The Federstalker: Thirst-quenching.

You know that feeling? When you’re absolutely parched, dying of thirst, and you finally, FINALLY, get your hands a glass of icy cold water. You take one giant gulp. Then a second one. And all of a sudden, you’re drinking and drinking and drinking and drinking – your throat bulging, liquids sploshing around inside you – until you’re completely bloated from stomach to bladder.

Then you sit back, burp, and think about how fucking awesome life is?

Here’s your blast of Fed-related goodies to bloat you from stomach to bladder.

On his year thus far:


“I haven’t had the best of luck this year, but that’s normal. This is what professional tennis is like, no one can stay on top forever. But I’ve never thought about retirement and I’m full of hope for the World Tour Finals. I think I can still achieve more in the future and I’m confident that I can get back to No 1.”

On the China Open


Federer explained why he couldn’t play the China Open in Beijing: ‘for a professional tennis player, it’s true that you can’t play in every tournament. Farther towards the end of the season, the trickier your schedule gets, especially if you’ve got any injuries or physical conditioning problems. I hope to play the China Open someday. Actually 2 years ago during the Olympics, I played in Beijing, so I have no regrets, and I think the fans in Beijing for their support.’


Since arriving in Shanghai, Federer has spent some time practicing with Sam Querrey.

Fun fact #1: Querrey asked Federer if he has made the World Tour Finals yet, Federer said he didn’t know, but “I’m sure that Rafa’s made it.”

Fun fact #2: according to the fastidious Shanghai paparazzi, Federer and Querrey went through 4 buckets of balls during practice. Hard work? I don’t fink so: Querrey challenged Roger to see who can hit more balls onto the roof of the stadium.




Fun Fact #3: …..


Fun fact No 4: 15 months hold twin GOATs (kids?) in the making…


“I’m so happy they [Myla and Charlene] can both hold tennis rackets now, but whatever sport they want to pay in the future is their own choice.”

15 months old and Roger Federer is testing to see if his twin mangos can hold tennis rackets? Oh Feddy, don’t even try to tell me you don’t care. DON’T. EVEN.

This calls for more Federporn, me thinks:


(Original articles: YNET, QQ Sports)


xx doots


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25 responses to “The Federstalker: Thirst-quenching.”

  1. heba1992 says :

    OMG..roger your so so so cute…and me too i dont FINK roger doesnt care about ”what sport they’d choose”…”its their choice..your funny roger” their papa is the GOAT in the game of tennis..still their choithe papa ? xD
    Miss you dootsie xx

  2. Carol says :

    OOOOOOOOOOh…the photos are so new…….he seems so close…….. LOVE the hair……

  3. TennisAce says :

    Is it me or does the skinny left arm look almost as big as the right forearm?

    Also, he looks incredibly broad across the chest and his shoulders look so strong. He does look incredibly fit and very yummy in these pictures.

    Hmm, so the FederTwins are now holding racquets. OMG I hope I am around to see these 2 girls play (if indeed they do play)

    • dootsiez says :

      “Is it me or does the skinny left arm look almost as big as the right forearm?”

      Nope. Optical illusion 😛

      I’m with you on the broad shoulders though, in fact, I’m picturing myself leaning against those broad, sturdy things …

  4. Emma says :

    Daydreaming here, wouldn’t it just be the best and most hilarious thing ever if Myla and Charlene actually went into tennis, conquered the WTA, and at every match they played we’d see embarassing tennis dad Fed sitting in the stands with cheering them on and wearing Djokovic-parent-esque T-shirts! Ahhh. I love him and his dorky ways 😛

    • dootsiez says :


      I can see Roger as a future Robbie Fed in the making, but I doubt he’d go down the Djoko road. A little something called class…

  5. Carol says :

    My son-in-law is a die-hard Fed Fan and he has two daughters. Although not twins he figures the only way he will be able to meet and ‘get to know’ Fed is if his daughters and Fed’s daughters are on the tour together. So the 5 year old is already taking tennis lessons, and the 2 year old already has a racquet – needless to say I hope the idea works!!!

  6. PSP says :

    I don’t mind that bloated feeling for Fed! Do you know that all these pictures will send me a good night sleep? 😉

  7. BS says :

    Of course he’s already seeing if the twins can hold rackets and of course he cares if they play or not lol They’re not even two years old yet 😛 Although, I would imagine that there are a few rackets lying around the Federer household… There’s so many awesome things to this post! Now let’s all hope the tennis turns out to be the same *fingers crossed*

  8. GruetziMiteinand says :

    Thanks for the great pics, thirst-quenching indeed!

    Absolutely lickalicious body, but that belly still has to go!!!

    Shallow note: my whole office is furnished with Haworth furniture… they could at least give me a couple of free tickets for the Shangai masters 😉

  9. jfK says :

    ohhh Love that smile 😀
    Hope the girls do become players and we can keep the Federer name in tennis as long as possible. Also, I read on that Roger’s sister, Diana is pregnant with Twins. Isn’t that crazy?

  10. jandemom says :

    Fun post and photos, doots; thanks! I especially like the quizzical look on his face in photo #5 & smiley #2. #4 is fine, too! Let’s face it, just about any Roger is fine at any time, no?

  11. sunnygrrle says :

    I’m not sure about the arm, but I think you are absolutely right Tennis Ace about Feddy being broader and bigger across the chest than I have ever seen him… and even from the photos of him where he is sitting on the stool while he is doing press for Credit Swisse, his thights seem bigger… And let me tell you, I am an EXPERT when it comes to Feddy’s physique! 😉

    In all seriousnes, I am a comstume designer and i would have to say that even taking into account the awkward sitting position (sitting on a stool gracefully is never a easy thing to do…I recommend always leaving one foot on the floor…), the pants are too small…and knowing what a fashinonista our little Feddy is, I doubt that he would let himself be ill-fitted for a suit like that. I have a theory that he hasn’t had time to buy a new pair of pants to fit his bigger thighs! 😉

    You are the best Doots!…It doesn’t need to be said…but THERE, I SAID IT ANYWYAY! 🙂

    I’ve had to slosh through the internet myself mining for Fed news and nuggets while you were gone and let me tell you… I am lazy and I do not like hard labor!! Plus, you’re so much better at it then me…so I’m taking off the boots and putting down the pan and letting you bring us the gold stuff!

    Thanks as always!

  12. annalisa says :

    LOL to Fun fact #2 🙂 🙂 🙂 squeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

  13. Lady B Good says :

    WOW! Thanks for these pictures Doots, every part of my body is throbbing and palpitating, looking at him!
    Think my BP has just gone up! Now Mr PeRFect, get back to your winning ways! Good luck in Shanghai.

  14. sita says :

    Yes, Woger, we believe you when you say you don’t care what sport they take up and then say you’re happy they can hold a racquet…We really do…

    More cuteness :

    “If they want to play some tennis (and they are definitely getting some contact wiz tennis ) then, I’ll support them, you know….”
    Oh Wogie, we know, we know !!!

  15. Carol says :

    When is Fed’s first game? I’ve searched the Shanghai site and can’t find it!

  16. Dippy says :

    Totally unrelated comment – Nadal seriously needs to buy a comb, he looks like he just got out of bed and walk straight into press room for interview. To think a millionaire like him can afford a decent stylist who can help make his hair more manageable. It looks sooo frizzy.

  17. Sharon says :

    Add another title to Roger… UNCLE!

    According to Blick three weeks ago Diana Federer gave birth to a boy and a girl named Roman and Emilie, Congratulations to the proud parents and to the proud Grandparents of now four grandchildren… all under two years of age!!!

  18. Law Professionals says :

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