Frazzle Post: US Open.

SPECIAL EDITION FRAZZLES – Served by yours truly.

On the menu: cupcakes, muffins, bricks, perhaps a few asterisks too?

Which one would you like to take? Because folks: Andy Murray is gone, GONE. And NO ONE CARETH. *Sally Draper lisp* In related news, Ahndee Mooray apparently 62% Scottish as I write this, whadaya know.



Why I’m glad you asked!

  • It means that the top half of the draw is smashed into James Frey. In a Roland-Garros-09-parting-of-the-seas kinda way, only swap Roger Federer for Rafael Nadal, Paris for New York.
  • It means that there are too many of Rafa’s playstation mates left in the draw. Some of you share my boredom. Others don’t. That’s okay, since none of it will change the outcome.
  • It means that it is very unlike that Murray, a “pre-tournament favourite”, will ever be a “pre-tournament favourite” again. That’s what you get for rocking the US Open Series, then flaming out early at what should’ve been your best tournament, TWO FUCKING YEARS in a row. Am I complaining? Why yes. But more on that later.
  • It means that there are two Swiss in the second week of a slam. Coulda been three if Nutty Patty had survived Wicky. They make ’em good in Switzerlandia. They make ’em real good.
  • What does this mean for the bottom half of the draw? ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY NOTHING. The 3rd seed? Still in. The fifth seed? Lurking just around the corner. Second seed? FRAZZLE. Only perceptions of loadedness has gone up.
  • How unfair! How cupcakey! Now Roger has the bitchiest draw of all time – Melzer, 5th, 3rd, and top seed – if he wants to win. OH SHUT IT. When the draws came out, Rafa had the tougher half. It’s beyond the control of everyone except for Murray how that pans out. Besides, I’m a firm believer in Dootsie’s Principle of Cupcake Equal Opportunity: eventually, everything evens up. So cut the crap.
  • Jurgen Melzer is the bane of my existence right now. NOTHING ELSE. We all need to put our tunnel vision goggles on. *hands out tunnel vision goggles*


xx doots


ARTHUR ASHE – 11:00 am

  • Svetlana Kuznetsova (RUS)[11] v. Dominika Cibulkova (SVK)
  • Novak Djokovic (SRB)[3] v. Mardy Fish (USA)[19]
  • Caroline Wozniacki (DEN)[1] v. Maria Sharapova (RUS)[14]ARTHUR ASHE – 7:00 pm
  • Vera Zvonareva (RUS)[7] v. Andrea Petkovic (GER)
  • Roger Federer (SUI)[2] v. Jurgen Melzer (AUT)[13]LOUIS ARMSTRONG – 11:00 am
  • Gael Monfils (FRA)[17] v. Richard Gasquet (FRA)
  • Yanina Wickmayer (BEL)[15] v. Kaia Kanepi (EST)[31]
  • Robin Soderling (SWE)[5] v. Albert Montanes (ESP)[21]
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    36 responses to “The Frazzle Post: US Open.”

    1. PJ says :


      That is all.

    2. Emma says :

      I cried laughter at the photo of Mandy.

    3. TennisAce says :

      You make me spit out my coffee just by seeing that cat’s face. Someone posted a nice write up over at Tennis World about meeting Fed and the family in Cincy. She had some FO 2009 tickets and asked Fed to sign them. She said Mirka looks so beautiful and elegant in real life. Says tv does not do her justice. As for the twins, only thing she could say is that they had cute feet. She said Fed was quite chatty while signing the tickets and asked about matches that she had seen etc.

      I am just going to try and enjoy this year’s USO. My faves are Venus and Fed. I would not be shocked if my silent pick, Azarenka decides to do something this year. I think the USO organisers want a Sharapova/Clijsters final. I think a lot of folks underestimate just how tough Wozniacki is. She will keep the ball in play until death and I have to say that I am really liking her chances against Sharapova in the proposed round of 16. She is mature now, has a better serve, better forehand and she will always have those run until you die legs,something Sharapova does not have.

    4. pban says :

      Doots thank god for your frazzle post I was ready to climb walls for lack of an outlet for my frazzles.Soderling…..???? why do you have to kick us in the guts o tennis gods 😦

    5. TopSpin says :

      “WHERE YA BEEN BITCH?” You could probably say that to Stosur, Rezai, Franny (expected) as well as MJMS – all have seen a sharp dip since RG.

      I still quite like Masha and Sveta’s chances despite the first round hell holes they both drew. If they DO get through those, it could be the making of them. Or not.

      Have to say I don’t like Muzz’s chances against Berd should the latter survive the S&V massacre Flushing has lovingly laid on for him: Steps, Llodra, Bennetau – are you kidding me?

      Don’t think you should worry about Sod that much – have a horrible feeling he’ll go out before the quarters.

      Also, is this the first time in living memory there’s no talk of cakewalk draws from any quarter?

      • dootsiez says :

        Take out Soderling, and Fed has a cakewalk. If we’re talking the quarters alone then Rafa ain’t looking too bad either, although his form is … uncertain.

        • pban says :

          I think Rafa probably has the easiest QF matchup ….Nando we know is just waiting to roll over and play dead ie if he makes it so far as the QF. As for Nalby and Gulby they always flatter to deceive and I see no reason to believe otherwise.Got to love the Mandy quarter though….god it’s ugly (tennis and personality included)

          • jfK says :

            pban I was thinking the same. Le Sod again. I’m having flashbacks of their almost 5 setter from last year. Why oh why couldn’t we get Verdasco? Also, I’m scared of Hewitt too..last year he was leading for a set and half before Fed showed up!

    6. pban says :

      Topspin what is so horrible about Soderling going out early? sorry Sodercakes but where my guy is concerned there is no room for anyone else.

    7. Jack says :

      I hope Maria has a good run too. I think if she gets through her first round, she could build some momentum. And I know a lot of people are talking about a Caro-Maria 4th round but I can’t look that far yet as there are still 3 round before that Maria has to win.

      As for Fed, not a bad draw actually. Glad he didn’t get Nalbandian. Would have prefered someone other than Soderling in his quarter but Soderling hasn’t had a great hardcourt season.

      Although, he didn’t have a great clay season and we all know what happened then…..

    8. A_Gallivant says :

      Agree with you that all that talk of Nalbandian is for naught, I just don’t see it.Now if this Brands guy makes it through, he could be worth watching (ha, ha). Gotta say am looking forward to potential Murray/Stan match in 3rd round. Is it too much to ask for a match like they had at Wimbly in ’09?

      Love that Baggy could meet Fish, battle of the hot streakers! I kinda think Cilic may wake up and take care of Soddy, which gives me a tad bit of worry for Fed, but really Cilic?!? I am probably crazy.

      God I love 5 set matches, it’s time to separate the men from the boys! Oh yeah, bated breath.

    9. Matt Zemek says :

      Doots – exactly right. Just like the French, Fed got a great draw in the first 6 rounds except for that ball-blasting Swede who keeps showing up in the quarters of his recent Major draw sheets. That’s a toss-up, and if Fed can survive it, he should be playing on September 12 (Sept. 13 where you live.)

      Women – Azarenka is like Murray. Should win this given her talent and form. I do think Murray will deliver the goods, but I wouldn’t trust Azarenka with $10 at a fast-food joint. She’d find a way to make it complicated and stressful.

      My 1 niche-package prediction for this Open is that the hot players of summer – Fish, Nalbandian, Kuznetsova – won’t make the second week. This curmudgeon wants to see consistency before he expects it. Alejandro Falla and so many other players who pushed Fed at Wimbledon (or who pushed Nadal at Wimbledon – lookin’ at YOU, Haase and Petzschner) need to start winning a few FLIPPIN’ matches at majors so that they can say they fulfilled a little bit of their talent and potential.

      PS – In terms of the schedule, you can expect Federer to play (here in America) his third-round match on Saturday the 4th and his fourth-rounder on Monday the 6th and his QF on Wednesday the 8th. Rafa and Murray will play their top-half matches (3-R through QFs) on the 5th, 7th, and 9th.

      Why/how do I know this? Because Roddick and Fish – Ze Americans – are in the bottom half with Fed. Monday the 6th is a national holiday in America with daytime network tennis slated for TV coverage. CBS – the American network – will want Roddick and Fish on Saturday and Monday to increase ratings. Bank it.

      (This means, then, that Federer will play his 1st-rounder on Monday the 30th, and his second rounder either as a night match on Wednesday Sept. 1 or Thursday the 2nd; there’s variance for the second round, as we saw last year.)

      • roadrunnerz says :

        I hope you are right about Fed playing on the 4th!

        It’s the only day I have tickets for and I’m crossing my fingers!

    10. BS says :

      Ana, Kim, Dinara and Elena all in the same quarter?! This isn’t fair!! I like Masha’s chances and I think Vika will make a good run. Will be interesting to see how Venus and JJ play, hopefully they won’t disappoint . I hope Masha wins the whole thing. Another slam is long overdue.

      That picture of Murray cracked me up. I’m not going to say anything about Fed’s quarter except that FERRERO IS NOT AN OLD GEEZER. He’s too pretty, just like Roger 😉 And I am hoping for FO revenge against Soderling in the QF, but if he was to lose before then, that would be okay with me 🙂

    11. roadrunnerz says :

      I’ve got a gut feeling that this is Rafa’s year.

      In spite of being the world number #1, he’s sneaking under the radar (just as he likes it) and generally being touted as the third favourite. Plus, never underestimate Murray’s ability to self-combust before the finals of a major…

      Although I confess I’d be sad if he won it. Nothing against Rafa, in fact, I like the guy. But I want Fed to have one slam that Rafa doesn’t have. You know…to make up for the H2H and all… 🙂

    12. jandemom says :

      Hoping that Roger adds another USO trophy to his display case, and looking forward to watching a lot of exciting tennis over the next couple of weeks. Come On!

    13. jfK says :

      One match at a time everyone.

    14. Jodi says :

      Just reiterating the IT CANNOT BE UNSEEN.


    15. flo says :

      What the fuck is Wozniacki doing playing New Haven when the US Open is probably the best chance she has of winning a slam for the foreseeable future? No real contender is playing this week – so I take that Wozniacki doesn’t think she can contend. You don’t need to play yourself into the ground at 20, jeez.

    16. Warwcik360 says :

      I will be feeling down for the rest of the year with the absence of Henin. Too bad she ended up injuring herself during the grass season. 😥

      I hope a victory for fed will make up for henin’s absence……….

    17. elisha says :

      doots, if Roger keeps this up, you should totally make a Tweener vid! Or you can just add it to your 2010 compilation vid – that is, if you plan on making one ^__^;

    18. breadstix says :

      I’m still having trouble getting my head around the fact that Ana Ivanovic has started winning tennis matches again. Not that I’ve seen any of the wins yet. Really need to start watching tennis again.

    19. marcoiac says :

      just read murray’s post match interview. lots of questions on what’s going on with his mind. poor guy. i don’t like him much (mostly because his face is always disgusted, he should enjoy every moment of his blessed life as a tennis pro) but i kind of feel for him. sooner or later he’ll have some serious mental issues if people keep asking him that kind of questions. i think it’s much simpler than lots of reporters seem to think. murray needs to be much more aggressive than he typically is, if he wants to win a major. players raise their game during a major. murray can’t expect to receive a major title on a silver platter. you got to earn it. you must be aggressive and go get it. he’s a very talented guy, but he’s not willing to risk much. he tried toward the end of today’s match. but it was too little, too late. it’s that simple, i think. be aggressive. go get it.

    20. schnargle says :

      Stan ❤

      Even though Rafa's draw is a cakewalk now, and my USO bracket is shot to hell (I picked a Mandy/Roger final, and then shut my eyes and picked Mandy to win), yay Stan! I was gutted for him when he lost to Mandy at Wimbly 09, and now he's got his revenge 😀

      I feel bad for Andy with the pressure and negativity growing worse with each Slam that passes, but in my mind he's one of those guys that's too good NOT to win a Slam. It may take him years and possibly Roger's retirement before he can get into good enough form/the draw opens up enough, but it would be a travesty if he never won one. I really thought this was going to be his year though, what with his success/Rafa's lack of success on HC recently, and Roger in good form but with a mostly crappy season.

    21. A_Gallivant says :

      When I said I hoped for a Stan and Muzz 4th round, I didn’t actually think Stan would win. Ugh. I just thought I’d get a juicy match and still have Murray to wreak havoc. So you don’t think it’s too much to hope that Feli & Verdasco won’t fold like a deck of cards in front of their champion on their better surface?

      But first, here’s hoping that Feddy takes quick care of Melzer whom I love but really just want to go away right now. So annoyed by tanking Murray. WTF?

    22. pban says :

      Melzer is scaring me and it is a night match so because I am at work I don’t get to see it …..crap.

    23. jfK says :

      Where was the aggressive play Murray had in Toronto? ugh.
      Anyways…Melzer tomorrow… night match. 3rd lefty for Fed!

      • marcoiac says :

        He didn’t need to be aggressive in Toronto. But that was a Masters (not a shabby title, for sure), this is a major. Players raise their game for a major. He doesn’t. He can keep winning Masters, but if he wants to win a Major he needs to do more.

    24. dari says :

      Was first hand at the Murray/ stan match. That was the most I’ve ever cheered for anybody not named roger. I cheered for Andy because I like him and his tennis a lot of the time, because he’s cute and because he is my favorite sour puss. But today, I would just wqit and for Andy to do something on a second serve, a longer rally, anything, and after the second set he just couldn’t!
      I’m also pissed cause I don’t know who is gonna stop rafa now.
      Roger has still many matches to win, but let’s talk later about the possibilities of the fedal final. Ive been starting to face my fears more the last few months, Roger, let’s do this! I’m in a ruthless, sucker-free mood right now and I think roger should be in the same. It’s time to kick Austrian ass tomorrow night. Feder bear making debut tomorrow and dude means business.
      On lighter note, I always read your blog last of the few I visit, I enjoy your insight your ramblings, and your attention to ALL things, including backhands and break point conversions, bangs and bags. Your perspective always helps me digest all the crazy emotions we go thru as freak tennis fans and I thank you for it. Did I mention you always make me laugh?!
      Whose got the primo shots of those bangs I keep hearing about?!

    25. dari says :

      Ive neglected an important part, way to go stan! You played some great tennis today, and I am soooooo happy for you. now keep winning matches, make it to the final!
      Also saw peter lundgren and Todd Martin today just walk-in around. Peter is smaller and Todd larger than I imagined!

    26. elisha says :

      =*( Maria lost to Pushniaki… I mean – I admire Woz’s movement on the court. There’s no doubt she was and is the better mover between the two. I’ve always thought Maria lacked GREAT movement (Which is a reason why I never expect her to do well during the clay season), and that was also why I was never her biggest fan. I used to think there was too much hype over this blonde “bombshell” – for what? Her big serve? Her powerful groundstrokes? But it was weirdly after she came back from the shoulder injury that I found out about and admired her for her mental strength. I hope she can overcome her serving woes, because it would be a shame if she went out without another slam. (Not saying she’s leaving anytime soon. She’s only 23! lmao) Some positives from this match was the amount of times Maria came to net AND WAS SUCCESSFUL. Didn’t know she had it in her! aahaha. Phew, sorry this turned out to be so long XD

      BUT a word about Elena Dementieva… DOESN’T SHE HAVE THE UGLIEST SERVICE MOTION OF ALL TIME? OF ALL TIME??!!! Jeez, I thought Gulbis’ was a bit kooky – what with the weird twirly thing he does with his fingers/hand, but Lena D takes the trophy for this one, for sure!

    27. jfk says :

      I can’t believe Masha lost to Pushniacki.
      oh well at least Roger is through. and now we can really start frazzling about Bobby Sod….

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