Frazzle Post: Shanghai

OOP Preview

  • The final, not before 4:30 local (7:30 Aus). Roger has played solid tennis this week. Dootsie’s Universal Theory of the “Other Shoe Drops” says he’ll have a letdown at some point.
  • Mandy has looked fantastic in his last two matches and has yet to come close to dropping a set. But then again, a Tsonga on the comeback and Bebe Jeezus probably aren’t exactly the best indicators of form.
  • Needless to say, I’m not picking this one. Antijinxing mechanisms firmly in place bitches.


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41 responses to “Frazzle Post: Shanghai”

  1. Thoreau says :

    I have the feeling that he might even fail to pass to the third round.

    • dootsiez says :

      dude, I have a feeling he might even fail to pass his bye…


      But Jizzy is making me jizzy.

  2. Breadstix says :

    Wow, er, that’s, er, interesting. Although, er, a tough draw may, er, motivate him to do well. Er… or not.

    So long as he makes it to Jizzy I’ll be satisfied with that. 😦

  3. astraldrops says :

    omg his draw is full of clusterfuckery. WHYYYYY?! I am afraid captain wasabi has no chance to do anything spectacular. *cries in a dark corner* someone wake me up when the Oz Open is here.

  4. dari says :

    I’VE never seen john and rog play! I still don’t know who headclobber is am I being that dense or is this a tougher. Really I had to think about a lot of the nick names, but my favorite one was definately Bye Bye! Good one, doots!
    Fine, ill take the low expectations bit, but…

    • forehandshanker says :

      Head Clobber = Head Banger = Misha = Mikhail Youzhny

      It might be good for Woger to face Izzy. He return better against big servers. That said, their H2H is 1-0 with their last meeting being USO 2007 in the Darth Federer days.

      If he gets past Izzy, wouldn’t it be great for him to play Rendy in Shanghai? Hopefully the center court is wide enough for shots like this:

  5. Carol says :

    Positive vibes – sending positive vibes! He looks fresh (and younger – is it the hair cut?) Mirka and twins aren’t here yet or aren’t coming at all?

  6. Jack says :

    Roger has had a plenty of shitty draws this year…..I can’t actually recollect the last time he had a “reasonably” easy draw…

    But even though he has a crap draw, I’m not really that nervous about it………I don’t know why! Maybe after all that’s happened this year, I’m all frazzled-out for the year!! 😀

  7. luvfedgame says :

    I saw Wogie play Isner at the USO 2007…..straigts sets with 2 TB if I remember correctly. If Wogie can handle Karlovic then I am sure he can handle Isner….hopes!!!!!

  8. A_Gallivant says :

    So Djoko handled Izzy easy and we are worried about Fed? Hmmm, let’s hope Fed is not that far gone. But I suppose we have to see how fast that surface really is in Shanghai.

  9. jfk says :

    lets wait until Isner wins his first round match before we start frazzling. I agree, though not the best riddum player for Rog to face after a long break.

    Allez Roger 😀

  10. Lady B Good says :

    We Have to have faith in our Roger, i’ll be sending my positive energy vibes to him, just seen the practice
    in Shanghai on you tube, i was right the other day, he IS getting HOTTER, the guy is a walking orgasm!
    OOOH! Lady B Good, you naughty girl! Naughty but nice!
    B lucky in Shanghai Roger!

  11. jandemom says :

    Love the irony in that “keep quiet” photo.

    Mmm, yes, let’s all send Roger some positive energy for this tournament & the rest of the year so he can close out 2010 with some great results. come on!

  12. roadrunnerz says :

    Fed’s got a tough draw this time round, but that said, how does Stan get Rafa in the second round of almost every tournament he plays??? Talk about unfair. Yeesh.

    And see what happened at the US Open when he didn’t?

    Come on, Stan. Losing streaks have to end at some point.

    Go Swissies!!!

  13. jfK says :

    Go Roger, take down that tree!
    Go Stan!
    Hopp Suisse!

  14. BS says :

    Nervous about tomorrow’s match, but this is even worse:

    Why does the man insist on ruining everything??!! Stop writing about tennis Reed!!

  15. dari says :

    Roger lighting it UP at the moment. Speedy and winner-prone! Keep it up, buddy!

  16. Carol says :

    It’s beautiful to see! Look out for that Fed Express!

  17. Dippy says :

    i am enjoying this for now, another good match trow no?

  18. marcoiac says :

    first class ticket into my pants? lol

    anyway, in retrospect i’d say that almost this whole summer (and fall now), when rog’s game clicks, it clicks at 04-06 level. pure showtime. problem is, doesn’t click everyday. during the 04-06 stretch, he also had some days off. but at that time, guys were so scared of him, that he’d manage to win anyway. now’s different. now he needs to either dig deeper on ‘slightly off’ days (mind you, even on a slightly off day, his game is gorgeous) or raise the level of his consistency and playing the most sublime game ever played in tennis day in and day out. which i believe he can do. i really hope djoko and rafa don’t go out early, i want fed to blow them out and teach them how to play the game. show them how to hit the ball not just to win the point, but to create a beautiful moment, a transient but timeless, never-to-be-forgotten piece of art

    in other words, to show them how to give people fabulous emotions and remind them that life can be beautiful

    and now i am gonna hit some balls, so inspired i can’t wait to be on the court

  19. Freudo says :

    thanks Roger-you made me remember-so beautiful and sure-you can be your sister’s son’s coach someday 🙂

  20. Carol says :

    Look out Soderling – Fed has your number!

  21. dari says :

    Soderling ALLLLL the time! Do it again, Fed, even if it is indoors! Congrats to Melzer, Rafa, go sleep, golf, and fish. You need a break!
    Goooo Roger!

  22. jfK says :

    Sorry Bobby Sod, I love you but my heart is with Rog.
    Allezzzzzzz. 😀

  23. sita says :

    Not frazzling about the Sod match at all – totally zen today which is weird !!

    Btw, Doots , did you know that Wogie said he listens to Lady Gaga 😀 . Me thinks your “Papa paparazzi” posts inspired him 😛 Time to replace Gwen with L Gaga in the player’s box….

  24. sita says :

    Am I the only one who is not nervous about tomorrow and thinks the Fed will school Murray ?

    • BS says :

      I’m very cautious about making predictions when it comes to Fed, but I think that there’s a very good chance he’ll win tomorrow. However, there’s also a very good chance that he’ll lose. So, we’ll see! Should be interesting…

  25. pban says :

    LOL since there are only 2 options available that was great insight BS

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