Picspam: Don’t mind doing it for the kids.

Arthur Ashe Kids Day – like Hit for Haiti minus the spontaneity – has descended on us once more. Someone get me a video NAOOO!

Meanwhile, pictures to gawk at while we wait for CBS to air the damn thing.


One of the above will be the next UN Secretary General. Just sayin’.


It looked like such fun – it really did – as Roger and Rafa took their gigglefits to court, and Kimmy was slightly neglected amidst all those stolen glances.


Some folks only have eyes for each other.


Rafa admiring a Federer forehand …


… although you can’t say Roger returned the admiration …


While the Fedal enjoyed each other’s gigglefits company, the Bryan Bros dumped Mandy and recruited Nole to perform their SMASH HIT SINGLE “Autograph”.


What has been seen, CANNOT BE UNSEEN.


And at the end of the day, it was truth universally acknowledged that no one – NO ONE – looks good without socks.

xx doots



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2 responses to “Picspam: Don’t mind doing it for the kids.”

  1. jfK says :

    Just finished watching this on CBS. It was an hour and a a half long and they didn’t even show the part with Fed, Nadal, and Kim until the last 20 minutes. The teeny bopper music was truly awful.

  2. heba1992 says :

    yesssssssssss i want a video naaaaooo tooooo :'((((…miss you doots xx

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