Picket Fence Vid: Oops, he did it again.

You’re disgusting, Roger Federer. Just so you know.

Watch Paul Annacone’s face – dude’s sitting there going “I. FUCKING. LOVE MY JOB.”

xx doots


20 responses to “Picket Fence Vid: Oops, he did it again.”

  1. jfK says :

    Too good Roger!! 😀 was not expecting that so early on in the tourney 😛

  2. gamegrrle says :


    Nothing truly happens in tennis for me until I see it on your website and hear your take on it!


  3. elisha says :

    What I liked about this match was that Roger seemed like he wanted to really hit the returns instead of the usual slicing and dicing. Some were misses, but the intent was there, and he can always work on that as time goes on. Some WTF volleys, but all in all, I was satisfied. How could I not be after the tweener? Might even be the shot of the tourny already and it’s only opening night! lmao. Oh, Roger.

  4. marcoiac says :

    i propose fed should do a tweener every match he plays. at this point, he’s done two in a row at the us open. let’s just extend the streak! let’s not forget that this guy, who’s won 16 majors, has probably lost one major because he played a tweener on match point, against marat in the aussie semi. he can’t help himself, he must go for the piece of art, for the beauty in motion. if you think how much he won, and how creative and graceful and surprising his tennis is, how can you even discuss who’s the GOAT?

    btw, this tweener is better than last year (i thought it was impossible). much harder to hit a winner so behind the baseline. even if you are hitting a forehand! think about it. re-check where he hits the ball. he’s way behind the baseline. and it’s a between the legs shot! and a winner…i rest my case

    • dootsiez says :

      Yeah I agree – logistically, this year was much harder because he was so far behind the baseline he almost ran into the wall! And the way Dabul was completely wrongfooted, Fed knew where he was going with it. Yer know, I’m quite cynical about these tweeners, but holy shit, that was amazing. This is why I watch this guy ❤

  5. marcoiac says :

    and you are right, dootsie. annacone’s face says it all. he’s so happy to be there.

  6. Matt Zemek says :

    Well, Federer has now officially, for his next trick, hit a winner from a box while they sawed him in half. Dick Enberg needs to come up with a new line come the semis, when Fed’ll do something outrageous against Djokovic in the third set. (We hope.)

    • dootsiez says :

      Djokovic v Federer semis eh? There’s a chance neither will come through. More so on the Djoko side of things yer know.


  7. Katarina_YYZ says :

    Pfffffffffffffttt…. and people didn’t think Roger really knocked the bottle of that guy’s head…. I wouldn’t put it past him — the guy can do anything!

  8. Jack says :

    Another tweener shot!!! Shame I missed it live though……think I missed last years one too (yes, I am a bad fan! :))

    From highlights I saw, looks like Roger played a good agressive match. Nice to see!!

  9. sita says :

    Having watched that giggly tweener demonstration USO preview vid several times over , I expected him to say “Don’t try this at home, I am a professional” after he hit the tweener today 😉

  10. pban says :

    And I missed the whole goddamned thing and will miss the next match as well….I am extremely pissed off at the us open schedule but if he wins I am good.

    • gamegrrle says :


      I don’t know where you live, but ESPN3.com has the full game on replay. Just select Tennis from from the grey Drop Down Menu and then hit the Replay Tab. Click on the first link that says US OPEN 2010 (1st Round). For some reason it is not titled by the players names like the other links are…

      Hope you are able to watch it.


  11. astraldrops says :

    “Watch Paul Annacone’s face – dude’s sitting there going “I. FUCKING. LOVE MY JOB.”


    feddybitch can be brutal no? I fucking love this guy.

  12. dari says :

    Yay! Fed is the best! I thought people here would appreciate that my bf got me a feder-bear this year just in time for the us open! He’s on my desk right now, dabul match was over before I could grab him. I will have to make sure to incorporate him into the next match!

  13. heba1992 says :

    MY GODDDDD…dootsie have you seen that ? i couldnt believe my eyes..i was on the couch watching..i was talking to myself “no of course, he won’t do it again,seriously he won’t” and i was like ” OK,,,he’s gonna miss it i am sure”..i motivated myself that he’s gonna miss it..it will go out , hit the net or whatever xD
    then when he did it i jumped off the couch on my feet..i swear my feet hurt for an hour or something after that..

  14. BS says :

    Didn’t see it live, but when I read about it I just had to laugh. I love his reaction. This is why I watch him. It’s a shame he won’t get to repeat it in the semis because he won’t be there *antijinx*

  15. Allie says :

    i saw it live!!! was at the opening night of the USO and it was great. Fed was definitely making a point of hitting flat backhands with pace, instead of slicing it- love that!

  16. breadstix says :

    Hahaha, LOVE this! Gutted I didn’t see it sooner.

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