You know we belong together. You and I forever and EVER.

It’s a day of congratulations, this time to Lletyon Hewitt: now you get to beat Federer in something – procreation.

Rusty and Bec welcomed their third child into the family yesterday in Sydney.

”Bec, Mia, Cruz and I welcomed a beautiful baby girl into our family last Tuesday. Mum and baby are great! Dad, big sister and brother elated.”

Fantastic news for the growing Hewitt family. ALL SEATS TAKEN! A little music courtesy of Mrs Bec Hewitt.

Meanwhile, somewhere in a Melbournian apartment, Lleyton fanatic and Picketfence guestblogger PJ is sitting there crying, “HOLD ME IN YOUR ARMS DON’T LET ME GO I WANT TO STAY FOREVER …”

Ahem. I dare you not to sing.

xx doots


8 responses to “You know we belong together. You and I forever and EVER.”

  1. Jack says :

    Closer each day….Home and Away!! 😀

    Also is there something in Australia, that if you’re a soapstar you have to try a music career too.

    I mean, you’ve had Kylie and Danni Minogue, Delta Goodrem, Holly Valance……..and now Bec Cartwright!! 😀

  2. PJ says :


    On another note, Fed still *sorta* wins in the pro-creating thing though. He got two in one shot. Lleyton only had one in each shot. Fed win, y/y? Poor Lleyton never gets to win, hahhahaaha.

  3. sita says :

    Congratulations to the Hewitt family , Lol at that picture from the awards ceremony, so cute !
    Snooty ol’ Woger wouldn’t ever let his babies get photographed like that , can you imagine him taking one of them up on a stage like Lleyton in that picture . Stoopid man and his stoopid need for privacy 😛

    And PJ, really ? After hearing all that you had to say in your defense, I still trust what Doots said 😛

  4. FortuneCookie says :

    That is some classic Aussie soap star pop right there 😛 Please tell me that it wasn’t a hit??

    Also,thanks to that intial tweet,I was in the V & A trying to type into my intellectual side when really I just wanted to sing the Home and Away theme tune to my heart’s content…FANKS FOR THAT

    • FortuneCookie says :

      Wikipedia tells me that that was her highest-charting song at no.10 in Oz.,soooo the music career was a bit of a fail then?
      Also,it’s kind of hilarious to think that,not that long ago really,Kim and Lleyton came within 2 months of being married and now have 4 kids separately…although when I was at Wimbly last year,I did hear two women say ‘oh yeah,Kim Clijsters,she’s the one who’s coming back after having Lleyton’s baby…’ LOLZ

  5. breadstix says :


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