Picket Fence Vid: Completely Donkeyballs.

Woger McFederer, can you walk through life (water, solid ground or otherwise) for ONE day without showing off? LOOK AT WHAT YOU’VE DONE WITH YOUR LIFE? Now you’ve gone and activated the Curse of the Tweener again. LOOK AT WHAT PEOPLE THINK OF YOU.

You showboat. Douchebee. Disgustingly talented man. With really great hair and lovely eyebrows … not to mention a puny left arm bordering deformation … I’m not sure why any of this is relevant … but if I keep talking, this post will look longer …

xx doots

EDITED// Just adding the shot against Henman at the US Open 2006. Personally one of my favourite Federer shots ever, because he was out of position to play a conventional volley and basically played the only shot he dreamt up that could’ve won him the point. URGH YOU’RE SO DISGUSTINGLY MINDBLOWING YOU.



9 responses to “Picket Fence Vid: Completely Donkeyballs.”

  1. breadstix says :

    I was speechless! first real match of the year and he pulls that one out?! ridiculous. and it also makes me ridiculously excited. 🙂

  2. marcoiac says :

    this is why i watch the guy. the pure art that he can express in a split second. as i tweeted you early (and also i am doing now, as i write this….), this shot may be the most amazing one he hit of his tweeners. the way he stops running, and then starts moving again a little (almost skipping)to let the ball go between his legs is just pure genius. the kind of genius that can’t be deliberate, because there’s no time for deliberation. a beautiful ‘unthought’ thought of how to make that shot. wow. what a dude.

  3. steve says :

    Awesome. You know, pretty soon they’ll have to invent a new sport just for him, because this “tennis” thing is really cramping his style.

    That wasn’t even a desperation shot. He was in the midst of preparing for it, then decided not to do the usual forehand and just go with the flow. He could’ve perfectly well hit a normal shot, but just improvised instead. The result: beauty.

    • Katarina_YYZ says :

      No, he didn’t choose not to go with the flow — the flow was interrupted. The ball clipped the net cord slightly. It slowed down and that’s why he was in the wrong position (too far ahead) to play a forehand. That he came up with that shot on the spot is so awesome. 😀

      • dootsiez says :

        Yes and yes to both of you.

        That was the best part of it – he knew he was about to overrun the shot, but he could’ve adjusted to play a more conventional, instead he decided to use this court position for something special.

        Who knew I could love show-offs so much …

  4. jfK says :

    What a baller. Great start to the new year, Rog. Keep it up.

  5. Lady B Good. says :

    Great shot from El Maestro, one of the reasons i have been an avid Roger watcher for the last ten years, his
    array of shot making is majestic, walking on water, tweeners, whats next, a hair shampoo Ad, that would be

  6. Annie says :

    Did you see Rafa’s tweener fail in the match after? Lolz. Keep trying, keep trying. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNnqQ02OSzI

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