Passing thoughts: I think, therefore I am angry.

Happy Sundays my lovelies! Long time no blog! I missed you all like that little toe my uncle lost once in an accident.

And I’m sorry for springing this rant on you in my first post back from blogging hiatus, but you know me! I won’t get over “it” until I’ve let it all out. (Recall, if you must, the Great Rant of 09).

So here’s to letting it all out, all that pent up rage within me, fermenting away for a much delayed release –


FUCK YOU ROGER FEDERER! Two match points?! TWO MATCH POINTS GONE AND WASTED?! Mind you, Djoko played good clutch tennis on those, but it doesn’t take away the fact that they were both on second serves and the wanker did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING with them. I HOPE HE GOES BACK TO SWITZERLAND AND SLIPS ON COW SHIT.

Seriously, watching that semifinal was being waterboarded by a modern reincarnation of Adonis. PAIN and arousal in equal measures. (I do, by the way, draw a line. It’s just that I’ve crossed it so many times I don’t know where it is anymore…) 5 DOUBLE FAULTS?! This is the second year in a row that Fed’s over-served himself against Soderling only to come out flat in his next match. He mostly got away with it last year against Djoko because as badly as he was playing, he at least didn’t have COMPLETE MENTAL BLANK-OUTS from set to set.

Makes you wonder, doesn’t it … whether his brain has ACTUALLY TURNED INTO BABY POOP? Stoopid Mister Oh-dey-gimme-kisseth-nao-it’s-lyke-shooo-cute.

CUTE. MY. EYE. I hope Myla and Charlene projectile-vomits IN YOUR FACE the next time they give you their “little kisseths”.

And what’s with those 66 UNFORCED ERRORS?! You brainfarting MORON. After the match, I was TORN between whether to STAB MYSELF IN THE EYE or to pole-vault my way across the Pacific Ocean onto Arthur Ashe and SHOVE AN INKY PEN up his nose. TORN bitches, like a post-natal vagina.

But in the end, I did neither. The passage of time, as I discovered during those 20 odd days I spent away from the bloggosphere, is really the best way of diluting rage. And with benefit of hindsight, I think I’ve finally acquired the ability to – yer know – write something without BURSTING INTO CAPSLOCK over the RETARDEDNESS of that COW.


And here is what I think:

1. I think Federer played consistent, self-assured tennis this summer – finalist in Toronto, title in Cincinnati and of course A FUCKING SEMIFINAL at the US Open.

Objectively, if I were just any other “reasonable man” drinking tea with my pinky a-pointe, I’d give him a pat on the back for a jolly good job. Not bad for an old geezer.

Except … oh except he’s not just any old geezer, he’s one of the Great Ones. And for those, we simply demand more.

2. I think this is what happened: I think like all of us, he took one look at that draw and circled the match against Soderling. He came out, he blitzed through it like a dreamboat, oh the sweet, sweet taste of victory

EXCEPT WAIT – it’s not the end of the tournament. He had more matches to play, and to cut the long story short, he walked out on court in that semifinal with his tank of magic empty.

Pace yourself, my dear Fuckerer.

3. I think I have reasons to be optimistic.

Having seen his tennis this summer, having felt the warm buzz of positive energy coming from his camp, having the knowledge that he’s out there, hiring a new coach, trying new things, setting new targets, hunting for fresh kills, I think I have nothing to worry about.

Compared to Berdych or Soderling, what was different about this loss was that it rankled. There are days when you realise that there is nothing more you could’ve done to change the course of fate, and then there are days when you combust in rage over the chances not taken, the flaws in execution …

To put it differently, Novak Djokovic would have to be a bigger fucker than I gave him credit for to lose to Fed when he’s serving under 50%, double faulting with a bad case of Dementievitis and shitting out 60+ unforced errors.

Federer has always known how to play against Djoko. He hasn’t alway been able to execute. Relatively-speaking, that’s not a hard problem to solve.

4. Oh by the way, I think it’s about time the Tennis Gods gave Roger Federer a break, draw-wise. If he continues to play in this form and stays injury-free, a ‘break’ is all he needs to catch some momentum.

5. I think I am happy for Rafa.

I’ve always said that if Federer can’t win a slam, I’d root for Rafa to win it, and I stayed true to my words. Once Fed was out of the competition, I cheered for Rafa all the way through the final. A final, which – by the way – reminded me of the 2006 US Open final between Federer and Roddick. Djoko or ARod never had a chance, there are times when I feel that tennis players aren’t so much makers of history, but products of the force of history. That day, the force of history was on Rafael Nadal’s side, and no Sesame Street Bert look-alike was going to halt the march towards a career slam. Like I said, I think I’m happy for him.

But it’s hard you know, to truly feel happy for Rafa, despite the fact I really, really do love him too. It requires me to be so much bigger a person than I think I’m capable of. Not my fault – the media discourse tends to pitch Federer and Nadal as a sum-zero rivalry. The more slams one wins, the less stunning the other becomes. This is of course, a natural and instinctive way of looking at this. The less instinctive, but I think also less myopic way of looking at the Fedal rivalry is that one enhances the other.

History will prove me right. I’m sure of it. But alas, it ain’t easy.

6. I think a final is better than a semifinal.

This issue came up when I met up with a few Federer fans in Sydney for some merry drinks. It was better this way, one of them said, to lose in the semifinal rather than the final. And we were quite divided on this.

Understandably, if Federer lost the US Open to Nadal, some of my dear Federbitches might’ve needed hospitalization for stomach ulcers. But this is a serious question.

One of the reasons I stopped blogging after the US Open (apart from being bogged down with work) was that minutes after the semifinal, I came across some general sentiments from Fedophile sections of cyberspace that Federer “did the right thing” by losing in the semifinal and “avoiding Nadal” in the final.

Just so we’re clear: THAT IS THE BIGGEST PILE OF BULLSHIT I’VE EVER HEARD. How insulting! How cowardly! What revolting lack of guts and backbone and everything in-between … quite aside from the fact that Federer would’ve had a chance (he would’ve always had a chance), at the end of the day, a final is a final and I’d take another cookie tray over a big fat nothing semifinal loss any time. So there’s that.

But really, a life lived in fear just ain’t worth living. Go forth and meet whichever foe the Tennis Gods throw at you. That’s how this ‘Greatness’ thing works.

What say you, cyborgs?

xx doots

PS. Thanks for the lovely emails.

PPS. On a scale of 1 to weird, which was weirder? Federer losing to Montanes? Or Nadal losing to Garcia-Lopez?

PPPS. Dear Roger, I’m not having your babies anymore. You’re such a bitch to me.







34 responses to “Passing thoughts: I think, therefore I am angry.”

  1. Emma says :

    Losing in the final is certainly more impressive than losing in the semis, but it’s a hell of a lot less painful.. I think Fed said something similar after the match, that the main comfort he drew from it is that at least it wasn’t the final.

    And he can still win slams. He got match points against two separate Top 5 opponents, and that’s what you need to win a slam. Could have converted the ones against Djoko but you’re practically there anyway once you have the MPs, he said that after losing against Hewitt in DC after being two sets up and I think it’s been something I’ve agreed with ever since.

  2. FortuneCookie says :

    Yep the loss is still a bit annoying,but you’re right,overall the summer was pretty positive.People who say he’s over when he’s just made a Master’s final and won a Masters,and this is a man who of course “doesn’t care about those tournaments” *sarcasm*,are crazy…

    I still think that just the statement of hiring a permanent coach is a step in the right direction,but seriously,going onto the ATP site now,it’s weird to see a name in the coach bit! It’s also still weird seeing the no. 3,but…let’s not talk about that.

    The scheduling for the rest of the season is annoying though,WHY THE FUCK IS HE PLAYING STOCKHOLM?!A favour to Jonas Bjorkman??Who knows,like I said on Twitter,PLAY MORE OF THE SHINY SILVER TOURNAMENTS AND LESS OF THE GOLD ONES,IT’LL HELP YOUR LITTLE POINTSY NUMBER THING!
    Umm okay,I may be using this to vent also 😛

    • dootsiez says :

      Blackmail. Perhaps Bjorkman has some embarrassing blonde-and-drunk photos of him. 😛

      • FortuneCookie says :

        HA,it’d make so much sense 😛
        I want some dirt on Fuckerer (not that there’ll be any.Ever.),I’m pretty amazed that ex girlfriends (okay,the one before Mirka,the only one!) have never sold their story or anything,had Roger been British a newspaper (*cough*The Sun!The Daily Star!*cough*) would have payed major dough and that would have happened YEARS ago!Fuck the Swiss and their politeness and aversion to celebrity culture 😛
        Tiny tangent here,but finishing Open made me think about Roger ever doing an autobio,if he did I don’t think it’d be until long,long after retirement,but I dunno,would it really be that interesting??He hasn’t exactly had the troubled,conflicted life of Agassi has he?Also,it’d take years for an editor to get all the ‘y’knows’ out of the manuscript…

        • dootsiez says :

          LMAO. Roger’s not miserable enough for an autiobio.

          SAFIN on the other hand…

        • dari says :

          Yay! First, to dootsiez: welcome back! I checked here so often in the past few weeks, was so glad to see a new post!
          To fortune cookie, I was almost certain that roger had never another girlfriend, EVER! n that mirka was THE one and only! now that I hear this, I want to know EVERYTHING you know about her, the other girlfriend!
          I felt terrible after the semi loss, and was slightly drunk which may or may not have helped! but I hate to admit, a tiny part of me felt like it was for the better THIS time. mostly because roger said it in the post match press that it waS better to lose here than the final, but overall I felt that nadal just wasn’t gonna be stopped this time! DURING the seminal, I sang a different tune, that roger COULD beat rafa that ROGER was the king of new York, and that rafa still hadn’t proven himself fully on hard courts, and that if there waS a year for a magical federer moment, this would be it and roger would get another major win over rafa. after the match I began this rationalizing, though, and it made me feel better about the loss.
          the thing that saddens me is that roger prob had a little piece of him that didn’t wanna face rafa, and that little piece is what cost him the match. I can’t wait for him to have another opportunity to face rafa, this time embrace it and take it!

        • dootsiez says :

          Dari – as far as I know, the fact that Fed had one girlfriend before Mirka was only ever mentioned in passing in an interview with Lundgren.

          Unless FortunePoopie knows more …

      • FortuneCookie says :

        I have my sources… 😉
        Nah not really,it’s just from a really old interview I read with Fed back in like 99,or early 2000 (had to have been before Sydney Olympics at least),and he talked about missing his girlfriend while he was on tour…I want to know if she had horrible dyed blonde hair too 😛

  3. Deborah says :

    I guess we will have to wait for the memoir to understand what happened in this year’s US Open semi. You just don’t go from serving and moving like a dream in a howling windstorm to what he did against the Djoker in two days. Something had to be going on. Maybe he was out of gas by the time he got there but I’m still puzzled. Glad you’re back, doots. I love how you handle losses. Me, I ate a lot of neapolitan ice cream and listened to a lot of sad music.

  4. TopSpin says :

    Oh Goodie!

    You’re still in one piece and not scattered in several billion Fed-shaped shards on the floor of the Pacific.

    Like you I too thought that Fed oozed perhaps a little too much brilliance against Sod and that showed itself in “the little ways” in his less lacquered finish against Djoko. Not that he played shithouse tennis mind you, but he needed to be at his super-sized bestest with the intimidating play Djoko was bringing from the back of the court. And, well, he just wasn’t.

    I also share your belief that Fed has a chance against Rafa – Fed *always” has a chance against Rafa – not perhaps on clay, but everywhere else, and *certainly* on a fast hard court.

    The mass tribalism thats spilled over since NY has meant it’s been difficult to discuss that in any reasoned way. Doesn’t make it any less true.

  5. Annie says :


  6. marcoiac says :

    good summary of what happened this summer. fed definitely played well, incredible match with sod, bad day at the office with djoko, but especially passiveness again on those two second serve returns on MPs. that’s why he hired annacone. fed even mentioned that it’s one of the things he wants to work on. which is good news. but unfortunately it’ll take some time to fix it. it doesn’t happen overnight. even if you have a deliberate strategy that goes against your habits, your instincts, it takes a while to actually implement it. and it takes longer when it comes to those clutch moments when it is only natural to fall back onto one’s habits.
    i think fed should really use the rest of the season to work on those things, and should focus on next year not only to win more majors, but also to go get the year-end no.1. he needs to do it one more time, and next year is probably his best chance. not that he can’t do it in the following years, but the more time goes by, the more it’ll be difficult to have a consistent top performance

  7. luvfedgame says :

    Welcome back !!! you were sorely missed. I am with you re the Shankerer’s peformance during the summer, great gutsy wins in Toronto and Cincy, magical performance against Soderling and wtf vs Djoko. As for those who think Fedsy subconsicously tanked against Djoko to avoid Rafa, they have not been paying attention and don’t know Fedsy very well.

    I am looking forward to the AO…I am even thinking of blowing my whole year’s tennis watching budget on a trip down under to watch the AO!!!

  8. A_Gallivant says :

    I have to answer to the: it was better he lost in the semifinal than a final musings that other Fedfans have echoed. I hate to use this as an excuse but sometimes it feels as if things are destined to happen and though you are right that Fed ALWAYS had a chance against Rafa, I just didn’t feel like it was going to be his day if he made it to the final. Cupcake draw, Spanish minions, bonehead Murray, etc. It just seemed like 2010 was Nadal’s year like 2009 was undoubtedly Feds.

    Would I have been happy to see Fed get to the final and at least keep his #2 rank? Damn Skippy.
    Would I have been able to endure the post-match write-ups IF he had lost to Nadal inthe final? Probably not, I would have probably needed to take the whole damn fall/winter to recuperate. LOL

    However, I continue to be puzzled by Fed’s performance in the semi-final. I know Djoko played well throughout the tourney, but my gut tells me that Fed could have won that match. He played as if he was conflicted throughout. Like someone else said, I’ll have to wait for the tell-all bio years from now when he’ll admit to what the hell was going on in his head.

    Happy to have you back Doots! Enjoyed the rage, followed by the measured response.

    BTW, I too find I am not the better person yet to be wholeheartedly happy for Nadal, but I’m trying!

  9. roadrunnerz says :

    Welcome baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack, Doots!!!!

    I’m MISSED your blog!!

    In total agreement with much of what you said. Yeah, I wouldn’t have loved yet another final loss to Nadal, but a final beats a semi any day, and I’m NEVER going to hope he goes out in a semi to avoid facing Rafa. If I do please revoke my Fed fan card and slap me with one of your bears. Or something.

    In the large scheme of things I won’t read too much into the match against Novak. For starters, the majority of his matches against Nole have been close. Often very close. And a few of them weren’t won by Fed’s brilliance but by Nole self-combusting and that’s almost what happened this time. When Nole went down 15-40 at the tail end of the fifth I could almost HEAR Novak screaming to himself. Not. This. Effing. Time.

    In the end I think he absolutely deserved the win. His stats were better and he simply played better.

    But, it’s like you said, Fed had an amazing hard court summer ESPECIALLY in the light of his awful spring. Two finals one of which he won and a semi. Did anyone else do better?

    Personally, I’m still on a high from seeing the Novak-Fed match in Toronto. Absolute best live match I’ve ever seen. Unbelievable atmosphere and, best of all, Fed won that one on pure grit. Much like the Berdych one. As a fan who got to see him play live three times this year, I had a GREAT Fed summer.

    Can’t lie and say I was rooting for Rafa to win the US. I can’t even put into words why. Maybe it just felt too soon for me, to see him get the career slam. Plus, the draw gods lined up for him just way too well for my liking. I kinda wanted him to have to fight for it. You know, like, Fed at the French in ’09.

    ps: I’d rate Rafa losing to Garcia-Lopez pretty even on the weirdness scale to Fed losing to Montanes. Maybe Fed’s is weirder given it was straight sets (if memory serves me right).

    pps: Have I mentioned it’s good to see you blogging again? 🙂

  10. elisha says :

    I completely forgot I was subscribed to the picket fence, so when I checked my e-mail this morning to see an update… I deleted the update right away and thought, “No more. Not yet. Can’t handle anything related to tennis just yet!” 5 hours of work later, I came home, and found myself not being able to handle the temptation any longer. Your words are the medicine I just needed to get over Roger losing to Novak. Honestly, I had NO EFFING CLUE Rafa even won the USO until last week when I saw some guy reading a magazine with the headline. I know, isn’t that kinda crazy? I was completely serious when I promised myself to steer clear of tennis for a while, but THAT GUY!!! He just had to be reading that damn magazine right when I was there….

    Loved your response. Loved last year’s response to Roger’s loss. WTF is still there, and Roger losing to Novak is more a bitter pill to swallow for me than him losing to Rafa. Weird, no? haha XD I think it’s Novak’s parents… >___<

    Being happy for Rafa? Not going to happen. As much as I like him(because I do. Roger-love always overshawdows it, but love for Rafa is there…) – the cupcake draw!!! CUPCAKE! PIECE OF FUNFETTI CAKE! jeebus. No. I can't be happy for him. Roger went 4 years in a row losing to Rafa, then had to fight deep for his win at the French in 2009. It made me that much happier for Roger. But Rafa? Fight? What fight? Maybe I'll be happy for Rafa later. I don't know… that's a huge maybe.

  11. A_Gallivant says :

    PPS. On a scale of 1 to weird, which was weirder? Federer losing to Montanes? Or Nadal losing to Garcia-Lopez?

    Gotta say Nadal losing to GGL. At least Fed had weird form during that period. That Nadal lost to a Spanish player after playing pretty great tennis previously, that was strange.

  12. Jack says :

    After Federer lost, I wanted the whole tournament to go away…….unfortunately I had to still acknowledge it as my Mum is a massive Nadal fan (verging on KADness, even if she won’t admit it! :))

    I am happy for Nadal now but for a while after the loss, I was still bitter about it all. I don’t think it helped that during that week, I started it with a Maria loss and ended it with a Roger loss. So at first, I couldn’t care less who won but now I’m glad Rafa won because he did deserves it and anything is better than Djokovic winning.

    That being said, 3/4 weeks on and I still don’t understand the semi-loss. He never really played well throughout the match. It was only really a game here and there when he switched it on. I think the unforced errors are always going to be part of his game nowadays but it was strange how it game just wasn’t there at all.

    And I understand what people mean by saying its better to lose in the semis than the final but to me, it doesn’t really matter. If he’s not holding the winners trophy at the end, does it really matter whether he loses in the final, semis, quarters etc??

    Oh, and good to have you back, doots!! I thought it was funny that you had to notify us that you were still alive. Really show how mentally stable people think you are. 😀

  13. steve says :

    Hello! Casual reader and a first-time poster here.

    Federer is like a pool of clear, pure water. If there’s turmoil happening in the depths you can see it easily. He was obviously fighting himself as much as he was Djokovic. The score was so up-and-down. Djokovic played well throughout, but it’s not like he raised his level dramatically in the second and fourth sets; it was more that Federer’s level dipped. And to let two match points slip in the fifth set, that’s the smoking gun right there.

    In earlier days, i.e. 2008–early 2009, Federer would have willed himself on to meet Nadal in a Grand Slam final even when his game was less than its best. He felt the pressure to break Sampras’ record and winning the French. That resulted in losses, all the more crushing because they were so close.

    These days, having won the career Slam and broken Sampras’ record, I’m sure a small part of him feels less urgency. He doesn’t need the trophies as much. His game is in a transitional state at the moment, he is making mental adjustments. If he goes up against Nadal at anything less than 100%, he’ll lose. And in the back of his mind he knew this.

    99% of him wanted to win that match, but unconsciously, 1% of him didn’t want to put out that extra effort to win, and that small part made the difference.

    Trust Roger’s instincts. He needs more time to develop his game with Annacone and get more comfortable playing aggressively. Then we will see the supreme all-court style only he can give us, completely free tennis without any fixed patterns.

    • A_Gallivant says :

      You said it better than I could Steve. I was tooling around after my post trying to figure out what I really felt about Feddy’s lost in light of some of Doots’ points. Yeah, I think of Fed on off time. LOL. I don’t mean to suggest that Fed didn’t want to meet Nadal in a final because he lacked courage. I think Fed likes to win and is very comfortable doing it. You cannot convince me that he didn’t want to win against Falla at Wimbly or even Djoko in Toronto; I could feel it coming off the screens, the desperation and desire was palpable. But for the USO semi against Djoko, I didn’t feel that desperation, hunger, or desire.

      I know that we can take lots of heart from his hiring a new coach which suggests a commitment to staying engaged and at the top of his game moving forward. Yeah, Annacone said the primary difference between Fed and Pete was that the hunger for the competition was no longer there for Pete and it still is for Fed. I sense that the hunger wavers for Fed with his motivation going up and down. Maybe that explains why he came out blazing against Soddy (clear goal!) and meadering against Djoko.

      I’m trying not to let the talk about GOAT and shit get in the way of enjoying or being a witness to how Fed handles this transition time because aside from loving him as a player, I’m really curious about how he will navigate this new part of his career. He’s been such a model of so many things as a champion, I want to see how he works this phase as well.

      • Deborah says :

        “I’m trying not to let the talk about GOAT and shit get in the way of enjoying or being a witness to how Fed handles this transition time because aside from loving him as a player, I’m really curious about how he will navigate this new part of his career. He’s been such a model of so many things as a champion, I want to see how he works this phase as well.”
        I so agree with this. Everything Roger does charts some new ground and I can’t wait to see how he handles this as well. As far as the GOAT stuff goes, I have never seen anything like the media bandwagon trying to name Nadal the GOAT. That has depressed me more than anything. I mean Roger has records that will never be broken and yet we are expected to rank someone above him based on their H2H. I almost expected some journalist to say that technically, all of Roger’s records now belong to Nadal because of their H2H. Well, good luck keeping tennis alive without Roger at or near the top of the sport.

  14. PJ says :

    This makes for good breakfast reading. :O I dunno, I know there are positives out of this Other Hard Court Season, but when it all comes down to it, I just want him to win. Win win win. I honestly thought he would have win against Djoker. But then again, he’s been very very generous with his record streaks this year, so I had this niggling thing at the back of my mind…”he’s beaten Djoker three times in a ROW, something’s gotta give SOMETIME” and it did.

    It hurts it hurts it hurts. I’ve done nothing tennis-related since then (SABBATICAL HAHA) except meeting up choice awesome Federbitches in Sydney. The entire year after AO has just been EXCRUCIATING as a Wogie fan, with the exception of Happy Neopolitan Celebrations. But then again, it reflects on how much I (we) have come to expect from him. For any other tennis player not named Roger Federer, a Masters final, a Masters title and a Slam semi is good. It’s awesome. But unfortunately, the one player that owns me is Roger Federer.

    I think it’s time that I try and let all the expectations go, and just enjoy his game and continue being in his pants. Yesssh.

    I’m not big enough to be genuinely happy for Rafa. He deserves it, he really does, and I have no doubt he’d win USO if not this year, but echoing my sentiment, NOT THIS YEAR. I couldn’t take this year, but he won, and that’s that.

    Welcome back to the blogsphere, bitch. Stay put, okay? We are WAY PAST OVERDUE FOR PORN.

  15. BS says :

    Glad to have you back! The whole thing was so disappointing, I never know if it’s the hard-fought, close matches or the complete thrashings that hurt more when one of your favourites loses, but definitely over the last few years it’s been the former. I don’t think it would have been so bad afterwards had he not had those two match points. The worrying thing is that that’s the third match this year that he’s lost where he let match points go, considering that before that it had been about 4 years. Yet, I can’t explain it…

    I think the rest of the year will be incredibly interesting, if he doesn’t make the most of the points he could potentially pick up in Shanghai and Paris, he only has himself to blame. Unless of course the draws are a complete joke.I just hope he can get back to number 2 by the end of the season and in his own words “finish the season strongly”.

    And Fed losing to Montanes was definitely weirder than Rafa losing to Garcia-Lopez. In this instance though I do admit that a small smile may have appeared on my face when I saw the result 😛

  16. Lady B Good says :

    Nice that you are back Doots, missed you, by the way thats the cutest Pup i have ever seen, does he belong
    to you? hes so handsome, i could eat him up!
    Well Doots what a diatribe for Roger, i can understand your feelings about him, not taking the opportunity
    of his 2 match points, in the semis, given that Nadal had the easiest run in to the final in years, maybe Roger
    didnt fancy another Grand Slam Final against Rafa, after Rafa has beaten him at 3 French Opens, and in a
    semi-final in Paris, took his beloved Wimbledon title in 2008, and made him cry at the AO 2009, Roger has
    a lot of hurt pride in those matches, i’m not saying that he would have been beaten at the US Open against
    Rafa, but maybe, just maybe that was a chance he was willing to forego?
    I think you were a bit harsh on Roger, after he has kept us all enthralled for years, with his wonderful tennis
    supreme artistry, good looks and a head of hair to die for! We should be glad he is still playing, because he
    wont be around forever, that will be a sad day when he finally retires.
    I want to wish him all the best for the rest of his career, good luck Roger in Shanghai XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  17. jfK says :

    I’ve been on a media blackout for the past couple weeks. It is nice to see you back, doots :D! What can I say? Roger is a man of mystery these days. You never know who is going to show up in a match…Jesus Fed or Roger Shankerer. The SF loss was absolutely gutting… the serve let him down just like we saw last year in Australia against Nadal and Del Po in NY. Even worse this time, was that he held match points. When it mattered, he reverted back to the passive returning we saw against Baggy and Berdych earlier this yr and it failed. This is where we’re going to see if Annacone can make a difference. One thing that gives me hope is that when Rog first partnered with Roche he lost a SF with some match points against Safin.
    These past 3 slams have turned out to be complete nightmares. Please Roger, find your game and confidence. Tennis is not the same without you.

  18. pban says :

    welcome back doots, tennis what? Roger who? that’s the only way I survived the last few weeks and I intend to keep it that way to mend my broken heart 😦 …. thankfully what’shisname has helped by disappearing from the tennis horizon.

  19. PSP says :

    Glad you have made it back to the Cyber world, Doots. I’ve been on tennis media shut down for a few weeks. But your blog is one of very few tennis places I still visit. 🙂 Well, this Roger guy has made me feel up and down, up and down unlike any other tennis players. Just give me some peace at the end of the year?

  20. Freudo says :

    Good to have you back on-line, Doots.

  21. TGIF says :

    Welcome back Doots!
    Missed you. Admire your competative spirit re the final/semi controversy, but I’m stickin’ w/ what Roger said. He said he preferred losing in the semi instead of the final and we all understand why.
    Of course winning would have been the best, but it was hard to see that happening, unfortunately. Of course we’ll never know.
    I suspect we may get at least one Fedal match in the indoor season this year, so we may get to see the current matchup on hard courts. It’s been a while.

  22. jandemom says :

    Welcome back, doots! Missed your ramblings and rants & I hope you got all your work done.
    Looking forward to the rest of the tennis season, seeing who plays well & of course, rooting for Roger as he works on his game. I’ve decided to go positive and zen, simply enjoying his magnificent talent & the way he plays & his charm, good looks & dorkiness on and off the court. And I refuse to fret when he loses. At least that’s the plan. come on!
    Some porn, please?

  23. Breadstix says :

    Dude, nice rant. Glad to have you back. 🙂

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