Passing Thoughts: Weekly 5

1. Retirement. There is a right time for it, and Carlos Moya has reached that time.


Never been a fan of his, but in his illustrious but dwindling career, Moya has reached No 1 in the world; a Davis Cup victory for Spain; a slam at Roland Garros, a final in Melbourne and a semi at the US Open. And those are just the highlights. Dude did win 20 career titles. Safe to say he’s “been there, done that”, with nothing more left to achieve in this sport professionally.

To be honest, I can’t even remember the last time I’ve seen Moya play well. His Chennai marathon against Rafa in 2008 comes to mind.

“[Moya] began an era. He played very well on hard courts when it seemed impossible to do for a Spanish player. In his own way he changed a bit of the mentality of the game, showing that Spain could be good not only on clay, but also on hard surfaces.” – Tony Nadal

But why drag on? When your body keeps protesting otherwise? There is a time to move on. Best of luck for the future, and enjoy your time with your young family.

2. A couple of articles to pop up in Twitter conversations in the last week.

  • Serena Williams wins 2 slams in one calendar year in the most dominating form. She has a legitimate and genuine injury from which she is trying to recover. Yet, we’re speculating about her retirement? (clickey). But actually, I agree with the article in principle: S and Vee set tennis’ high water mark. They are the post-modern Cinderellas, proud, at times braggarty, defying patriarchal notions of how a female sports athlete should behave. They’ve shaped women’s tennis in the past decade and forced their competitors to better themselves just to keep up. And yes, if Azarenka and Wozniacki are the future of women’s tennis, we’re in a whole lotta deep poopoo.
  • Yet I do take issue to the Graf comparison and the simple assumption that age is the sole indicator of tennis longevity. Graf was clearly emotionally and physically burnt out by her last slam, Serena suffers no apparently burn-outs because of the cavalier way she approaches the tennis season schedule. Either of the sisters has stated (to deaf ears) that they are motivated to keep playing for years, and my gut feeling says that – irremediable injuries aside – they’ll end up making Agassi look like an early quitter. So what’s the point in all this? Other than a statement of the obvious “what-is-wrong-with-women’s-tennis”?
  • A positive article acknowledging Federer’s performance since Wimbledon: (clickey) I’m just as shocked as you are. Wait … is this satire?

  • Truth be told, there’s been so much to like about Federer’s form and momentum over the past few months. Let no 5 lousy match points and a chorus of media obituaries distract from that fact.
  • Tramlines at UK Eurosport refers to Soderling as “an excellent, consistent, second-tier slugger”, and asks in an incredulous tone “does anybody genuinely believe that the Swede is the better player [than Andy Murray]?”
  • Hmm. Let’s see: Robin Soderling was responsible for ending of the greatest streaks in modern tennis. Against the two greatest players of this generation. Australian Open aside, he has only lost to Federer and Nadal at the slams in 2010. That’s not called ‘strictly second tier slugging’. That’s called a ‘big match player’. And what is it about this bullshit that reeks of patriotic jealousy? Me thinks that Soderling is ruffling a few feathers at the consistently second-tier Eurosport UK becuse their precious Andy Murray has fallen a notch in the rankings.

3. In actual tennis results, China (PRC) and Chinese Taipei took home women’s and men’s team gold at the Asian games (Read: Like the Commonwealth Games, just replace Australia with China on the tally board). The Chinese women’s team of Li Na and Ping Pong Peng avenged their 2006 loss in Doha by getting their shit together and whitewashing Chinese Taipei 3-0, while the Chinese Taipei men’s team surprisingly managed to gut out a win over Uzbekistan (highest seed Istomin), despite missing their top player Lu.

Interesting article on China’s tennistic ambitions – clickeyDraco Dormiens Numquam Titillandus. A shoutout to any movie-goers today.



4. Roger Federer, sporting an Elvis ‘do inside a Mercedes Benz. Filmed in what I’m assuming to be Australia.

Well fuck me gently with a chainsaw.

5. Still in more Woger McFederer-related news, Monkey gets some lurvin’ from people. And I mean, PEOPLE.

Our favourite primate-face makes it to No 24 on the “25 Sexy Chests To Be Thankful For” in 2010, with the following photo and caption:



Now that’s one love! The Australian Open champ causes quite a “racket,” practicing shirtless at the U.S. Open in Queens, N.Y.

Not that there is anything new in that. Here at <All I need is a picket fence>, Dootsie and my fellow bunch of Federer connoisseurs have been appreciating the Art of Monkey for yonks. (Exhibit A, Exhibit B, C, D, E …) But it’s nice to finally get a bit of recognition from PEOPLE of Monkey’s furry charm. He’s in good company too. I personally wouldn’t mind having Hamm instead of turkey for Christmas this year.


xx doots


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18 responses to “Passing Thoughts: Weekly 5”

  1. Mia says :

    And FPF comes a day early!

  2. LJ says :

    omg, that merc ad was horrible 1:25 of nothingness 5sec of wogie out at the back of a studio lot lit by a lot of gold reflectors. tsk tsk

  3. Codge says :

    Jeezus, that pic of Moya just did me in. 😦 Was a big fan.

    On early retirement reports: Usually I’d say it’s just fluff to fill the time until the new season starts, but this has been going on for months. Do they really generate *that* much traffic with these stories.

    At what point are they discredited? We’re having the same discussion with political journos. At what point does the public say “STFU, you’ve demonstrated that you know nothing.” Baseless speculation, is not reporting.

    In closing, let semi-hairy Rajah be! I fear the manscaping of the noughts, has gone too far.
    I like well groomed men (and do some men ever need it!) but the no-hair brigade is out of control.

    I can’t abide by armpit hair, so let’s start that movement. 🙂

  4. steve says :

    My picks for the future of women’s tennis are Suarez Navarro and Wickmayer. Players with enormous talent and guts who are not hyped very much. Sadly Suarez Navarro was injured this year and Wickmayer seems to be slumping…but there’s always next year.

    Boo to the bubbly buxom blondes! So bland! So blah! (Except Sharapova–she’s far, far more than a pretty face).

    P.S. In 2009, Soderling lost only to Federer in the majors, with the exception of AO.

    • dootsiez says :

      “Except Sharapova–she’s far, far more than a pretty face”

      steve, you got great taste.

      Suarez Navarro has such a wonderful game, but mentally, she reminds me a little too much of Reeshard Gasquet. She’s still relatively young, and players tend to peak a little later these days, so here’s hoping she gets her act together.

      As for Wicky, very underwhelming year. I thought she was almost there in Jan. Great in Auckland. Fantastic match against Justine at the AO, almost had her, but nothing much since. Nothing better than an off-season to wipe off a bad year.


      • steve says :

        I think Gasquet suffered from the pressure of being a prodigy and the son of tennis parents. He became kind of stunted as a player.

        Suarez Navarro had a more ordinary upbringing. It seems like she plays more for herself than because of any external pressure, so I have more hopes that she can flourish.

  5. Walter says :

    “Master of all surfaces” indeed! I like the dual meaning of that in the Mercedes Benz video. 🙂

  6. lapinroyal says :

    Moya remind me of Sammy with big forehand and nothing on backhand…
    😯 I suddenly realised that Sammy girl is the rare one (or the only one) that run around to hit her forehand like all the men… I hope that Sammy will end up like Moya with a slam… 😆

    Miss Vee’s brother retirement… I cannot wait til that day! I still not believe Arazanka crumble after leading twice at AO… 👿

  7. jfK says :

    Roger Federer and Don Draper. Yes. Yes. Yes.

  8. BS says :

    Hamm?! Oh doots no… 😛

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