Picket Fence Vid: Amazeballs.

I’m having blogger’s constipation, also known as a writer’s block. It’s not my fault that we had one of the most uninspiring days of the US Open thus far. So, statements of obvious facts on Federer v Melzer:

  1. It was electric. The point differential of 57-43% deceives. The scoreline of 63 76 63 underscores how much pressure Federer was under the whole way through the match, at all times.
  2. Melzer played with the vigor of a Junior World No 1 playing his first ever set against a top seed. THE WHOLE FUCKING TIME. Much respect for it, even if I sacrificed a significant proportion of my braincells for it.
  3. Federer moved like Jet Li, as exhibited on match point.


While Roger was vanquishing pedophiles on Arthur Ashe, Australia finally made up its mind and got a government. 17 days of electoral confusion, no violence, no looting. Nothing had to be resolved by a court, or worse – the military. At the end of the day, all it took was more discussions, negotiations, and reforms.

I say all this (despite most of you not giving a fuck about politics down under) because sometimes, we need to pause and reflect on just how lucky we are, and how unfair it is that so many people around the world, some of you perhaps, cannot enjoy what seemed to us like a perfectly natural process.

That is all.

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6 responses to “Picket Fence Vid: Amazeballs.”

  1. judy says :

    well said doots! the federbear was out, the rf cap was on, but no clutching the bear for life required. yes i was nervous at times, but never felt that rog was going to lose to tuna melzer (as fritters on gtt likes to say). this was the perfect challenge for feddy. he needed strong aggressive play, having to serve well and mix it up to save break points, converted his own break chances and moved brilliantly. that backhand and forehand was rock solid!

    the rest of the day, not so brilliant. thank god for TMF!

  2. A_Gallivant says :

    Yeah all the matches that promised sizzles fizzled but I did enjoy the Monfils and Gasquet encounter even if I had to watch on jumbo screen cause folks did not leave Armstrong.

  3. marcoiac says :

    good point about australia and its political process. we often tend to take for granted things that may not be granted at all. only when we lose them we realize how precious they were.

    and fed did move very well!!!

  4. sita says :

    Did anyone else freak out on seeing Gwen Stefani in Fed’s box ?
    Hasn’t any one told her yet to keep away from Roger’s matches given her history with jinxing him ?
    Why can’t Roger have Lady Gaga in his box instead 😀

    • jfK says :

      yes!! Plus, Lady Gaga and Rog share a passion for fashion
      Gwen should be banned.

      • jandemom says :

        When I saw her I thought “Whoa, someone’s got to get her out of there!” She didn’t even look like she was enjoying the match that much. At least she wasn’t bad luck this time, so that’s good.

        Roger’s been playing really well; let’s hope he keeps it up & keeps converting those break points efficiently. Now it’s time for some “revengeance” against Soderling. come on!

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