This is how it goes.

Federer and Nadal, one match away from playing each other once again this year. You almost expect one of them to fail given the way this year has gone: they always just fall painfully shy of meeting each other.

And when you look at their opponents – both Djokovic and Murray had a slam win in 2010 over their higher ranked opponents. This could’ve been just another fail to end just another year.

Instead, we’re still rumbling our war drums.


Having been deprived of my internet connection these past few days, I’ve been watching all of the matches well after the event. Given the predictable lack of drama at the World Tour Finals this week, I didn’t mind  … until I saw Nadal v Murray.

You knew it was going to be good. The mind games started well before the match, with Murray publicly announcing to the British press that he can’t seem to win key matches against the likes of Nadal and Federer.

Really Ahndee? Ya think I’m buying that at face value?

But in case you needed a reminder: the whole point of reverse psychology is that the the reverse is supposed to come true.


Ahndee Mooray took Nadal to 3 sets, 2 tiebreaks and ended up winning neither. He got tense at times, he fell behind, he bared his teeth and fought back. Then he bared his teeth some more, because a two point difference in the final set tiebreak was all that it took for the match to end in a blink of an eye.

Australian Open memories, anyone? Mooray threw the kitchen sink then too, and walked away with his cookie tray of tears. This was much like that single tiebreak, but played over 3 hours.

But unlike the Australian Open, Murray didn’t cry a cookie tray of tears.

I just love playing against him. As a sportsman, I don’t know if there’s been many better than him ever in terms of the way he conducts himself.”

Translation: “Oh always a honour to lose to the Stefan Edberg Sportsman of the Year. Rafa darling, you can take as many MTOs as you like against me … Rafa dearest, can I blow on your bagpipe?

The definition of a sucker.

Where are the Bodos and Tignors of this world with their ‘soft power’ theories? ‘Cause Mooray’s just about softened into whupped butter in that press conference, and here is the man doing all the whupping.


From Rafa’s point of view, this is the second time this week he’s won a match without playing necessarily at his best. The scoring in tennis is designed so that it rewards decisiveness at critical moments over a high median the rest of the time (not that a high median quality doesn’t help). And so often, we see Nadal’s natural predatory instincts saving him in critical moments, even though it felt like he was one being hunted … until he suddenly wasn’t. Until he bags a tiebreak. A set. A match, and you’re left wondering: WHUT?

For this reason, I think Rafa will survive a spirited attack from Woger (Hamburg 08 style) tomorrow morning Australian time. Am I “doing a Mooray”? Or just a prophet in disguise? Give me the benefit of hindsight and I’ll let you know. 😉

But in all honesty, I hoping, waiting, (expecting?) for Roger Federer to prove me fuckarsedly wrong.

As always, the Fedal Peace Treaty has no effect  during an actual Fedal match. All bets are off.

Go get him, baby boy. Go get him and your bastion of minions will scream the score from the rooftops. WOGIE MCFED FANS REPORT FOR DUTIE!

xx doots


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37 responses to “YOU SHALL NOT PASS.”

  1. Carol says :

    Reporting for Duty – Go Rog!!!!

  2. marcoiac says :

    WAR! This is the match of all matches. This is when Fed needs to impose his will to win over Rafa, gain a mental edge over his archrival and never let it go. Game plan, execution, and win or die mentality. He needs them all. Can he do it? Yes he can.

    • Freudo says :

      Great call to duty, Doots, and war cry, marcoiac. I am up and ready tuggo all the way with Roger! This is one of those days of days. Can’t add or better marcoiac’s plan. I know if I had a real avatar he’d win this match for sure 🙂 How do I get that ?

      • marcoiac says :

        freudo, get a wordpress blogging account, select your avatar, and it’ll show up anywhere u post a comment. and, yes he did it.

  3. Matt Zemek says :

    War drums.

    Yeah, nice motif when the Koreas have at each other.

    I’ll be the peacenik.

    Federer’s already won just by making this stage.


  4. jandemom says :

    You’ve been great all week, Roger. Just do it. COME ON!!!

  5. jandemom says :

    You’ve been great all week, Roger. Just do it. COME ON!!

  6. roadrunnerz says :

    I confess, I’m kinda dreading this one, Doots.

    It’s rare that I’m off on a Sunday to watch Fed play a final live, so when he won against Nole yesterday that thought made me all giddy, until I realized, oh great…it’s Nadal. I get to watch him lose to Rafa for the 716th time. (ok, ok… slight exaggeration).

    I used to love Fedal finals, I really I did. I even used to root for Nadal when he wasn’t playing Fed.

    There was something about the pumped up, sleeveless teenager and the way he fought for every single point that was kinda of hard not to root for, even though I’ve always been the type that loves to see people who make difficult things look effortless, so naturally Fed was my man, Swissy-ness aside.

    And although I still like Rafa off the court, I really do, lately I find myself actively rooting against him on court. All the mannerisms of his that used to say “passion” and “focus” to me, are starting to annoy me, now that he’s no longer a teen. Part of me wants to shake him and say, “stop it already. just… play tennis. You’re an adult and the world number one now. Act like it.” Oh, and while you’re at it, stop deflecting the pressure off yourself at every single tournament because, yeah, I do think you’re the favourite at this point, wherever you play, regardless of the surface”.

    At the risk of sounding like a bitter Fed fan…I guess one of the reasons I’m dreading this match is ’cause it feels like a no-win situation for my guy. If he wins its, “Well, Rafa was EXHAUSTED from that semi, how could he win, and on his worst surface no less?!” If he loses it’s, “What? He couldn’t even beat a tired heart-of-a-lion-Rafa who is playing on his worst surface?!”

    That said…I know once the match starts, none of it will matter and I’ll be cheering like a nut for our guy!!

    Go Federpoop, take this one.

  7. sue.w says :

    God I hate these *dream* finals!! They are a nighmare in my opinion!! Beauty must prevail here as ugly tennis is killing this sport !!

  8. Red4Fed says :

    Frazzling so much already! Ahhh!

    GO ROGER!!!

  9. marcoiac says :

    he just did it! he won it! YES! C’MOOOOOOONNNNN!!

  10. Red4Fed says :

    YESSSSS! Absolutely awesome Roger! Christmas came early this year for me… what a match! Way to go perfect Rog!

  11. Lady B Good. says :

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! Roger YOU DID IT! As the song goes, you’ve made me so very happy! Love you, good luck in

  12. xta says :

    CONGRATS to all fed fans — he was blazing !!!

  13. marcoiac says :

    he was ‘unplayable’ said rafa of roger’s first set. he can be even more unplayable than this. federcone rocks!

  14. BS says :

    YAY!! Well done Roger! I’m so proud 😀

  15. jfk says :

    fanfu^ckingtastic Roger!!!! I knew you were gonna bring the goods today against Nadal. So proud of our boy.

  16. Katarina_YYZ says :

    Doots!! you posted right before the match after all that radio silence!! Naughty girl, don’t you remember what happened in Bercy with Gael! 😛
    Well, never mind now…. BECAUSE ROGER WON!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 Are we having fun yet? 😀 Glad I didn’t promise to jump nekkid into any rivers 😛 Lake Ontario is very cold this time of year. 😉

  17. kanjisheik says :

    Awesome win. Federer was just too good, delivering winners off both wings. The perfect “FRAK YOU” message to all the Fed haters out there.. 🙂
    Congrats Roger! You totally rock. Good luck for 2011…

  18. lydia says :

    well, your guy did it. Congrats! I should probably wait for the next post to come but I kinda feel the need to share how I feel after this match right now. So – being a big fan of Rafa and not really caring for Roger I gotta admit this loss hurts much more than it would against anyone else. And it also means more. Our boys have it all and they still bring the best (and sometimes worst) in each other. All has already been said about their rivalry and I have nothing particularly meaningful to add other than I think I respect Roger more because of how much I hate Rafa losing to him. And I wonder what my rooting for Rafa would look like if there was no Roger Federer with his annoying talent and perfect hair in the world. Here’s hoping we still have some more of their encounters in store…. because they also bring the best and the worst in me as a tennis fan 🙂 cheers!

    • marcoiac says :

      lydia, they are definitely pushing each other to get better. that’s the best that can happen to a player and the game. fed has the tendency to be a little passive. he realized he needed to be aggressive to beat rafa. rafa knows he needs to do more now, if he wants to get the edge in the rivalry back. he tried in the second set. i wonder what he’s going to do when he starts practicing for the new season. fed is finally as aggressive as i like him to be. actually, he could be a little more aggressive. the sky is the limit.

      • lydia says :

        sky’s the limit indeed, in both cases. Just how much we’d lose without one of them on the other side of the net… And I agree – it will be extremaly interesting to see what they prepare for the next season. One things’s for sure – the rest of the field ain’t gonna stop trying to beat them and show the world that the R/R times are finally over. Well, I’ll believe it when I see it.
        Gosh I already miss tennis. Bring on 2011 already! 🙂

        • dootsiez says :

          I’m all for RF v RN … when my guy comes out on top. HEHEHE kidding kidding Lydia.

          Thanks for popping by to say congrats! Peace times resume right after the match no? You’re a class act too! xx

  19. flo says :

    Murray did pretty well to come back from the brink to push it to a tiebreak. Of course a player with killer instinct would take one of those sets. It was better than the way he folded at Wimbledon after losing another first set tiebreak. I would call it a loser mentality but Murray clearly feels he is inferior to Nadal.

    Was also frickin’ obvious Murray doesn’t have any easy way to get points off Nadal, particularly off the forehand wing. Every point is a grind when he’s not getting his first serve in and his serve is quite inconsistent.

    • dootsiez says :

      “I would call it a loser mentality but Murray clearly feels he is inferior to Nadal.”

      Precisely the point I was making. The fact that he states it so obviously annoys me, because I don’t think he realises what message he’s sending to Nadal.

  20. pban says :

    FEDDYYYY your Backhand was just out of this world,Forehand wasn’t bad too ……and the serve oh that wide one on the deuce court ,he lost just one freaking point on it all week..I was always holding my verdict on the new improved Rafa serve until he played Feddy….I was vindicated.

    • dootsiez says :

      the wide on the deuce court has been rock solid for free points this week. Amazing. Return of serve more aggressive and *purposeful* too, none of that dink-it-back-and-see-how-we-go shit he pulls sometimes on returns.


      • sunnygrrle says :

        I KNOW DOOTS!!!

        I was screaming at the tv… “THAT’S OKAY IF YOU MISS (and he did a bunch)…JUST SWING AWAY!” and he did. I didn’t care if he netted or shanked or overhit as long as i knew that he was going for them and so was Nadal. I think it put added pressure on him and made him feel more rushed…that in combination with Federer protecting that baseline like a mama lion guarding her cubs to take the ball early, that serve out wide to the deuce court, and those “hittin like I’m usin two hands” cross court backhands… won him that game today.

        I want to kiss Paul Annacone.

        • dootsiez says :

          “I want to kiss Paul Annacone.”

          GET IN LINE BITCH. Me first with Wogie. Then with the Cone. Then with Luthi.


  21. sunnygrrle says :

    I will only admit this here…true story…

    I cried after the 1st set… not sure if they were tears of joy or relief…or maybe they were oxygen bubbles…because I did not breathe until he sat down after serving out the first set.

    • sunnygrrle says :

      …but then I had to take a walk around the block with the dogs when I sensed that he would lose the 2nd set.

      I could only see it an hour later while eating breakfast and re-watching the match in it’s entirety on my Tivo after seeing him safely accept the trophy.!!

  22. kanjisheik says :

    I still can’t believe he managed to convert 3/3 break points against Nadal. 3/3 BREAK POINTS. AGAINST NADAL. Seems too good to be true.
    In a way, it almost makes up for all the match points he messed up this year. Almost. 😉

    • dootsiez says :

      Ahahaha all those match points “rolled over” to this match.

      I think he still has a few to roll over into the AO next year. Fingers crossed!

  23. sunnygrrle says :

    Feddy should buy Annacone a house.

    A castle…if he wins AO

    Maybe an island…. If he can get him Roland Garros…

    A whole country!… If he adds Wimby

    His Twins…If he can give him the US Open to complete the Calendar Grand Slam!!

    Am I asking for too much?

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