Passing Thoughts: Saturday Five.

1. Sometimes, you see it in his eyes.

When they grow into two round saucers, you see the panic and excitement therein: “HOLY SHIT. I-CAN-DO-THIS-I-CAN-DO-THIS-CAN-I-DO-THIS-DO-I-THINK-I-CAN-DO-THIS-HOLY-SHIT-I-DON’T-THINK-I-CAN-DO-THIS?!”

And for a moment there, he had me fooled. Victor Troicki served for the match, a bad call by the umpire and a pea-brained funk later, Rafa had broken back for a tiebreak, where the playing field is level and inspiration and will prevail. I wasn’t fooled anymore, even on those two match points Troicki had.

Meanwhile, Rafael Nadal cracks me up sometimes he can’t even help himself. Psssssst, this ain’t a slam, darling.






Have a beer, Rafa. Just … drink it.

2. Bali wild cards have been awarded to Ana Ivanovic and Daniel Hantuchova.

Neither has won a tournament this year, so let’s call it for what it is: the WTA privileges marketability over merit and its professionalism as a peak body of female athletes. It’s not new or surprising in anyway, but it does deserve a judgmental frown from the idealist in me. There’s another side to Dootsie that desperately wants to believe that women’s tennis, or women’s sport in general, operates on merits as opposed to sex appeal.

But alas, I sounded naive even saying that.

[Personally, I would’ve liked to see Maria Jose Martinez Sanchez, Jarka Groth, or Kimiko Date Krumm get a chance to play in Bali.]

3. Caroline Wozniacki is no longer just Scandinavia’s No 1…

It’s not her problem. She has no control over the rankings. She just wants to play EVERY. SECOND. FUCKING. TOURNAMENT.

But what was different this time round was that even before the fury that usually came with the dethroning of Serena Williams started, there was an outpouring of support for Carol. The fact that so many were rushing to defend her even before she ascended the top spot speaks volumes for what we’re all thinking deep down – the No 1 spot ain’t worth its weight in slams.

4. I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again: more so than Federer or Nadal, more so than anyone on the ATP tour, the person who is most defined by his single-minded pursuit of slams is Andy Murray.

That was what I thought about yesterday, as I watched Andy Murray put in a lackluster performance to be served off the court by Papa Ljubs. A respectable performance at the WTF aside, this year’s just about over for him, motivation-wise.

5. While the year may be over for some (read: half of the WTA), for Juan Martin Delpoopoo, 2010 has been a non-starter.

And he leaves Asia non-started, a little demoralised even. There’s not much harm in that. Ideally, Ponyboy should be satisfied with his ‘comeback 2010’ if he just gets one or two wins under his belt before calling it a season. The real comeback starts in 2011.

I wonder though, as I do with Maria Sharapova as well, just how far we’ve moved on without them.

xx doots


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9 responses to “Passing Thoughts: Saturday Five.”

  1. natalia says :

    Hi, doots! The pics you posted above are showing Rafi’s reactions at first set, first game, score 15 – 0, Rafi serving…. Claro, no?! 😉

  2. marcoiac says :

    comebacks are really tough in pro tennis now. look at tursunov. the guy has lots of talent, he’s been back for a few months now, he just won back-to-back matches last week. anyway, what’s a little troubling about delpo is that his agent said that ‘the wrist is fine, but his body needs some rest after some matchplay’ (i am paraphrasing, of course). matchplay is tough, we all know that, but he played two matches a week apart. how can he feel it? doesn’t look good…he’s a big guy, it’ll take him longer than other guys to get back to his level, if he ever will…

  3. Yolita says :

    I was very surprised about your reaction to Rafa’s celebration. Did you see Rafa celebrating when he broke Milos Raonic in the second round? Rafa’s the #1 player, he breaks a qualifier, ranked 200, in a second round match of a 500 event and he celebrates as if it were match point at a Slam. Personally I love that, it shows the respect he has for his opponents, for his fans and for the tournaments, not to mention his passion for the game. I hope he never changes.

    That attitude might expalin why he’s not only number, but why he has 72% more points than Djoko and 82% more than Roger. You don’t get that kind of advantage if you are calculating how much each point, game, match, tournament is worth.

    Everything is worth 100% of Rafa. His fans can be sure that if they see him play, he’ll play his best, whatever the circumstances. What’s there not to like?

    • Yolita says :

      *number 1

      • elisha says :

        I find all that celebrating unnecessary. Sure, Rafa can be excited he’s got a good point in and all, but that kind of in-your-face celebration is overstating things, in my opinion. We all know Rafa takes every match very seriously. Just toning down on the celebrations would be nice. It’s kinda like Ana Ivanovic fist-pumping at her opponents faces and Justine Henin saying “Allez” after every point she wins whether it’s off of a clean winner on her part or her opponents’ errors.

        Oh, and I can’t forget Djoko who beats his chest after playing mind games(i.e. looking like he can’t breathe, but running down each ball) with his opponents.

        I’m not saying I don’t like these tennis players I just mentioned. I’m actually a big fan of Justine, and I don’t necessarily hate either Djoko/Ana(though they’re definitely not my faves… haha).

    • dootsiez says :

      LOL Yolita, you misunderstood me. I was just teasin’.

      What you just said was my point exactly, but it’s been said so many times before that I didn’t think it needed anymore saying.

    • TennisAce says :

      And then when others celebrate like that his millions and MILLIONS of fans call his opponents for poor sportsmanship. Frankly, I think he needs to stop. Enough with the over zealous celebrating and fist pumps.

  4. jfk says :

    Another slamess #1 in the WTA. Caro is just another JJ. The strange par t is she never even made it to 1 slam final this year. I wonder how long she’ll keep it.

    lol @ Troicki. Had chances to beat Djokovic and Nadal this year and blew it.

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