You and me, could write a rad bromance.

‘Pologies for the general lack of bloggage presence lately. It’s not so much the offseason, as the fact that I’ve been hit with a nasty cold days before Chrissy and IN THE MIDDLE OF FRIGGIN SUMMER. Life ain’t fair, my lovelies. It just ain’t.

That said, the real cause of my feverish state seems to be Roger Federer’s sudden determination to take over the world, ONE FACEBOOK ENTRY AT A TIME. Since yesterday, Federer has updated a whopping 17 entries on his wall.

You know what his wall needs?

A poke function. Oh how I would use that …



The exho. I’ve heard complaint after complaint about how they needed to lighten up, provide us with some entertainment. Why so intense? Why so serious?

I think part of the problem is that the Hit For Haiti type fundraisers changed our expectations about what an exhibition should be like. Remember the Federer v Sampras exhos winter/my summer of 2007-2008? For me, they had the perfect blend of theoretical interest and light hearted banter.

Sure. Off-season exhos are always going to be B-grade, light-hearted stuff, but we’re talking about two of the most professional, revered athletes in this sport, playing in front of their beloved home crowds in two matches organised MONTHS in advance. This isn’t an impromptu show. Neither Federer nor Nadal are remotedly interested in getting their people to pay to watch the two of them giggle and flirt at each other. And honestly, coming to the end of the offseason, I could do with a little serious tennis, even if subconsciously, the result is predetermined to make it “equitable” and keep Australian Open gossip minimal (that is to say, a few eyebrows would be raised about “what it all means” if Federer beats Nadal in both exhos right after the World Tour Finals).

Let’s not go there. It is Christmas after all.

As for the score: Federer stayed true to his word and gave Rafa the first set, 4-6, 6-3, 6-3. But the real winner at the end of the day was Africa.

The event managed to raise around 2.5 million Swuss francs for the Roger Federer Foundation, which makes charitable grant for projects benefitting children in Africa, in particular Ethiopia, Tanzania, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Much credit to these two guys for cutting short their “Maldives time” to fly across two countries in Europe and raise funds for those in need just before Christmas. They didn’t have to, but they did so out of sheer leadership and good sportsmanship.

Tennis greats. Gracious hosts. Philanthropists. What more can we ask for?

… Except for a Fedal picspam of course.

“I CAN HAZ LICENCE TO KILL?!” asked Wogie.

“You’re already killing me softly with those eyebrows, bitch.”


Going to the airport to pick up his boyfriend, but there was no running-into-each-other’s-embrace-on-the-tarmac moment. Boo hoo.


Showing off his car to Rafa:

“My sponsor – MERCEDES BENZ (you might’ve heard of them) – gave me this Sex Car for Crustmas, I like it even more than all my Batmobiles … oh how’s KIA treatin’ ya these days?”



Showing his boy around town.

Pfffft, that Rafael Nadal is high-maintenance, no?


Time to descend from his GOATLY heavens and play some tennis …



I love these two so much I wish to be SQUISHED IN THE MIDDLE.


One more match tonight, bitches. Then Crustmas. New Years. AND THE RETURN OF TENNIS DOWN-UNDER. I am feeling excited from a Southerly direction already.

xx dootsie-in-the-middle


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11 responses to “You and me, could write a rad bromance.”

  1. pban says :

    Fedalporn 🙂 and it ain’t even Friday, must say Rafa’s looking cute and coming from me that’s a biggie.As for Feddy…god just looking at him gives me frazzles.

    • dootsiez says :

      “As for Feddy…god just looking at him gives me frazzles.”

      MUAHAHA typical pban 😛

      Relax. It’s the off-season. New year coming. I feel it in my ovaries – Wogie’s gonna have a fabulous one 😀 😀

      • pban says :

        hehe what can i say doots …you know me too well.But asking me to relax when feddyfrazzles are just 2 weeks away….its blasphemy 😉

  2. girl_from_mi says :

    There is just too much goodness in these two charity events… money for charity, sexy men, sexy car, sexy men, sexy jet, sexy men…

    ~ contented sigh ~

  3. Lady B Good. says :

    Here’s looking at you Doots! Superb post, some truly wonderful photos on show, Rog can pick me up in his
    red Mercedes anytime, and take me for lunch, you too huh! A hugely successful Exho, good will all round
    and so many children will benefit, Roger looks great in his tuxedo, my bow-tie Federbond!
    Lets face it Doots he’d look good in anything! All that Swiss elegance! Rafa looks real good also, he has
    a sexy smile, hope Rafa is as good a host in Madrid, as Roger was in Zurich, i’m sure he will be!
    What an example of sportsmanship, two true legendary gentlemen, on and off the court, long may it
    A very happy Christmas and good new year to you and yours Doots XXX

  4. Alex says :

    Excuse while I wipe off my monitor and keyboard.

  5. Katarina_YYZ says :

    I thought both exos were great. I didn’t expect a comedy show, as Rafa doesn’t do “banter” — he was mute at Hit for Haiti. Yes, I remember the Fed/Sampras exo; even Pete pulled out a few jokes, threw his racquet or something — and Pete is considered shy! Rafa is hopeless for that kind of thing.

    The Benz, the Credit Suisse visit… a lot of nods to the sponsors but I’m sure they coughed up a lot of cash, so as long as the charities benefit, iz all good. Happy Holidays everyone! 😀

  6. Deborah says :

    Doots, it was such a good thing to see these guys use their rivalry for good, unlike the tennis media that only seeks to use it for their own job security. As a Roger fan, I was so moved by how much the success of the Zurich match meant to him. As someone pointed out, I’m not sure where I read it,, I think, Roger set this all up. long before his recent victory over Rafa at the WTF. He could have been setting himself up for some of the ongoing clever discussion about “Rafa being in his head”. But he knew the most important thing was to raise as much money as possible so if that meant chattering heads revisiting the H2H, so be it. Hats off to Nadal for his participation as well.

  7. pban says :

    merry christmas fellas

  8. breadstix says :

    “My sponsor – MERCEDES BENZ (you might’ve heard of them) – gave me this Sex Car for Crustmas, I like it even more than all my Batmobiles … oh how’s KIA treatin’ ya these days?”
    — *dies*

    Actually, this whole exho could’ve been taken from a fedal fangirl/boy’s dreams. Honestly. I could die. 😀

    Hope you had a good, er, crustmas doots!

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