Picspam: Federer Quickie.

Just a quick post for my fellow fangirls (and all interested fanboys). Wogie’s Credit Suisse photo shoot: short, classy and sinfully good looking, that’s just how they roll in Swusserland.




I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I demand two things and two things only from Wogie McFed:

  1. Win.
  2. Look pretty.
Good to know he still excels at one of those things.






Stoopid Woger. Having a pool party without me. I’m so not having your babies anymore …




… Well, actually, I kinda felt impregnated just looking at these photos …




Thanks Girls-From-Mi for alerting me to the pretty.



29 responses to “Picspam: Federer Quickie.”

  1. Lynsey says :

    om nom nom.


  2. FortuneCookie says :

    I UNF-ed out loud at the last photo…well done person who thought “ooh we’ll make him look pwetty and pensive and the shots all arty”,well done!

  3. Deborah says :

    Can I just say, that these photos are, well, quite nice.

    • Deborah says :

      Especially, the one with the hat, and the placement of his finger near his lip is somewhat……… I think I’ll stop now.

  4. TennisAce says :

    Oh Jeepers, my poor non-existent ovaries just exploded. OMG, I don’t care if he never wins again. Just keep doing these photo shoots and I will be one happy Federgirl. OMG

  5. girl_from_mi says :

    I would like to see more pool pics. Do you suppose Roger is a Speedo’s or swim trunks person? I’m hoping for the speedo.

  6. Larah says :

    I need this life in these photos…with him…my god.

  7. dari says :

    Whaaaaaaaat. My jaw dropped on that last one.
    Can someone make sure roger has some clothing/advertising deals after he retires. Cause I can always watch recordings of matches, but where am I gonna find more of this stuff?!
    Ps. Were you calling roger short? Never thought of it that way? Tight jeans!
    Thanks for the pics!

  8. dari says :

    Anybody knows what these are for? Or just a personal shoot? 😉

  9. jandemom says :

    Um, these photos are just, um, really, really pleasing to look at. Roger is really, really pleasing to look at. Monday porn = happy day! Thank you!

  10. breadstix says :

    Okay, this has just made me ridiculously giddy about doing a spring week with CS next month. Irrational, I know. Squishy he is too. Eeek.

  11. pban says :

    I am less demanding than you doots…only want him to win.I am ok with just his game looking pretty, after all i love him from his ponytailed days.

  12. virgilou says :

    Get out of my way Federegirls (and guys hey Lapin)! This neck (on pic.1) is all mine!! C’mon sweet lemon cream pie Wogie, push a little, I’ll join you…
    Tx Doots!

  13. caliope says :

    how can he look that good????

  14. Puffin says :

    Just one word! Phwoar!! 😀

  15. jfK says :

    I need the job the lady has in photo 3.

  16. Marie says :

    Do you know these photos were taken 12 hours after Roger won the WTF in London in November? At 8:00 the next morning. In DUBAI! How could he look so damn good?

  17. virgilou says :

    It’s still Federpron Friday somewhere in the world! Enjoy this magnificent video …

  18. virgilou says :

    Thanks to the website «La page de Fopo», from where I took this great vid!!

  19. Lady B Good. says :

    Caption it, Wogie says “Come in the waters lovely”!!!!!!!!!!!! Elegance and beauty personified, just seen some
    great photos of Wogie and Pistol, at the LA Lakers game last night, good luck Wogie at Indian Wells!

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