FRAZZLE POST: London Whu-Thu-Fuh


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  1. astraldrops says :

    “Let us bake cupcakes….Seems like the appropriate thing to do in Britainia.”

    It’s biscuits bitch 😛

    and fuck this draw. When was the last time Federer had a good draw this year? I hope Federer sorts himself out especially with the match points and consistant serving. I think Fed will manage a semi-final this year- that’s the pessimist in me speaking.

  2. caillean says :

    as always, my dear… maybe uncle Tony is a Voodoo Houngan, or maybe Roger is too loved by the Gods to be also lucky.
    All I can say is : ” remember what he did last year, with half a back and just one leg” 🙂

  3. Matt Zemek says :


    Get a bad draw here, get a good draw at the Aussie Open, fair trade.

    Let me sign on the dotted line NAOOOOOOOOOOOOO if the Aussie draw comes up roses.

    Besides, this is round-robin (or is it “’round Robin” in the case of Fed/Murray/Ferrer?), so it’s not as though one loss is fatal.

  4. marcoiac says :

    Exactly Doots, never make it too easy on the man, if you wanna catch him!
    The worst possible draw for Rafa would have been Sod, Muzza, Rod. This is not the best, but close enough. The guy is lucky. But who cares? Tennis is a last man standing game, and Fed can’t possibly fear anybody except himself. It’s about time he starts winning big again. Let the virtuous circle begin next week, and then carry it over all 2011. A bang season. A stellar one. A shut up all the fed haters year. A year to remember.

  5. elisha says :

    I knew Berdy would be in Rafa’s group and Ferrer in Roger’s! lol. Anyways, the draw looks…. Sigh, it’s nothing new. And you know what? The argument is always gonna be the same:


    Rafa loses – Oh, his KNEES! Oh, his SHOULDER! Oh, what a fighter though, that Rafa!

    Yeah, whatever. Not listening to media hype. We need more tennis coverage w/o the comms. I like hearing the squeaky squeak of sneakers and Roger’s “COME ONNNN!!”

    I just hope Roger wins! =/ Thanks doots for the update though! I had no idea they revealed the groups this early! Did they always do that? I can’t remember… -___-;;

    • sunnygrrle says :


      I was just lurking on another site (Doots, your site is the usually the only one that gets me out of my lurking cave! 😉 ) and reading a heated debate about the horribly skewed, unfair coverage that Feddy gets compared to Rafa. When he loses, everyone seems so okay with excusing it on his knees (even when Rafa does it himself) but God-forbid that Roger discusses an injury… he’s just a sore loser, and over the hill, grasping for reasons to keep himself relevant. And when he wins, it’s all “well okay, it was a good win…but he’ll never be as great as he was once before and really can he be considered the best ever because of his H2H record against Rafa…blah blah blah…”

      UGH, it breaks my heart a little in some ways, that the longer Feddy plays, the longer commentators have (and really, people too) to slowly forget the incredibly GENIUS of THE MIGHTY FED. It’s human nature to to have the belief diminsh over time if you are watching a player in decline. Sometimes I think it would have been better for his legacy (BUT NOT FOR US) if he stopped playing closer to the height of his career so that we wouldn’t have to put up with all this memory loss…

    • dari says :

      mmmmm, yum, the squeaky sneaks are real good in london, if i remember correctly. Go roger! Kick ASSSSS.

  6. Hannah says :

    “Let us bake cupcakes….Seems like the appropriate thing to do in Britainia.”

    “It’s biscuits bitch :P”

    nope if your doing the snooty stereotype bad dick van dike english impersonation thingy than let’s go with scones

  7. Jack says :

    The only thing that worries me is that all those 3 matches that Roger will have to play in the group are not easy matches. And they could all realistically go to three sets….

    And then he could potentially face Rafa in the semis!!!

    So I just hope he’s got enough energy in him to kick Murray’s ass!! 😀

    • sunnygrrle says :

      Call me paranoid, but I call conspiracy…

      I don’t know how they do they draw…but the “people in charge of tennis” (and I don’t mean the Tennis Gods) baked this cupkcake draw for Rafa themselves.

      They want him to win. It would be great for tennis. What a great story it would make…

      He won Wimbledon. He won the U.S. Open. He completed the Grand Slam. Now he’s finally won the WTF. The coronation is complete. We have officially crowned a new King. New Generation. New Story.

      That’s the fresh start they want. They are doing everthing they can to make that happen….

      HRMPH 😦 …If you need me I will be in my bomb shelter, hunkered down with my MREs, my flashlight and my Feddybear and I’m not coming out until AO 2011!!

      • Isobel says :

        Do you really think the people running a London final would tolerate any rigging of the draw that landed Mandy in the group of death? Or British TV would?
        And personally, I think Fed’s gonna get through; it’s between him and Sod for the top position in the group(and then we might have Fedal semi if he comes in second, but I’d lean towards Fed for that too).

        • dootsiez says :

          Hmm with Isobel here. I think, in terms of winning 2 matches to progress through, it’s perfectly doable for Fed. But his group *will* be more emotionally taxing than the other group.

        • sunnygrrle says :


          I don’t think Murray is in the Group of Death at all… although he hasn’t been in great form in the last few weeks and he seemed a bit tired in Paris…

          As much as we hate to be reminded…he has a winning record against Fed (AND just beat in the last two finals)…not Rafa (who he’s beaten the last two times they played on hard courts)

          He’s even with Soderling, but he’s a brick wall and I think he’s got the defensive skills to with stand the pummeling.

          And he may have a losing record to Ferrer, but those losses were on clay. He’s got a losing record to Nole and it;s on hardcourt.

          I’m not saying he’s got the easiest draw…but if I were strategizing to try and configure it so that it was most likely that both Rafa AND Murray got through…this would be it.. Look there are only 8 players so there aren’t that many configurations to be had…I just think that this is the way to give Rafa the best chance while not making it too difficult for Murray.

          London wants Murray and Rafa in the finals. I know it. … I will now return to the basement (i mean… nuclear bunker) with the tinfoil on my head and await the arrival of the aliens… 😉

  8. FortuneCookie says :


    • sunnygrrle says :

      I’m not that too worried about Big Bird …

      wait…I’m very worried, very worried <===== ANTI-JINX

      He's been listless and playing with little confidence post Wimby, I don't think he'll make it out of the Round Robin…

      Although, now would be a perfect time to re-discover his mojo in time to take down Rafa…

      (I've got nothing against Rafa, per se, but I want one more win for Feddy before going into AO 2011, esp since the Match Point Aversion Disorder of 2010 he's been suffering from, so anything I think will help, I want)

  9. jfK says :

    F*ck the draw. Roger said last year after he won Cincy that if he’s playing well he can beat anyone in the world. If Papa Bear is on his game, ain’t no one gonna stop him. Let’s just home he brings BrilliantFed and not WTFed to London.

  10. Lady B Good. says :

    Good Luck Roger at the O2! Get back your killer instinct, and CLOSE OUT your matches! With match points
    to spare, dont you agree Doots? Wonder if Roger will wear lavender again? Maybe a new colour is in order?
    We all know you are the best ever, but Rog get over the finish line!!!!!!
    Anyone remember the TShirt he wore after his Wimbledon 2009 victory, there is no finish line……..
    didnt mean for him to take it literally!
    Nail biting and teeth gnashing time again from Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Jodi says :

    I actually think that Rafa might not have such an easy time of it in Group A… his draw is still a marshmallow cupcake compared to Roger’s, but if Roddick suddenly switches on the awesome, he could easily win Group A. Group A is still essentially a group of three players, though – I don’t think anyone is putting any money on Berdych for that one. He has odds of like, 21634973947274293742 to 1, if you ask me. To win ONE match, let alone make the finals.

    • dootsiez says :

      Oh I agree!

      Berdy has no chance unless he pulls something UH-mazing out of his ass last minute. Given that it’s Berdy, chances of that are slim!

  12. pban says :

    ah the draw is out…..I am xen since I have convinced myself that WTF will be exactly as its name suggests. After Wimby,US and the nightmarish possibility of a Rafa slam in 2011, no goddamned draw in a non slam event can faze me.At least that is what I think, Fed might have plans to drive me mad but I am not biting…..not yet.

  13. crumbs says :

    Please hold your tongue till the final is played.

    • dootsiez says :

      Wait, you’re telling me to hold my tongue on my own blog? W-w-w-wahhh?

      • crumbs says :

        Sort of, but only when it comes to the subject of you-know-what. Other than that, you have my permission to treat the blog as your own, and write freely. You’re welcome.

  14. Lady B Good. says :

    Hey Doots, i’m English and i certainly dont drink from a china cup, i love my big coffee mug, and cupcakes
    never ate one in my life, i do on the other hand have a deep seated fetish for sticky toffee pudding and
    double cream or custard! Just Watched Mad Men, Don Draper played by the dishy John Hamm, got to
    make love to two women in one episode, lucky girls, nice work if you can get it!
    GOOOOOOOOOOOOO Roger in London!

    • dootsiez says :

      hahahaha Lady B Good, just a yoke about the Land of Hope and Glory. 😛 Feel free to make any in good spirits about my down under land of flies and vermin too!

      xx doots

  15. Lady B Good. says :

    Thanks for your reply Doots, just a YOKE! Ha! Thats Soderling talk! Dont you just hate the fact that the
    first stage of the ATP in London is called a Round ROBIN! Just seen on you tube our Roger turning on
    the lights at the Lindt Factory! He turns me on as well, hes getting better looking every time i see him!
    My Hubby says i love Roger more than him, well he loves his soccer team more than me! Touche!
    I have been a Roger fanatic since he beat Pete Sampras at Wimbledon in a fourth Round match in
    Getting nervy as Sunday approaches, hope our guy, puts away those precious match points!
    Love to you and Down Under Lady B Good XXX

  16. Katarina_YYZ says :

    Huh? Mats Wilanders just tipped Roger for the WTF… after basically saying he’s done, in survival mode and had a “terrible year” (as per Dootsiez in Smackdown Partay)

    Now he says “… he won the Australian Open, he made the quarters of the French Open, he made the semis at Wimbledon, it’s not like he had a horrible year.” Article here.

    😕 😕 Um, Rog didn’t make the semis at Wimby. And first it’s a terrible year, then it isn’t?
    Maybe someone should check the expiry dates on his meds. He’s losing it.

  17. pban says :

    hehe you mean he still has a mind to lose, any way never liked Mats when he played and he gets more unappealing with every interview. He is right about this being a terrible year though,any year where Roger crashes out of Wimby in the quarters is terrible and no amount of mollycoddling my frayed nerves will make it otherwise 😦

  18. caillean says :

    LOL poor Ferrer! in this light suit he looks like the waiter!

  19. writersbleedink says :

    Fan-fucking-tastic. Perfectly balanced draw.

    You know, this is so funny. Because I’m member on a german tennis board and somebody wrote these groups down before drawing and said: “I think these are the most balanced groups.” What an epic fail.

  20. jfK says :

    Cherry Man needs to beat Mandy Murray tomorrow. Come on Rog!!

  21. Freudo says :

    I want an avatar.

  22. jfK says :

    Gooo Cherry baby! Go all the way, win the tournament in straight sets. COME ON
    😀 😀

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