Frazzle Post: Australian Open 2011



  • Li v Vera is my dream final, which probably means we’ll end up getting Wozniacki v Clijsters.

Reasons why Novak Djokovic may beat Roger Federer today:

  • If anyone left in the draw can beat Roger Federer in a slam semifinal, it is Novak Djokovic, with a proven track record to show for it.
  • Djoko has been serving well and moving better than ever. Came in under the radar this tournament, but with Nadal out, and Ferrer/Murray slamless on the other side of the draw, he is the major slam contender other than Federer.
  • Novak Djokovic is WAYYY overdue for a second slam.

Reasons why Roger Federer may beat Novak Djokokvoic today:

  • Djokovic has shown that he can beat Federer 1 time of out 3, but has yet to ever go on a winning streak against Fed at both slam and non-slam level.
  • Federer v Djokovic is less of a tactical problem and more of an execution issue. I think Federer knows how to hurt Djokovic more than he does against Nadal and Murray. Much of it depends on his form for the day.
  • He is Roger friggin Federer. DUH!
  • Full OOP

28 responses to “Frazzle Post: Australian Open 2011”

  1. Pratha says :

    I actually like Roger’s draw this year4,its fair enough.The only thing I don’t like is Djoker in Roger’s half,AGAIN.I mean,is he stalking Roger?I’d have LOVED him to be in Rafa’s half,since I’d any day bet on him to give his best against rafa (and Roger) than Muzza! Muzza just fizzles out in front of either of them in GS tournaments! And the only reason I can think for it is that the importance of the match just gets to his head and he pressurizes HIMSELF.Whereas,you can’t say the same about Djoker.He generally comes out ready to give his best shot.

    Anyway,I’ve pretty much ALMOST stopped fretting over Roger’s draws anymore (there are exceptions of course.).Since I know its purely upon him to win or lose a match.He could get himself into a 5-setter at WIMBY 1st ROUND and manage to come out of it ; or,he could get himself into a 5-setter in the USO SF and LOSE the match everyone’s actually expecting him to WIN!
    In short : The older he grows,the more unpredictable he gets! lol

    (Oh I love this man!Every single cell in my body does! :D)

  2. Alex says :

    The real wildcard is Rafa’s health. If he’s looking pale, weak and shaky against Marcos Daniel then that’s a sure sign there’s no way he’s going to win this. But if he’s looking his normal self, then it’s 50/50.

    • Deborah says :

      Is there anything between “Warrior Rafa” and “Tired/Injured/Sick Rafa”? The US tennis media has him practically rising from an ICU unit to go to AO. Please.

  3. Freudo says :

    Doots, I didn’t know there was another soul on earth who gets the willies every time Roger plays Andy Roddick. I am always replaying 2003 Toronto, I think it was, where he beat him and when that doesn’t produce enough frazzle, it’s the year he almooost took him out in straights at the year end, but for a bad call. Anyway, Roger will just have to play well. He can. He’d better 🙂

  4. kanjisheik says :

    Wawrinka dumped his wife and kid? I’d no idea!

  5. pban says :

    I do Freudo for I am pretty darn scared of the law of averages finally catching up .Tennis Gods really !!! could you have given rafa an easier quarter please…. for crying out loud.

    • gamegrrle says :

      Uncle Tony’s got deep pockets…

      Good Hookers…

      or Fantastic Blackmail Photos…

      to rig Rafa’s draw like that…

      ARGH!! What do we have to sell, sacrifice or sever in order to get Rafa a draw that isn’t slathered in BUTTERCREAM FROSTING!@%#!!!!

      I have a tummy ache from all the cupcake draws that he gets…

      Well, at least Feddy’s draw isn’t a complete nightmare…

      but I will unfold my napkin and get my fork out… Pass me a piece of that FEAR CAKE Dootz!!

  6. Matt Zemek says :









  7. TGIF says :

    Strangely for my recent years of Fed fandom, I’m so far exuding zen calm about this tournament. Feddy’s been playing so well that I expect him to have a good year regardless of Aussie result. If this doesn’t work out, plenty of other opportunities down the road.

    He seemed in great shape in the Doha final, but must be running on fumes at this point due to his insane recent schedule. So if there’s some freak unexpected collapse I won’t be shocked and it shouldn’t mean too much for the future.

    Thankfully after this tourney he’ll finally take a rest.

    W/ that said, of course Go Feddy Go! Stop the Rafa slam if you can! Earn your vacation!

  8. A_Gallivant says :

    I’m of the one match at a time mindset. Though all the fussing about Gilles Simon is making me a little nervous. “cause I can’t help thinking that if Feddy can’t handle Gilles Simon, we have some serious problems, head to head aside.

    • Katarina_YYZ says :

      It’s just that Roger has never beaten Simon, and how often can you say that? Not like the Federer-Hrbaty head-to-head (where Hrbaty’s 2 wins came pretty early in Roger’s career and then they didn’t meet for a long time). Or the ‘lucky qualifier’ scenario (nadal vs chris guccione or djokovic vs kevin anderson). It’s high time Roger records a win over this guy!

      LMAO at your post, dootsiez! hilarious as usual. Unlike the rest of the world, I didn’t think RN got an easy draw at USO, but this one is really ridiculous. Maybe a young unknown can make a surprise. Santiago Giraldo has caught my eye recently. though he has lost to RN twice.

    • dootsiez says :

      If Fed can’t handle Gilles Simon, he’s obviously not winning the title 😉

      Seriously though, I think he has a testy few rounds. Getting past them will only do him a world of good!

  9. steve says :

    Like TGIF, I’m Zen about this whole thing and Roger’s chances.

    If the man wins it he wins it. If he doesn’t he doesn’t. Either way, he’s still the man.

    I take a long view. He’s had it all; he’s tasted both victory and defeat in the finals of all four majors, he’s lost and regained and lost the #1 ranking. He’s at the point where the trophy count is all but meaningless. He’s playing for love of the game and the pursuit of excellence alone.

    We can just sit back and enjoy the journey.

    • dootsiez says :

      Steve – *in principle* I agree. I do think Fed is still the man win or lose, and I happen to think that he’ll have a decent year by anyone’s standards in 2011.


      • steve says :

        It’s the neighbors, and not stuffed animals, who bear the brunt of my frazzling, Dootsiez.

        Screams of “C’mon Roger!” and “Just keep the ball in the f**king court, Roger! Can you do that, please?” and “You have to put it IN the service box! That’s why they call it a SERVE!” and “My mom could’ve made that forehand!” echo throughout my living room whenever Roger is having trouble on-court.

        There’s frantic pacing, sweaty palms, muttered imprecations and curses, and occasional eye-closings in a futile attempt to blot out grim reality. But all this happens during the match, not before. I guess I’m a case of out of sight, out of mind.

        I hope your tickets end up being worth it. Seeing Roger Federer live in a Grand Slam final–that would be truly awesome.

  10. roadrunnerz says :

    I admit, Gilles Simon makes me frazzle.

    Maybe it’s the 0-2 H2H, or the fact that I saw one of his wince-worthy Simon defeats live. I just think he’s EXACTLY the kind of player that gets under Fed’s skin.

    That said, I think if he passes this hurdle, he’s good up to the potential semi with Novak. In which case I’ll be crossing fingers for a day match in the midday heat. 🙂

    I know, I know…one match at a time!

    Then again…the frazzling’s half the fun. Yes, I’m masochistic that way.

    And as much as I want Fed to get 17, I have a feeling Rafa’s got this one in the bag. Four in a row has got to be a mighty big motivator.

    • Alex says :

      No way! I’m not conceding this to Rafa. McFreddy is defending champion and playing the best tennis the last 6 months. I’ll easily take him!

    • dootsiez says :

      roadrunnerz – out of all of Federer’s 5 setters and bad matches in the last few years at the hard court slams, there is one common element: they were all day matches. I hope Wogie gets as many night matches as he can this year.

      (Besides, men’s semis are always on during the twilight session)


  11. Lady B Good. says :

    OH! Doots thats a scary looking biscuit, feel like that myself, got butterflies in my stomach, probably
    be biting my nails, wishing Roger all the luck in the world in defending his title, with you El Maestro
    every shot and every step of the way!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. jfK says :

    so nervous. Come on Roger time to right that H2h with Simon, open the fun house!

  13. pban says :

    I am so sick with worry that basically i have become numb

  14. dAri says :

    He did it! 🙂
    Doots, I saw you shitting bricks in the stands!
    Whew! If we wanted a test for roger we sure got it!
    Thanks for being a part of the crowd that brought Rogie thru. What a match!
    Roger for Life!

  15. Katarina_YYZ says :

    Ferrer! 😀 😀

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