Frazzle Post: US Open Week 2.

Just popping in to confirm rumours that I am indeed alive and kickin’. KICKIN’ FEDERBEAR’S ASS THAT IS.

Meanwhile, a little down time to the blog and social media in general, so I can finish the impossible mountain of work piling up on my desk.

See y’all in October.

xx doots

PS. I propose we make this song the anthem of Federnation. Oui/oui?


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26 responses to “Frazzle Post: US Open Week 2.”

  1. Carol says :

    I know of which you infer… so I’ll be frazzling until Fed hits the match shot!

  2. jfK says :

    Didn’t need any valium tonight.
    That was a great match. Thank you Fed!! 7th straight SF at the USO 😀

  3. Carol says :

    My apologies Fed, I’m sorry I was apprehensive. Even better than revenge against Soderling (in the nicest possible way…) was listening to the commentators eating crow!

  4. dari says :

    Yayyyyyyyyy! Such an enjoyable match, fed handled EVERYTHING! Me and feder bear have been getting REAL close and were gonna stay that way! So happy, not to mention on court interview where roger mentions the babies give him kisses now! melt
    Fantastic, roger. Onward and upward, Goooooo roger!

    • Katarina_YYZ says :

      yes, but what did he say after that when the sound cut out (on the TV mic, but apparently not on court, because the crowd laughed, and they showed the gang in his box laughing). What was that?

      • dootsiez says :

        Apparently, he said the twins put a bit of a dampener on his sex life.

        I’m not making a funny here.

        • dari says :

          Please, elaborate and identify your sources. I did hear the, “but, but, they’ll be asleep tonight” which does fit your theory! Roger, you Sleezey amazing son of a gun!

        • dootsiez says :

          LMAO. Sorry to disappoint. I’ve heard conflicting stories from Fed fans. Leaning towards Fed not saying anything naughty.

          Perhaps we just have a dirty mind …

  5. pban says :

    WHATEVER YOU SAY DOOTS IN EXTRA BOLD CAPS LOCK!!! Now just go all the way Feddy ,I want all the critics to eat the ultimate crow.

  6. jfK says :

    Fed-Djok 2nd SF tomorrow not before 2:45 pm local time!

  7. roadrunnerz says :

    Yeah, not digging the potential Fedal final hype. At. All. Never mind the whole jinx factor, it must be seriously annoying to be Nole or Youzhny amidst it all. (Not that I think Youzhny has a snowball’s chance in hell against Rafa, lol).

    All in all, I still want Novak to take it all if Fed doesn’t. I cannot lie and say I want Rafa to get the US Open. At least not yet. Mostly because seeing the media jump on the Rafa-GOAT bandwagon if it happens is just going to make me groan…(You know we had to disagree at some point, Doots!)

    And on an aside, I’m back from my first major and had a blast! Saw Fed-Mathieu, Sharapova-Capra, Nole-Blake, Kuz-Kirilienko (The matches were all blow-outs, and truthfully a bit of a let-down after seeing Novak vs. Fed in Toronto), but the experience overall was awesome, and included a Rafa practice session, lots of overpriced concession food and a Gwen and Kingston sighting.

  8. flo says :

    Djoko better gives Nadal a match.

  9. jfk says :

    bitter pill to swallow.

  10. BS says :

    Devastated. Absolutely devastated. That is all. 😦 😦 😦

  11. Red4Fed says :

    So heartbroken right now… he had two match points! Oh Rog, why do you have to be so awesome and make us love you so? It hurts so badly when you don’t win. He’s right though – we have been an awfully spoiled bunch being his fans all these years. And despite days like these, it’s all still worth it. But still… *sob*

    Off to watch the 2010 Aussie Open final to start healing the Feddy-shaped hole in my heart… 😦 *hugs to all*

    • jandemom says :

      Oh, I wish I had happy matches to watch again. And again. And again.

      Any loss stinks, but these losses in majors … ugh, feels like a punch in the gut. Sure is tough being a fan, but it’s so much fun to be a Roger fan. Many more great days ahead, folks.

      And doots, I hope Federbear is still with us…

  12. pban says :

    😦 😦 😦

  13. elisha says :

    The parallels are scaring me:

    I was only able to see the first two sets of the USO 2009 final last year via USO live on the website, and I saw the first two sets of this year’s semi on USO live. I had to leave after Roger lost 1-6 and had to rely on my friend to give me updates through text. All I felt was this absolute numbness after finding out what happened. I refuse to watch today’s final. I’m taking a break from tennis. I love and will always love Roger Federer, but this emotional attachment I have to this one man I have never even met face-to-face is a tad dangerous, in my opinion. But seriously. No other tennis player – not even Andre Agassi, my first tennis love – has evoked such emotions from me. I don’t know… Gotta get away from the tennis world for a bit.

  14. Maria says :

    It’s so good to hear from you again! I was a tad worried! 🙂

    Thanks for the song, never listened to it before and have to admit…. DAMN Is it fitting the intense love-hate relationship every obsessed Roger fan has with him! LOL Especially those lyrics….

    We’ve been together since way back when
    Sometimes I never want to see you again
    But I want you to know, after all these years
    You’re still the one I want whisperin’ in my ear

    You are still the one that makes me shout
    Still the one that I dream about
    We’re still having fun, and you’re still the one…

    hihi, so true, sometimes when he loses matches that were in his hands to lose i get so frustrated, that I can’t even look at him but a day after I feel i love him more than ever before! And i am sure pretty much everyone feels the same way 🙂 ALthough I’d add that little something in this lyric: You’re still the one that I ‘d love to touch …….sigh…….

  15. jfK says :

    still the one…damn right.
    thanks for checking in.
    See you in October , doots.

  16. jandemom says :

    Of course he’s still the one!

    Hope your work goes well, doots, and be kind to Federbear!

  17. pban says :

    He is still the one, even if I am clueless to explain this strange emotional bond I feel with someone I haven’t met in person

    • Mia says :

      Same here. Crazy to be so emotionally invested in Fed. Indeed, the heart has reasons of which reason knows nothing.

      • pban says :

        I have never felt this way about any other athlete bar one but the latter is a countryman and the entire country is emotional and mad about him, but Feddy- I am simply at a loss to explain my behaviour where he is concerned.Do you think it is healthy to let someone you don’t really know affect your daily existence.I am in complete denial mode even now,the logic being that if you don’t think about something it hurts less….like a big heavy wall of emotionless stupor to heal the pain….dear Lord that sounded crazy and over the top even for me.

  18. Freudo says :

    Thanks, Doots. I come by and hope for signs of life. I too am slowly recovering from semi-final day and digging into a book I’m wriitng. Best of luck with your piles. I have those, too. Loved the video. See you in October.

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