Whu-Thu-Fuh Day 2 and 3: Cherry Cherry Boom Boom.

The match started at 1am in Australia. I didn’t set the alarm.

Woken up by my subconscious at 1:30 am. Willed myself to sleep.

Woke up again at 2:30am. Swore. Lay in bed for 30 minutes without touching my phone. Doing an ostrich.

Turns out I needn’t have, for Wogie McFeduhruh brought out the Cherry Cherry Boom Boom for the match.

From my twitter feed right after the match finished, I gathered that Muzz played like a dead man walking. Perhaps because I was expecting a lot worse, I was actually somewhat surprised. For stretches towards the end of each set, Muzz played some of his best tennis, just as likewise, for stretches, he played like he was on a diet of cat piss.

Might’ve had a chance when Federer served for the first set and got down 0-30. One point Scotland’s way might’ve flipped the set.

Might’ve had a chance if Federer gave him something towards the end of the second set.

But too little, too late. For once, Cherry Boom Boom was stingy with his charitable donations. I’m not expecting it to be a habit this week. Darling Boy is a generous soul, especially with his unforced errors and break points. (It’s easier to call him Darling Boy when he’s not brainfarting louder than a Swuss alp horn, no?)



If we cropped this photo, we could all pretend that Maradona wasn’t standing up when it was taken, and Federer wasn’t really, really excited…


But since Maradona is actually a hobbit and Federer was getting a hard-on standing next to the Hand of God (hush), here is the whole photo.

I made you look.


Next up: this guy.

Not looking so squishy to me in the next 48 hours. All rosy post-match.


I know I’m in the minority, but I think this may be Roger’s toughest match yet (easier to say this, of course, after Murray played tennis like he was snorting the dying ashes of the Irish economy). Soderling won a highly colourful and evenly contested match against Ferret, despite the straight sets 75 75 score, and looked less unprepared, less flat than he did against Murray.


And there’s Dootsie’s Universal Theory of One-Good-Match-One-Craphouse. I think we might brace ourselves for a Craphouse.

Formal congratulations to Rafa for winning ANOTHER SLAM – oh wait …

I swear the No 1 trophy was always some crystal thang … Nevermind. Second year-end No 1 is no easy feat. Even less easy is his next round opponent, who I suspect might be up for a little revenge. I doubt Rafa will comply. Not even going to try calling this one. Watch and enjoy, frazzle free I say.


xx doots


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17 responses to “Whu-Thu-Fuh Day 2 and 3: Cherry Cherry Boom Boom.”

  1. pban says :

    wish feddy got soddercakes first up, he will be pretty tough to beat now.

  2. Matt Zemek says :

    So, with Soderling winning by four games over Ferrer in straights, here’s the math as far as Wogie is concerned:

    If Murray loses one set to Ferrer, Fed’s in the semis.

    If Murray straight-sets Ferrer and Soderling straight-sets Fed, the numbers enter into the equation since all 3 players will be 4-2 in terms of sets won and sets lost.

    Federer is 24-11 in games won/lost. Murray is 18-17. Soderling is now at 19-22.

    Relative to Murray, Federer must lose no more than 11 net games. 12 is a tie and would be decided based on the number of games won.

    Since Federer is playing Soderling, one can be more precise. Soderling must make up a 16-game differential, meaning that he has to be plus-8 (and hence, make Federer minus-8) to overtake Wogie.

    Soderling must win 1 and 3 or 2 and 2 (or even more decisively) to advance. If Federer wins just five games, he’s into the semis. That’s all he needs to do. Basically, show up and avoid baked goods, plus at least one game in one of two sets. That’s all.

    • sunnygrrle says :

      YAY! MATT!

      Thank you! I’ve always hated math…and I’ve especially hate round robin math…and now I don’t need to figure out what I need to cross my fingers for…

      I’ve been getting up faithfully at 6AM out here in the Wild West to watch our Darlin Cherry Feddy and now I know that all I need to do is stay awake long enough to see him win a few games and I can go back to sleep! 😉

      P.S. Doots, did I read correctly…you are not staying up to watch his games?!?!?! You do know you can watch the replays in full on youtube, right?

  3. sita says :

    I , for one , hadn’t expected this. I had shuddered at the thought of the media going bonkers over a third straight loss to Murray in less than four months…….and guess what ? TMF showed up in all awesomeness to school Muzz in front of his home crowd, just when it mattered, almost handing out a bagel . Can it get any better ?
    And Soderling is on a One-Good Match-One-CrapHouse streak himself so….

  4. Ceeza says :

    With your sometimes ‘Mad Men’ references I’m a little surprised there’s no mention of January Jones aka Betty Draper taking in the tennis this week while shooting X men 2 in London ..isn’t that some sort of good karma no?

  5. Jack says :

    I like Sod but I really wish he wouldn’t pull that face…..it’s just not a good look!!

    And my Mum has a few names for Soderling……..squishy isn’t one of them! 😀

  6. marcoiac says :

    muzza made a few uncharacteristic errors, that’s why some said he played poorly. but in tennis one’s performance is always affected by how the other player is playing. fed’s perfect game plan and execution frustrated muzza. i think muzza played at the top of his game after he got broken in the first set and up to 4-5, 0-30 on fed’s serve. but then fed stormed with 4 straight points to get the set, and muzza never recovered. he went down 4-0 in the second set in mental confusion. at that point fed became a bit complacent (why doesn’t he have anymore the killer instinct he used to have?), played a little less focused, accepted to engage in some long rallies (stick to your plan, maestro, don’t try to win on the other guys terms) and muzza found again his game and didn’t play bad some stretches of the second set. but i think fed’s win is due to fed’s plan and execution. bad news is, muzza can learn fast, and if they play again in the final, it won’t be that easy (there’s also the psych aspect, it’s annoying to play again a guy you have already beaten in the tourney)

  7. Katarina_YYZ says :

    Hey, Roger isn’t the only one who’s excited. Check out Maradona wearing his red RF cap! 🙂

  8. jfK says :

    Cherry Cherry Boom Boom was amazing. 😀 Now I have that lady gaga song stuck in my head!
    Now crush Bobby Sod, pretty please with a cherry on top 😛 ?!

  9. Lady B Good. says :

    Oh! Doots you saucy minx! Yeah! I noticed the hard-on, quick smart, reminded me of the old Mae West quote
    “Hey big boy is that a gun in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It was soooooooo good watching our sweet cherry guy, on television yesterday beating Andy Toothface,
    Gooooooooooo Rog get the Sod tomorrow, and finish top of the group!
    Mad Men is on soon over here in the UK, tonight at 10:00PM, cant wait for my weekly fix of Don Draper/Dick
    Whitman, played by our favourite stud muffin(Apart From Roger of course) John Hamm!

  10. kanjisheik says :

    YES!!! He did it. He frakking did it. 3 consecutive wins, with not even a set lost. Take that, hatahs! 😛
    Semifinals, here we come! 🙂

  11. Katarina_YYZ says :

    woooo hooo wooo hooo! 😀 😀 😀

  12. Lady B Good. says :

    Really nervous about Sunday’s FEDAL final! Our Roger was superb against Novak in the semis,
    I wish our guy Roger all the luck in the world for tomrrows final, too close to call, sending you Roger
    all my positive energy for a victory!
    Gooooooooooooo Roger :-))))))))))))))))))) XXXXXXXX

  13. flo says :

    Good win Mr. Federer. Jumping back on the bandwagon after that. It’s no good looking back to the past but I felt he had a better chance at the US Open against Nadal than Djokovic. Especially with the extra day off to rest. 8-14. Keep it up for next few…five…ten years.

  14. Alex says :

    BTW, I’m FedFanForever over on twitter!

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