Picspam: Who are you callin’ Grilled Cheesus?!


As Buttercup Wogie arrived in Doha yesterday for his first official tournament of the year, he was immediately whisked away to do the usual tournament promotion for Doha. Given the Magic Carpet of yesteryear, you knew Qumar Qatar was going to come up with something fantastically strange for 2011.

And they didn’t disappoint. Another tournament, another hot date for Wafa and Wogie.


But Wafa! Where are you taking me?


Lo and behold! Tennis on water.

I’m sure you’ll understand the religious reference here. This latest stunt by Doha is a rather clever reference to …


GRILLED CHEESUS! The God of Small Balls. (And yes, I’m still waiting for the day when Woger McFederer’s face appears on my croque monsieur.)

Grilled Cheesus

Grilled Cheesus symbolisms aside, playing tennis on water did make way for some rather spectacular photography.



At least someone‘s having fun.

xx doots

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One response to “Picspam: Who are you callin’ Grilled Cheesus?!”

  1. Katarina_YYZ says :

    He’s so cute, splashing in the water like a kid. Why couldn’t he have been wearing a Speedo?

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