What They Wore: Rena

There was a time when watching Serena Williams march out for the Round 1 match at a slam involved a lot of cringing. There was the catsuit. The leather jacket. The in-your-face blings.

She pulled it off, if only because she was utterly unapologetic about being who she is.


Was it Nike? Or has age mellowed the wild child Serena Williams of yesteryear? These days, Serena Williams is tastefully dressed in well-cut outfits and festive colours.

In fact, I can’t even remember anything she wore this year that I didn’t like.

Australian Open





Roland Garros


If I had to pick, Serena’s strawberries-and-cream inspired Wimbledon dress with matching bolero and headband would be my favourite.




But if fashion is all about a certain attitude, then the most striking thing about Serena Williams is her fearlessness in whatever she wears. Can you think of one other person who is capable of making a white and pink, strawberries-inspired dress look so fierce?


Love that photo.

xx doots



6 responses to “What They Wore: Rena”

  1. lapinroyal says :

    Respect her but never like her… She look like she gonna eat up her opponent… She scare me! EEEEK

  2. Freudo says :

    She looked so good last year. Damn wish she was back!

  3. Amy says :

    Her Wimbledon dress was the best for sure! The bolero and even the earings she wore were really great!

  4. A_Gallivant says :

    I loved her Wimbly outfit but I have a soft spot for the yellow in OZ. She looked gorgeous this year!

  5. breadstix says :

    Heh, such a contrast to the Serena of years gone by. Perhaps it’s a good thing, though I did enjoy the shock-horror-wtf reactions to whatever she was clothed in as she walked on court in previous years. :’) But yeah, the Wimby dress was very well done, although I really love the RG one too.

  6. elisha says :

    Wow I really love all of Serena’s outfits! Except… I might be the minority in this, but I didn’t like the bolero too much. The strawberries and cream dress was great, but she could’ve done w/o the bolero, imo. It made her look like she had no neck =X

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