The Smarf Man.

What is it with Roger Fuckerer and his Mirka-smarfs? Go get yourself a Dude-Scarf and stop stealing your wife’s accessories.

I had hoped he would pull out of Stockholm this week – he gets no ranking points from it, not a whole lotta cash, the tournament wasn’t on his schedule to begin with and was only sneaked in at some point during the season. Not to mention, as Fed himself admits, he’s basically there as a favour to Bjorkman and Johansson, who are organising the tournament. Oh the things we do for our Swedish pals…

At least Mirka’s there. I guess there’ll be no “little black book” from Ernests Gulbis.

“It was ten years since I was last here and play, so it’s great to be back, “said Federer,

“I have good friends here in Jonas and Thomas (Johansson) who is now a part of the tournament. It’s fun. I missed the chance to come here two years ago when I got back problems, but now I’m here and it will be really fun to play”.

Source: Some Swedish thing

If by fun, you mean INFURIATING AND WANKTASTIC. No Woger, I am not having your babies anymore. My ovaries are better off without your cruel and inhumane treatment.

My Great Wall of Chinese Ovaries against Roger Federer aside, Federer did a short interview with the Swiss paper – Le Matin – after Shanghai. Not much news therein, but an edited version is posted below for your general interest.

xx doots

Are you disappointed not to have picked up the title in Shanghai?

“Of course I wanted to win this tournament. But I’m not frustrated. The result of the final doesn’t affect me. We don’t have to interpret results all the time. The important thing from my perspective was to have my chance in the final. I played well this week. I’m satisfied with the level of my game. Murray was simply better this time. He deserves his victory. ”

We say that your best years are behind you. How do you react to such remarks?

“The media play a vital role on this issue. Nadal has won the last three Grand Slam titles. He’s clearly the best today. But all the players, even Nadal, are experiencing difficult times. Anyone’s ranking is ‘fragile’. We saw it last June. On the one hand Nadal won Wimbledon, where he didn’t play last year. On the other hand, I was the defending champion and I went out in the quarterfinals of the tournament. In accounting terms, there was a difference of 3500 points between Rafa and myself. So then you say ‘Federer is no longer in the game …'”

Does that bother you?

“Not really, since people who know the sport know how things are done. But it’s unfortunate that it’s just so much on the results in Grand Slam tournaments. It’s not fault that there is more to the end of the year. But I’m not playing anything other 4 tournaments after Shanghai. I want to show that I am fit, I am able to win still a lot of titles in the coming years. I have always responded whenever you talked about me negatively. ”

You decided not to play in Astana because …

“I needed a break after the U.S. Open. I had to digest this North American tour. It would have been risky for my health to play in Kazakhstan. On the other hand, I always planned a training phase before Shanghai. These periods are important, also in view of next year”.

You have two coaches this summer. Is this new arrangement working as well as you had hoped?

“Yes. Paul Annacone brings a new perspective and new ideas into the team. But Severin Lüthi also stay on board. I trained with him in Dubai. But Paul was by my side these past two weeks. Then Severin’s accompanying me during the tournaments in Europe. Working with both makes this change beneficial”.

You stated your desire to play much longer. Do you not have any motivation problems? Aren’t you afraid of the young guard behind you?

“I have no problem with motivation. I want my daughters to see me play at my peak. They’re still a little young now. I know I can still beat, today and tomorrow, the best players. I am confident because I’m in full health, and that has not been the case in recent years. I’ve had mononucleosis and back problems. I was not able to train like I wanted”.

You set your schedule for 2012. Are there any surprises?

“No. I will play the same tournaments as in recent years. I will start the season in Qatar. After Indian Wells and Miami, I’ll play on clay in Rome and Madrid before Roland Garros. After Wimbledon, I might play the Davis Cup. But the schedule for the second half of the year hasn’t been finalised yet.”

Source: Le Matin


21 responses to “The Smarf Man.”

  1. Carol says :

    Gawd the man looks good in a scarf…

  2. marcoiac says :

    if a guy promises his pals he’ll play, he’ll play. that’s what good guys do. their word is all they have.

    (i thought they had given him some serious cash incentive (outside the prize money), but if they are friends, no cash needed. buddies are buddies)

    if he’s really serious about playing at his peaks when the girls get a little older, and if his body doesn’t break, we are in for some real fed showtime. can’t wait

    • Ribbons says :

      we are in for some real fed showtime. can’t wait

      Word. Especially after her comments today, I want to see him go after Nav’s doubles records. The idea of Roger-Serena playing mixed, or Roger-Bepa, or a father-daughter team (Roger-Myla v. Rafa-Charlene would make so many heads explode, heh)…

    • dootsiez says :

      I could do without the “show time” and opt for some solid tennis actually. This guy is TOO SHOWY!


      • marcoiac says :

        he does both, solid and showy, most of all beautiful. there is no other word. you can come up with all sorts of words to describe fed’s game, but the one that is right on the money is and will always be ‘beautiful.’

        in the meantime, it’s the fourth day in a row i get rained out. my sticks are covered with mold. i live in l.a., it’s supposed to be sunny here. 😦

  3. GrüeziMiteinander says :

    Rather than a new scarf he needs a coat… he looks freezing, all shivery…

    As for the scarf itself, it must be my Italian fashionista side, but I absolutely love it and the way he wears it it’s very classy! When he will retire from pro tennis (hopefully not for another decade) he can sure try a career as a fashion model… ah, those La Perla lingerie! 😉

    Thanks for the article – his motivation gives us a lot of hope for the future.

  4. perispomenon says :

    “I will play the same tournaments as in recent years.”

    And then no mention of Halle? For which I just bought tickets?

    Sputter, sputter, sputter …

  5. jfk says :

    I love the scarf. Or smarf. He has quite a collection. We have to wait until Thursday to see the old man play, though. 😦

  6. jandemom says :

    Oh, I’m sure we’ve got plenty of real fed showtime ahead of us – and that is definitely something to look forward to. I like the scarf too (wish I looked as good wearing one). If these scarves are indeed Mirka’s, I have a cute picture in my head of Rog rummaging through her stuff, saying “Which one today? Dis one? No. Dis one? Ahh, dis one!”

    As for Thursday – come on!

  7. Katarina_YYZ says :

    he’s so cute… the open practice/kids exho today was adorable. i would so have his babies any time!

  8. argon says :

    Why doesn’t Roger get ranking points for playing Stockholm?

    • jfK says :

      He does get ranking points.
      When Doha falls , Stockholm replaces it depending on result tomorrow.
      If he wins he will get 160 pts.

      • dootsiez says :

        Hmm what do you mean jfK? Fed’s playing Doha in 2011 anyway, wouldn’t he just get points for Doha?

      • marcoiac says :

        i don’t think he needs to wait for doha to fall. he can count the best 2 results of 250 pts tourneys. until today, he had a final (halle) and semifinal (doha) in 250 events. he can already replace the semi in doha (90 pts) with the final in stockholm (150 pts), thus gaining 60 pts. even if he loses tomorrow, he should have 60 points more on monday (not that it matters much, it’s only 60 points). if he wins tomorrow, he should have 160 pts more on monday.

        • dootsiez says :

          Oh yes, I think you might be right Marco, they take the best results out of the ones you play. Fingers crossed Fed decides not to be a fucker and win tonight.

        • marcoiac says :

          tonight??? you mean, he already played? it’s past midnight! ok, i am kidding, i know tonight for you and tomorrow morning for me (less then six hours, actually), the time zones are tricky. flying to maui on monday, i’ll be three hours closer to your time zone, but still a day behind. weird. anyway, at this japanese restaurant tonight i had with dessert this sparkling blueberry sake. i was a bit skeptical before trying it, but actually it was really good. right up your alley. moscato-like/brachetto-like (ok, moscato and brachetto are better, but still, it was good)
          we’ll see which brand of fed shows up in a few hours. hopefully the brand we both like 🙂

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