Flooded With Kindness.

I don’t need to say much on this really: he did this for the 2005 Tsunami Relief effort. He took charge last year of Hit For Haiti; and this year? He saw the devastation in Queensland and rallied fellow players for support.

In a nutshell, Roger Federer wins at life.


‘Along with many of the other players I was moved by the devastation caused by the floods in Australia.

‘We just wanted to do something to help aid the recovery because we know there are thousands of Australians who will continue to suffer as a result of this disaster.’ – Federer


But make no mistake, this is hardly about Federer. The whole of the tennis community – the ATP, WTA, individual players and fans – have gotten behind Queensland, who is suffering its worst natural disaster in history.


‘This is a terrible tragedy, not only the loss of life but the destruction of people’s homes. I am pleased to be able to contribute in some way to help bring it to the attention of the world and raise some money for the victims in the process.’ – Nadal


‘As an Australian I cannot help but be touched by such an awful turn of events. It is a disaster on a massive scale.’

‘Australians are incredible at pulling together in times of crisis and this is certainly one of those times. If the tennis community can also help play a role in the recovery then we should, both in Australia and internationally. I just think at a time like this it is a case of getting all hands on deck.’ – Hewitt


Roddick has already donated around $10,000 to the Flood Relief. Likewise, Sam Stosur has been donating $100 to every ace she serves this summer.


‘A lot of us just want to make some sort of contribution. It breaks my heart to see what is happening to thousands of people in these floods.

‘I am rapt that the biggest names in our sport are so keen to focus on this despite the fact that the Australian Open starts the next day.’ – Stosur


In addition to 20-dollar tickets for the Sunday exhibition, the ATP and WTA will pledge 10 dollars for every ace served by players at the Brisbane International, Medibank International Sydney, Moorilla International in Hobart, with all proceeds going to flood relief.

As Australians, I know many of us have already donated to the Flood Relief, which has raised over $35million dollars. International readers are also welcomed to donate, or keep those affected by the floods in their thoughts and prayers.

And OF COURSE, I will be there with the already sold-out crowd to celebrate the power and generosity of tennis.

xx doots

PS. I CANNOT WAIT to see Pat Rafter and Federer on the same court again. TOO MUCH. TOO MUCH. *shields eyes from the glare of excellence*


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5 responses to “Flooded With Kindness.”

  1. Alex says :

    Fedpoop is such an egomaniac! “The Roger Federer Rally for Relief”….

  2. girl_from_mi says :

    ~ THANK YOU, Tennis Gods, that it’s Lleyton & Kim etc, rather then Pete and Andre ~

    Any chance this will be broadcast in the USofA or at least on a live stream?

    And speaking of charity events… was the H4H (v.1) ever made available to purchase? Or is there a downloadable version of it somewhere on the ‘net?

  3. judy says :

    rally for relief will be on tennis channel, saturday 10:00 pm est! may it be a tremendous success and help many many people! so glad fed and the tennis community use their influence to make a positive difference!

  4. Freudo says :

    espn2, as well, I believe…and espn3 on line

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