Tennis Fashion: Australian Open 2011, the Nike Kids.

The Nike range, a slightly less visually offensive bunch than the Adidas watermelon series.

But gradients for Vika? I’m reserving judgment til I see it.



Sharapova’s AO outfit – continuing her theme of strappy, cross-over dresses, but why does it look like a bra sewn over a dress?



Basic CMYK

The Dress-Never-To-Be. Excuse me while I wipe that single teardrop trickling down my face.

Come back soon Serena.


Rafa, in 48 shades of citrus. I like the colour on him, but I’m really, really hoping the back of that orange top is just a stain and not an homage to Ed Hardy …


As for Wogie McFed – OH MAH GAH! WHADAYA MEAN he’s not wearing another entirely original shade of blue?! Don Draper says WHUT?! We have BUTTERCUP WOGIE?!

Witness my expression of shock and flabbergastation.


Now witness Buttercup Wogie …



Boo – he’s wearing the white version with the yellow lining. I prefer Buttercup Wogie to be honest. Now he looks like a boiled egg.



xx doots


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25 responses to “Tennis Fashion: Australian Open 2011, the Nike Kids.”

  1. FortuneCookie says :

    ERM…I weally like buttercup Wogie 😀

  2. Pratha says :

    OK….The whole bunch in kinda fine…..Tho as usual Nadal’s gonna end up wearing and looking disastrous!

    As for Roger….It might be just the photoshop,but I dunno if I really “like” it just yet.But I’ll keep the final judgement for the last,cuz I had something similar to say ’bout the pink polo too,but he ended up leaving me speechless,breathless and swooning when i saw him on court! 😉 That man’s capable of carrying out ANYTHING well,and looking absolutely thud-worthy every single time!

    And anyway,I want him back,the outfit matters least,cuz I’m already going through what we RF.commers call Roger Federer Withdrawal Symptoms 😀

  3. Jack says :

    Anyone else think the yellow would look better with white shorts rather than those grey ones??

    • FortuneCookie says :

      I think there’d be too much risk of him starting to look like one of the Bananas in Pyjamas (if er,you added blue stripes too…),but then again,it *is* Australia so that could work? 😛

    • Warwick360 says :

      Nah. I personally find grey to be the better option. Yellow and white might end up being a bit too bright for my eyes……..

  4. marcoiac says :

    yellow’s no good. too visible. like a ball. he needs to blend with the court. shirt same color of the court. make it difficult for your opponents to see you coming, fed.

    • dootsiez says :

      Pffffft! He’s Woger fweakin’ Fedewuh! He does not need to blend in the court.

      He needs to POP! Like a cherrwy on twop!

      ON TWOP OF ME!

      (Okay ignore the last part.)

  5. natalia says :

    Oh boy…. Shutupova will look like a luggage with all those straps…..

    Rog in tropical fish colour??? wow.

  6. roadrunnerz says :

    Fed in yellow? Really?

    Hmmm…I dunno. I’m all for him in anything-but-blue but…yellow??

    Think I’m going to reserve judgement ’til I see it on him.

  7. Alex says :

    It’s nice to see Roger in something else besides black/blue. White & buttersctoch is novel for his AO kit!

  8. Katarina_YYZ says :

    I think Rog’s yellow will work. If the colour is not too fluorescent, it will look good against his tanned skin and dark hair. Heck, he just made us swoon and drool in pink and lavender… I’m convinced he can pull off just about anything. And Australia is the ‘happy slam’ so everyone’s in bright colours — it is going to look like it’s a beach party 😉

  9. sunnygrrle says :


    I know we just got him in red but he always does so WELL in red , especially against Nadal…

    But I guess this way now, I can blast one of my favorite songs everytime I watch Feddy play during AO…

    “Build Me Up Buttecup”

    Maybe I’ll get ambitious and drag out the sewing machine and change out Feddybear’s t-shirt to match….

    or maybe not. 😉

  10. dari says :

    I don’t care what he wears as long as he wins the damn thing. But, I’m sure wogie the hottie will look great in the butter cup. I just can’t wait!
    Seriously, is that a flame-type mirage thing on the back of Rafa’s shirt? Sergio tacchini/nole style?
    Anyway, love this sneak peek wish serena was there to rock the blue.
    Let’s go butter cup wogie!

  11. pban says :

    Why not red…he does pretty well with red ,anyway i too am in the couldn’t care less what he wears mode as long as the tennis is smokin’.

  12. dari says :

    Anybody else ready for vika azarenka to win her first major at AO this year? Why not? Mix things up in the relatively boring WTA…
    LOVE kimmie, too, wouldn’t mind her to rack up a few before she retires.

  13. dari says :

    Theres some ppl on fbook who have great fbook stuff for roger. I’m pretty sure I found them thru here somehow… anyway, here is a fabulous link to the white with yellow trim version of buttercup.
    cutest, hottest outfit in a long time. That man better win in this!

  14. dari says :

    Whoops, that was a link I was emailing a buddy. That is also a great link for top five matches of the year, except that two of the matches roger lost… with mp’s
    Back to more happier, buttercuppier things


  15. dari says :

    ok, that second one, i don’t know what happened, sorry for two fails in a row
    the whole thing is becoming anti-climactic… sorry for clogging up your blog, dootz!

  16. dari says :

    Doots, RE: the update, do they do the day/night wear at aus open, or does he usually only wear one shirt for day and night? i wish we could have some butter cup, too, but he looks cute, no doubt. 🙂

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