What they wore 2010: Maria Sharapova

For the most part, she stuck to some rather muted colours all year round.

For the most part, she kept away from tulle and shimmy-shimmies.

I call that a win – fashion-wise – for 2010, as far as Maria Sharapova is concerned.

We started the year in the land “girt by sea”, as the anthem goes. (What kinduva country uses the word “girt” in their national anthem anyway?). Fittingly, Sharapova looked much like a large, screaming piece of seaweed floating into Port Philip Bay.

Unfortunately, she didn’t stay afloat for long, losing first round to Harakiri first round at the Australian Open with tennis more atrocious than the dress itself.

To rub it in, Harakiri referred to the dress haughtily as “Powerade” post-match. I don’t know about you, but I would be alarmed to find bits of seaweed floating in my Powerade.

Not one of her finest moments: tennis, fashion or otherwise.


By the time Indian Wells rolled around, Maria Sharapova’s gear was a bit of a mixed bag, much like her tennis. After winning Memphis, Shazza lost Indian Wells to Zheng Zheng Jie Jie, aggravating her shoulder injury in the process. Her outfit? A two piece top and skort combo. Two much block colouring going on, not enough harmony.

Then again – not particularly offensive either.


We didn’t see Sharapova again until late in the clay season, where she rocked a yellow tank with spaghetti straps and matching skort with overlain stripy mesh. Mixed reviews at the time, but me likey-likey. She actually looks her age.


French Open. It was kinda maroon, kinda brown. Kinda silver, kinda grey. Kinda cross-over, kinda tacked on. Kinda formal, kinda athletic.

Not bad. Not astounding.


But oh – what’s with the Peter Pan collar?


On the green green grass of Womblydon, take colours out of the equation and watch designing efforts go up a notch. Sharapova floated through the field in a fluttering, multi-tiered dress. Different shades of white on the petals that overlain the bottom of the dress. Cross-over straps at the back. Amazing fit.

What more do you want? Aside from some good tennis to match?

There was some good tennis, Sharapova played some of her best tennis against Serena Williams in the fourth round and came away winning 0 sets in that match. But that was more Serena’s doing than Sharapova’s own undoing.



The tailored cropped jacket. Also an improvement from Roland Garros. Not to mention, getting chaperoned by men in uniforms and ties. Werk it …


US Open series – basically the Wimbledon dress in colour and with capped sleeves as opposed to straps. See previous comment about “muted colours”, not so muted volume.



… Aaaaand we bring ourselves to the US Open.

Can someone tell me – what’s the point of a half collar AND a V-neck? Or those weird faux buttons on the weird asymmetrical faux wrap-over? Or the black lining at the bottom of the dress for that matter?

That’s how I feel about Sharapova’s US Open day dress really: a whole pile of weird. But the colour reminded me of Tiffany boxes. You can do a lot worse than that kind of association.


US Open night dress, my favourite of the year. I don’t think anything more needs to be said – it’s just pretty.



In the alternative universe where Maria Sharapova made it to Doha in 2010, this is what she would’ve wore for it – it’s mud-coloured, with pink and black lining. And it is o-k-a-y.


In any case, she gave the dress a trial run in her Monterrey exho against Vera Zvonareva two weeks ago (Sharapova won 61 75). I wouldn’t read too much into it, except it’s the offseason, there is “no tennis on” (hush hush, challenger tennis lovers), so you probably will anyway .


So what say you? Which was your favourite outfit of the year? And more importantly, what of Sharapova’s fortunes in 2011?

xx doots


4 responses to “What they wore 2010: Maria Sharapova”

  1. FortuneCookie says :

    Favourite dress:definitely the purple one too,looove the design and the colour 🙂
    However,gotta be honest,I think that last dress is absolutely digusting,the cut,the weird lines and V shape of the ‘top’,and THE COLOURS,eurgh

  2. lapinroyal says :

    Me like you!!! Thank for the retrospective look at Masha’s dresses!
    My favorite is the all-white at the SW19!

    PS: The for the up-dating of the down-under WC play-off… What’s going on with Bernie Tomic?

  3. jfK says :

    My fave. outfit was the French Open dress. Very cute. The rest of the outfits were just just …meh. Her US Open dress reminded me of Betty Draper. Hint hint.

  4. writersbleedink says :

    I love half collar and V-neck!

    Not a fan of US Open night dress, sorry. Due to to-much-collar. Wimby dress was really pretty, ‘though.

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