Tennis Fashion: Australian Open 2011, the Adidas Kids.

Yes. There is an outdated and fastly-irrelevant “real” tournament on right now known to many as the Davis Cup, but for most of the non-French and non-Serbian players, the Australian Open is the next thing on the horizon. (Yes, you Davis Cup diehards just stabbed me in slow-mo in your head).

So in the spirit of “How-Many-Weeks-Til-Real-Tennis-Starts-Again?”, here’s a review of what the Relevants are wearing next Australian Open.

And to relish the irony, I shall open this post about the Relevants with a photo of Ana Ivanovic and Dani Hantuchova.


Not a huge fan of the green and purpose combo, but at least it does not burn retinas. But my problem with the dress has nothing to do with the colours: in what universe do breast-zips serve any functional, decorative-or-otherwise purpose?



But it’s okay really, especially considering the acidic, clashing colours Adidas has for its cover girls at Roland Garros …


And as we talk about Adidas’ many failures, starting a collaboration with Stella McCartney must be ranked near the top somewhere. Caroline Wozniacki’s outfit at Australian Open 2011:

UPDATE – sorry, the blue dress was for Roland Garros. Looks like we’re stuck with this for the Australian Open, which isn’t too bad.






Henin, Dinara, MariKiri. The same old designs every year. Only this time, Adidas thought it would be a great idea to use pink-and-green outside the strictly Christmas season.





Continuing the watermelon-themed outfits …


(I miss Jo-Willy. That is all)





What are the chances that Ahndee Mooray wears those outfits for the entire season in 2011?

xx doots


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11 responses to “Tennis Fashion: Australian Open 2011, the Adidas Kids.”

  1. FortuneCookie says :

    LOL even Adidas don’t like Andy Murray enough to Photoshop his pics so that he in any way looks like a normal human being…

    AND WHAT THE FUCKETY FUCK IS CARO’S OUTFIT?!It’s indescribably horrible,is that why the model is wearing it on the pic…because Caro is too ashamed to actually wear it more than she has to?!She also has more in the chest department than the model so that outfit could end up being risky/make her look lumpy.Which is why this ain’t exactly a great look Miss daughter-of-a-Beatle-with-contacts…

  2. Warwick360 says :

    I lol’d hard when I saw wozniacki’s 2011 outfit. Just when I thought Stella McCartney had stooped as low as she could with her crappy stuff in the past few months, she comes up with even worse…..-__-”
    Next time she decides to make anything for Woz, I will be expecting Lady Gaga’s Pyro-bra latched on to it I guess………….:P

    And my oh my. just when I thought Adidas would go back to its normal/classic three stripes for men, they come up with this load of eye aching high-visibility crap……>.<

    I guess no addidas stuff for me then…………-__-

    • caliope says :

      i love Andy Murray’s outfit though

      • Warwick360 says :

        looks more like Fred Perry than adidas.
        But I actually like it way more than what the rest of the guys at addidas are having to wear. I hope they get paid enough money……..:P
        Not that they’re awful but surely adidas could have come up with something better……. :/

        • dootsiez says :

          I’ll be honest – not a fan of argyle. But it’s not offensive on the eyes. It just doesn’t look like Adidas.

  3. marcoiac says :

    what is wrong with the adidas designers? most things they do are total eyesore. can’t they do something simple? dani and ana’s outfits are the least eyesore here. and obviously the breast-zips serve the very important function of inspiring quite predictable male sex fantasies. 🙂
    those are not cupcakes holders. caro will put tiny cups of water in them, so she can have sips of water between points. highly functional. 🙂

  4. Nic says :

    Ooh, breast zips. I hope they are plastic, because from my experience, breastzips + tennis tournament + Australian summer = OUCH IT BURNS! Like the open back thing, will make for very interesting tan lines and more BURN.

    And I love the pink and green combo for the girls.

    But Nando’s pink shirt is Fug. There’s no nice way of saying it.

    • dootsiez says :

      OUCH. Haven’t thought about that part. Those girls are going to get a pretty funky patch of tan on their lower back.

  5. dari says :

    Woz’s Oz outfit is cute, and with the changes in the RG dress, it is quite lovely, too!
    in fact i can say i LOVE them both!

  6. breadstix says :

    Is Caro actually going to wear that first blue flouncy monstrosity…? :O And whatever An-dee’s wearing in that first pic. Eurgh…

    Quite like Jo Willy’s and Nando’s gear though.

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