I’ll have another Federer, double shot, easy on the foam.

I have a confession to make. I like my coffee milky and sugary with rainbow-coloured sprinkles. SO JUDGE ME.

Meanwhile, the elitist Swiss coffee Nazi, Jura, has released 300 limited edition RF coffee machines.

Why am I posting this you ask?

1) If Fed wants to sell a coffee machine for 2000 Swiss francs to fund education for children in Ethiopia, then OF COURSE, I’d aid him in that endeavour. (Clickey to bid, if you’ve got cash to burn).

2) Those rich brown curls are 100% fair trade premium Arabica. You know it’s true! (Less sure I am, about the shirt.)




While we’re at it – some Federer quotes, from an August interview with Fed that I seem to have missed (it was in the Chinese press). Thanks for the fans at the Mothership for digging it up.


Question: At this point in your career, is being No 1 still important to you?


Of course it is! I enjoy being the best in the world, even now, a lot of people call me the greatest of all time, but to be No 1 again would be a huge achievement and I will work hard for it.



Question: How long will you keep playing?


To be honest, I don’t know how to answer that question, which is a good sign, isn’t it? Before, a lot of people misunderstood that I’d only play until the London 2012 Olympics, when I only said I’d definitely play til London, not that I would hang up my rackets after that. My dream is to play til I’m 35. I’m 29 now, so I’m hoping for another 6 years; but this also depends on my physical health, travel plans and what you said about motivations and other factors.


Question: Mentioning the Olympics, will you defend your doubles gold medal from Beijing? Will you still play with Stan  (Wawrinka)?


That’s a possibility. But at the moment, I haven’t thought about doubles. Right now, I’m thinking more about singles. You heard at the last press conference, a few reporters asked me if I’d play mixed doubles. There’re only 8 days during the Olympics. If I play singles, men’s doubles and mixed doubles, I’d have to play 2 or 3 matches a day, that’s not very realistic. So I’ll decide according to the schedule then, but I hope to win the gold medal at Wimbledon.


Question: Your daughters just turned 1. Was finding a balance between tennis and family harder or easier than you expected?



Let’s just say – it’s hard, but it’s easier than I expected. Traveling with two kids on tour requires a lot of effort and that was what I expected; but what I didn’t expect was that process of traveling has been easy. Especially when they’re young, they spend a lot of time sleeping, they don’t go to school and I can always play with him.


Question: Will we see those little angels in the stands one day?


Of course! Actually, right now they’re always playing in the players’ lounge. This year when I was practicing at Halle, they suddenly came on court; back in Switzerland, my wife sometimes bring them to watch me practice too.

Source: ATP China

Translation: My own



8 responses to “I’ll have another Federer, double shot, easy on the foam.”

  1. girl_from_mi says :

    Wait… the babies were on the practice court in Halle AND NOBODY GOT PICS????

  2. marcoiac says :

    the traveling with the kids should be getting worse soon though. ok, they are swiss kids, so most likely behave better than your average kid, but the terrible 2s are terrible 2s!

    (too bad tennis players don’t have kids at such a young age so that their kids hit the teenage years while dad or mom is still playing. that would be fun to watch: eyes rolling, snappy comments at dad or mom, the works….)

    • GruetziMiteinand says :

      You’re very right – kids of that age are equally terrible in Switzerland too…

      The RF Jura coffee machine has now reached at 3700CHF… anyone here who tried to bid for it?

      Honestly, that’s so freaking overpriced that I would expect Fed himself to serve me my morning coffee in bed!

  3. jfK says :

    I hate coffee, but I love me some Federer. I am really sick of this drought and ready to see him again.
    He sounds like he is excited to go back to Shanghai and it sounds like he gets a lot of support there too. only 2 more days until he arrives, right?

  4. xta says :

    so glad you’re back, doots — missed you…
    speaking of roger shilling — actually, this one is more like shilling roger — have you seen that the tennis channel has a contest to win a trip to switzerland (zurich) this november and meet roger ??? there’s a lindt tie-in as well…

  5. PJ says :

    Bitch, what’s this about KRudd having better Mandarin than you? Clearly you pwned him :O

  6. Breadstix says :

    Bidding’s at CHF 3.010,00 … so if I don’t eat and sleep on the streets for a term, I CAN HAZ IT. 😀 😀 😀

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