20 days. Hmmph LIKE I’M EVEN COUNTING.

Okay, okay. I am not dead, neither is Federbear, although he does have satay sauce on his pants, which is not due to anything kinky on my part. I plan to write up some kind of Aus Open clusterfuck recap soon, once I emerge triumphant from my day job and volunteering stint. Then I shall take a 2 week break from bloggage to visit Middle Earth (NZ), before returning to haunt you all with my ovary-explosions.


Meanwhile, here’s a video of Wogie’s practice sessions at the Aus Open, taken and edited by the lovely LJ – Picket Fence reader, Wogie-wuvver, media wiz and total nerd (only in a mysterious, time-travelling nerd way, of course, like Dr Who but ASIAN).

Umm. I am rambling. I’m also getting high off putting Baileys in my coffee instead of milk. WHEEE!

Anyway, I’m posting this video because 1) it is pretty rad, 2) LJ needs a job as a professional paparazzo, so more people should check out her MAD STALKING SKILLZ and 3) there is some MAJOR ASS PERVING going on IN SLO-MOTION at 4:30. I love it so hard I want to put it in puff pastry and bake it into an ASS PERVING PIE. OH-MAH-GAH!

The only way this could get better is if there were moobs in it too.

I’m really actually rambling now. I will SHUT UP. Watch the video. Drool where appropriate. Put MOAR Baileys in your coffee.

Okay. Shut. Up. Me.

xx doots


10 responses to “20 days. Hmmph LIKE I’M EVEN COUNTING.”

  1. natalia says :

    Great video! LJ certainly is member of the very famous rf.com HL Crew 😉

  2. jandemom says :

    Sexy guy. Sexy video. Great way to start the day! Thanks for sharing, LJ & doots 🙂

  3. gamegrrle says :

    HiIM. Sexiest man. Ever.
    YOU.Best Blogger. Ever.

    Thank you. 🙂

  4. Lady B Good. says :

    Oooh! Doots, thanks for this incredibly sexy video of our FederBear! Wow! i’m in heaven looking at so
    much sexiness, smooth as silk, beautiful, his hands are fantastic very very expressive, shame he’s
    spoken for!!!!!!! My ideal guy, Doots i love your picket fence page, its the best, a real tonic, our guy
    will comeback and make the doubters feel stupid once more! I have every faith in him.
    Bailey’s in your coffee, think i’ll try that one myself! Sounds tasty! What a great combination Baileys and
    coffee and Roger Federer!!!!!!

  5. Deborah says :

    A normal person would be saying, “great, twenty days to focus on real life but is that what I’m doing? Nooooo!

  6. dari says :

    thanks for the wonderful video, LJ! move over rafa in the tennis butt contest! nice feet, too! 😉

  7. clairetennisfan says :

    sexy, slinky, hypnotic – genius choice of slo-mo and music! The slink across the court at 3mins20 has made my day!

  8. writersbleedink says :

    That music made me feel like I’m on some crazy drugs or something. Awesome, both post and video.
    Baileys? Go for it. XD

  9. Katarina_YYZ says :

    thanks for the video. best match i’ve seen all week 😉

  10. fedfreak says :

    Ohh ohh AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That is all I can say right now…

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