We can’t go on together. With suspicious minds.

My dearest fans

I have been training for many weeks to get back to playing tennis as quickly possible since my foot surgery in mid-July. Yesterday I learned that I had tried too hard, and did too much too soon. After practicing yesterday morning I felt discomfort in my foot and tests by my doctor revealed that I had unfortunately re-strained it, as a result of over training.

I am likely out for the year now. I was really looking forward to beginning my comeback in Linz, followed by the Year-end championships in Doha. I feel completely heartbroken, and devastated, but knowing I will never be given more than I can handle I plan on coming back stronger and better. However, in order not to make this worse, I have to chill on my physical workouts but I will immediately begin rehabbing as soon as I get the Doc’s OK. Keep me in your prayers (I need them).

Thank you all for your support and love.



So, it goes like this:

Within hours of Serena announcing the news that she might be done for the season (and I’m fairly certain she is), the media reaction has ranged from general detachment and a complete lack to sympathy, to sarcasm (“Once again, it’s all a bit dubious“, blogged in the Montreal Gazette), and of course, would it be complete without a few retirement rumours? (Is Serena the next Yao Ming? Should we be expecting a retirement? Game On, USA Today).

I can sit here and rebut these ridiculous suspicions, I can point to the hypocrisy of tennis fandom, which habours so much sympathy for Rafa, for Del Potro, or for those nameless players out there who abuse medical time-outs, who hide behind their injuries in defeat or retire their way to the No 2 spot, and yet, the same fandom treats Serena’s legitimate and serious injury with nothing but indifference and suspicion at best, and at worst – glee.

So let’s opt for something more obvious that needs to be said: Get well soon Serena. We will miss you dearly. Women’s tennis is just a field of mediocrity without you.

xx doots

PS. There is a ridiculous number of people rushing to Caroline Wozniacki’s defence, compared to those willing to stand up for JJ and Dinara when they became slamless No 1s. Yet, Dinara and JJ actually made slam semis and finals consistently in the years when they’ve reached the top spot. Carol’s slam performance this year? One shiny semifinal.

Talk about hypocrisy.

PPS. The prospect of Serena being out of the top 5 by Australian Open 2011 is truly frightening and actually probable. In the event of Vera getting her shit together and knocking Carol off the top spot, I fear for Vera’s sanity at that lofty altitude.

PPPS. The only person celebrating this news might be Ana Ivanovic, who’s on a weak era points rampage to get her rankings up in time for the Aussie Open. Collecting Mickey Mouse wins, one wild card at a time. Next up: Linz …

PPPPS. Rafa and Nole took the Tokyo and Beijing titles. I missed both matches because of some more serious business at hand, so … okay then.

7 responses to “We can’t go on together. With suspicious minds.”

  1. Katarina_YYZ says :

    Serena doesn’t make the other women better (or worse); she just takes home the silverware when she shows up to a tournament. They play the same whether she’s there or not; they lose through nonsense and meltdowns as much to her as to each other. To make the WTA watchablem, a bunch of these girls need to get better — Serena or no Serena.

  2. TennisAce says :

    Doots, many thanks for this post. As I posited elsewhere, 4 women announced the shut down of their seasons before Serena. All were met with sympathy, except of course for Venus who had to go out of her way to appear in public on crutches to add legitimacy to her injury. What was even more sickening was how Matt Cronin felt the need to contact Sharapova’s camp and ask her to blog about why she was shutting down her season and everyone feels sympathy.

    As for the hypocrisy regarding DelPo and Rafa, don’t even get me started. My knees, my knees and everyone holds their heads and cries, OMG what is going on with Rafa? Can he continue. DelPo comes back after being out for most of the season, plays 2 matches, loses both and he is done for the year because get this, his wrist is fine, it is just that other parts of his body hurt due to the long layoff. One would have thought he would have worked on his fitness while he was rehabbing his wrist.

    As a Serena fan I find it really ridiculous that this accomplished player has to feel the need to call press conferences and give a blow by blow account of her injuries whilst other player’s injuries are met with hugs and kisses.

    As for Ivanovic and that whole wild card scenario, I guess when you are pretty you don’t have to do a whole lot.

    • jfK says :

      Spot on Tennis Ace!
      It’s crazy to think she hasn’t played since Wimbledon and really bad for the sport if she has to miss AO.

  3. Jack says :

    To be honest though, aren’t some people always going to act this way towards Serena??

    I’m not saying its right because it isn’t but I just feel that no matter what Serena says or does, some people are always going to question her motives.

    Its a bit like how no matter what, some people are always going to think Fed is an arrogant douche or that Maria is a bitch…….just best to ignore them!

    I do find it sad however that some people are so cynical and can never just believe someone.

  4. steve says :

    Totally agreed with Serena. She doesn’t fit into the tennis establishment for various reasons, the color of her skin being a biggie. You only need to remember the thinly veiled cracks about her “Compton origins” after that incident at USO last year. She’s also blunt and a firm believer that every match is on her racket, and if she lost, it was because she screwed up. Of course most great champions believe that, but she’s more vocal about it than many.

    As for Del Potro, he gets a bit more sympathy from me because he’s been out for nearly a full year and fell to #36 and had surgery. Out longer than Nadal ever was.

    It’s because Nadal acts like an adorable little kid, that people buy the story that a man can have a progressive, incurable, degenerative knee condition that is aggravated by running, and yet win three majors in a row. People bleat “career threatening injury, career threatening injury,” as if that would somehow erase what’s right in front of our eyes, that Nadal is running and moving fine–as well or better than he ever has.

    If Serena ingratiated herself that way, she’d be OK. But that ain’t her way, to beg for sympathy, and good on her.

  5. BS says :

    I will admit, I used to be one of those people that was sceptical every time Serena pulled out of an event with an injury, because I went through a phase where I really disliked her. However, in the last 18 months or so, my opinion of her has really changed. I can’t say why, I just think she is a class above everyone else. The tour needs her, sure it was her who restored some sort of order after Justine retired and now her absence is really felt. I think it would be better if she just called it a year at this stage and not risk further injury to herself. Since she has been off the tour I have missed her and it would be a pleasure to see her back in Melbourne next year defending her crown. That is of course, if Masha or Kim don’t win 😛 Get well soon Serena!

    P.S great post 🙂 Thanks doots!

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