Picspam: … I’m sorry … which one did you say was edible?

You know it’s almost Christmas when the Western World turns into a giant orgy of bright lights.

Things are no different at the Lindt Factory near Zurich, which looked like a modern day home of Willy Wonka after the lights were switched on.



Of course, there wouldn’t be a “Lighting Ceremony” without the Biggest Willy of all Wonkas, Roger Federer, who turned up to work his chocolatey goodness on behalf of mankind.



The Swussies must get good dental care, ’cause like …



The possibilities are endless, but is there any particular reason why Roger Federer appears to be fully focused on pouring hot liquid chocolate into a mould shaped like … a baby-making organ of sorts?


Evidently, Lindt ran a competition for lucky winners to fly to Swusserland and meet Federer at the event.

Also evidently, looks were a criterion, ’cause I mean … *shrugs shoulders*


I love you, Willy Wonka.

xx doots



16 responses to “Picspam: … I’m sorry … which one did you say was edible?”

  1. A_Gallivant says :

    Ugh, he I mean that chocolate looks delish! You’re right those boys were some kind of plant 🙂

  2. Aisling says :

    All i want for Christmas is Roger……there,I said it. *fingers crossed*

  3. Lady B Good. says :

    Thanks Doots for your reply, Lady B Good/Woger B Good here! Doots what do you think of these 10 SWEET
    SONGS for our guy!
    1. Sugar Sugar The Archies.
    2. I Want Candy The Strangeloves.
    3. Sweets for my Sweet The Searchers.
    4. Chocolate Girl Deacon Blue.
    5. Chocolate Drop Howlin Wolf.
    6. Savoy Truffle The Beatles.
    7. Brown Sugar The Rolling Stones.
    8.Candy Man Roy Orbison.
    9. Sugar on my Tongue Talking Heads.
    10. Chocolate City Parliament.

  4. lapinroyal says :

    I would say the GOAT in chocolate… :mrgreen:

  5. jfK says :

    Cutest Swussie of all time.
    Rog in a suit + lindt = heaven! 😛

  6. Maria says :

    Hehe I noticed the weird-shaped mould too! He and his chocolate are both soo bite-worthy! Yummie! And the LIndt building looks a bit overwhelming but breathtaking! Gotta love Switzerland and everything she produces…… ❤

  7. Vanilla says :

    Lol, you pervs 😉 It’s a santa-shaped mould.
    BTW, during that event, he was asked if he’s planning on having more kids. What kind of question is that? Like twins is not enough! In case anyone’s wondering, he said “not right now”. Phew.

  8. TGIF says :

    Rog told le Matin he was recently stopped enroute from NY to Dubai for having too much chocolate in his luggage, no joke. Estimates around 100 chocolate balls. 🙂

  9. Lapinroyal says :

    The Big-Brother at work block all the Video… pfff watevar!
    Apparently, Woger lights up the Lindt factory or something:

  10. Katrin says :

    actually he’s making a chocolate “weihnachtsmann” or as you would say santa claus

  11. writersbleedink says :

    Aaaaaah! Awwwww! 😀 Why haven’t I seen this before?
    This Lindt factory! This man in the suit! Omg!
    I participated in that competition, too. But obviously they only picked male partivipates to not get Roger to close to groupies y/n?

    Anyway, picspam love!

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