‘Cause nothing says “Misfit” more than a Year Book Photo.


One of the above isn’t like the others…

Oh yeth. British PeeEm David Cameron gathered the Top 8 for some photo ops at the Ministry of Tragic. Evidently, the ATP’s idea of “tournament promotion” is to dress the world’s best players up like a bunch of balding investment bankers and congregate them at a place not accessible to fans.

What could possibly make them look more like a bunch of privileged, private-schooled, well-moneyed, jet-setting douchebags removed from the grassroots of tennis?


If you’re going to be a snoot, at least be in on your own joke.


Now that I’ve gotten the snark out of my system … you know those models that press themselves against hot cars?

In the unlikely event I suddenly grow a few meters in height and become one of those supermodels specializing in being the token Asian in photoshoots, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO PRESS ME AGAINST THIS CAR. In fact, don’t bother having car windows.


Hey this photo is actually less injurious on the eyes! What am I missing …


No, Big Berd. Roger doesn’t actually want to socialise with you.


I have nothing snarky to say on this photo. I just like my men tanned. That’s all.


Personally wouldn’t mind a crooked smile either. But Rafa dear, when Fernando Verdasco asks if you want his left-over bottle of hair gel, JUST SAY NO.


Andy Toothface was eager to point out that, like Federer’s Wintour and Rafa’s Gypsy, he too has friends in high places. Friends he can matchy-matchy his tie with, and chat at length about things like haggis and deep fried arteries …

“It’s the second time I’ve been hereIt was nice. He [David Cameron] likes tennis, which we knew beforehand. We spoke about tennis and some of the past players. It was good fun, I really enjoyed it.”


I iz disappoint.

xx doots


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23 responses to “‘Cause nothing says “Misfit” more than a Year Book Photo.”

  1. writersbleedink says :

    Aw, poor you. I’m sure where’s some really talented passionat photographer somewhere eager to take glorious pics of Feddy which you can post on your blog. 😀

    Btw personally I like my fav blog posts like dis: “PLEASE FEEL FREE TO PRESS ME AGAINST THIS CAR”
    We love you, bitch. ❤ 🙂

  2. lapinroyal says :

    A-Rod, you should never button the bottom one… Daveed, it’s too pale for the black shoes… Red shoes Big Bird?… Muzz, You should loose the colard button if you wear a loose tie… 🙄

    Cute Robin… Chic Woger… Djoker not bad… and it’s friday…. Please some FPF p-leeeeease!!! :mrgreen:

  3. PSP says :

    Ha, ha, ha… Doots, you will need to wear some skimpy outfit if you want to be one of those car models. 😉
    I also some photos where they drape themselves over the car….. But without windows? Hmmmm….

  4. sue.w says :

    OMG!! I’m a Brit and feel quite ashamed of my country!! I cant believe how utterly boring this lot is!! Pfffffffff!!

    Of course and goes without saying Woger is Swooooooooon !! In suit, out of suit whatever !!!
    Poor little Ferrer obviously got it wrong……………….Bless………..
    Agree, looking like a grease monkey isnt a good look RN………….when will he learn !!!
    Brown shoes for Berdy..*shakes head * Dear me……………..
    A dead rat on Berts face………nasty !!
    First time I’ve seen Pandy look ok in a suit!! Well done you!!
    Sod and his dimples on show..lol
    As for Toothface……………….well he’s still toothface suit or not……….*shudders at the thought of NOT*

    Now Doots, that was nearly FPF but not entirely…………………………

  5. dari says :

    awww, doots, are you really disappointed? it’s still SUITS! plus, i don’t know where you got that roger in the car photo, but WOW. how can he make sitting in a car that sexy?!
    im finding a lot of awkward party humor in these photos. in #5 the PM is left out and in the last one dimples is a little left out! they all look okay, but not great. even berdy in his bright shoes. he is HUGE.
    i don’t like ferrer’s suit at all, sorry. someone shoulda asked him to change. rafa’s hair, why the wet look all the time, bud?
    soderling surprised me, he looks good. just overall, yes, it looks like no one told them that they would have to do this and they had to get shit together last minute. nothing like the matching ties of yesteryear!
    can’t wait for the tennis to start, thanks for the great post!!!

  6. Lady B Good. says :

    Thanks for these photos Doots, what do you mean that you like your men tanned! Sorry just my dirty mind!
    No seriously Doots imagine being stuck in a lift with Roger AND John Hamm AND David Duchovny
    overnight, now thats my total idea of heaven!

    • dootsiez says :

      “Roger AND John Hamm AND David Duchovny overnight, now thats my total idea of heaven!”


  7. BS says :

    Well, at least David is wearing ONE of the right colours…

  8. Codge says :

    I love, love, love, the class photo pics. Last year was spec as well.

    Moving this shindig to London was the best ATP’s they’ve done in a while. Well, apart from moving Madrid to the clay season, but then they totally screwed Monty and f*cked Hamburg…but, I digress.

    I love the dressy pics. Also “grass roots of tennis”, let’s not ignore tennis history. Look up privilege in a dictionary, there’s probably some snaggle toothed royal caressing a wooden racquet. 😉

    Fan will have plenty of access at the Dome.


    • dootsiez says :

      “Moving this shindig to London was the best ATP’s they’ve done in a while”

      Really? I think the WTFs should be held in strictly non-slam countries.

      • Katarina_YYZ says :

        me, too. GO CANADA!

      • FortuneCookie says :

        I’m pretty sure I agree with you,as nice it is for me to have two big tournaments in my country in one year!But,the only thing is that once you’ve eliminated the slam countries,it’s a bit more difficult to find countries where tennis is a huge deal and the WTF could really do well.Actually,I worded that a bit more strongly while I was first typing,but then as I was thinking of examples where it would work,I realised that there’s actually loads:

        I think other non-slam European countries like Spain,Germany (it held the tourney for a few years in the 90s no?),Sweden would all do well,or if the ATP were feeling brave,somewhere like Serbia where tennis is now one of the top sports…another bold choice (especially considering the lack of events there),would be South America,obvious candidate Argentina.

        I think much of the ATP’s reasoning with choosing London though is that it’s a safe option,they knew that they’d automatically get sell out crowds,knowledgeable fans,great venue,sponsorship,and so far they’ve been right!I don’t like the idea of just choosing a more ‘obscure’ country (I mean that in tennis popularity terms) so that they can go where the money is in place of actual fans,and where the lack of tennis demand from the country itself is clear!Think WTA with Doha,and now moving onto Istanbul,when you’re in a country that doesn’t care about the event it just makes it completely soulless,also the 5000 capacity Doha stadium was empty enough,they’re now moving to a 15000 one in a country not known for following tennis,not sure how that one’s going to work…

  9. Vanilla says :

    That picture with your caption “what am I missing…” is another proof of Roger’s cuteness. There’s a video of it on youtube. The boys are all coming out and lining up. Roger sees David Ferrer on the far left and tells him to come stand next to him so that he doesn’t feel left out and out of the picture (which is indeed what happened since you can’t see him in that picture)…

    And then they say he’s arrogant and hates anyone who takes the spotlight away from him… yeah…right…

  10. Jodi says :

    I bet Soderling is going to absolutely destroy Ferrer in their match in payback for standing with his back to him in that last photo… NO ONE STANDS WITH THEIR BACK TO ROBIN SODERLING AND GETS AWAY WITH IT!

  11. jfK says :

    Roger in a suit is always a good thing 😀

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