Picspam: Pistol Pete + Federer = Pissterer?

Stoopid Wogie, can you believe this man?!

Not only is he having pool partays sans Dootsie, he also appears to be in LA, lapping up the loving gaze of Pistol Pete courtside at a Lakers game.

Ladies and all interested Gents, I present to you the hottest bromance of this Aussie Autumn: the Pissterer.




My knowledge of basketball tends to be limited in one way or another to Maria Sharapova’s love life, but these Lakers must have some serious skillzzzz to make Wogie McFed look like a starstuck ickle boy meeting the big boys for the first time, no?





Poor Sampras. Next to Wogie, dude looks like a frumpy old uncle who hasn’t plucked his eyebrows for about two and a half decades.




Pete may have been pwned on the fashion front, but he made sure we knew which side of the Pissterer had the punier arm.


Oh Wogie, you retarded, infuriating, adorabubble dork.

xx doots


24 responses to “Picspam: Pistol Pete + Federer = Pissterer?”

  1. FortuneCookie says :

    Wogie looks equally confused by basketball in some of these photos as I would if I was there,but this just reminds me of the time he talked about “NBA dudes” on his FB and I laughed for a good 5 minutes 😛

    He’ll be going up to Oregon soon for this Nike exo no?I’m interested to see how that turns out,but I think it’ll be fairly meh 😦

  2. LJ says :

    wog is a huge bball fan, fave player is michael jordan and I think he probably followed NBA quite intently as a kid and he’s mentioned that bball was one of his fave sports growing up and i have seen footage of him playing it as a kid

    #biwinning for me, since Bball is my other fav sport…WHOOT!!!

  3. Jodi says :

    Rafa must be so sad that Roger is cheating on him… 😉

  4. pban says :

    he he can’t imagine feddy wearing a sleeveless tee…what with that magnificent puny left arm 😉

  5. Matt Zemek says :

    For the uneducated, some basketball backgrounders:

    Uh, wait, some NON-basketball basketball backgrounders:

    Unlike Federer, Kobe Bryant and Phil Jackson have made complete asses of themselves off the court. Bryant was acquitted of sexual assault in 2003, but he still engaged in a contentious and manipulative fling with a 19-year-old hotel worker AT THE HOTEL WHERE SHE WORKED.

    In Kobe’s defense, he was just 24 at the time and has since put that part of his life in order. However, he’s still a jerk. When asked about the significance of his NBA world championship last year, the first thing out of his mouth was that he had more titles than Shaquille O’Neal, his former teammate with the Los Angeles Lakers and the man with whom Kobe experienced a bitter (and quite juvenile) feud. Kobe is a ruthless competitor, but he is a ruthless competitor because he is motivated in all the wrong ways and for all the petty reasons Michael Jordan was motivated.

    (If you don’t understand either Kobe’s or Jordan’s motivations, just Google “Michael Jordan Hall of Fame Speech” and watch the YouTube vid while reading the first 4-5 links… The way Jordan responded to a moment of on-court honor is pretty much how Kobe has treated the good things that have happened to him as well.)

    And then there’s Phil Jackson, the coach of the Lakers.

    This is the true outrage.

    Jackson is a longtime friend of former United States Senator Bill Bradley, who challenged Al Gore for the 2000 Democratic Party presidential nomination. (I was a volunteer for the Bradley campaign in Washington State.) The two men were friends because they both played for the 1973 NBA champion New York Knicks. I admired Phil Jackson and read his worthwhile book, SACRED HOOPS, a look into how Jackson integrated his Buddhist outlook into his basketball teachings. It was a thoughtful read from a studied thinker. I came away impressed.

    Not too long after reading that book, Jackson dumped June, his wife of 20-some-odd years, for the HOTTT YOUNG DAUGHTER of Los Angeles Laker owner Jerry Buss.


    So, Kobe Bryant and Phil Jackson are two of the most ODIOUS people in American professional sports. (Pau Gasol, on the other hand, is a class act all the way.)

    Just thought I should provide the background info for those who might have had no idea of such realities.

    I cringe to see Federer in the same photos as those guys. My second-favorite NBA team is the team that’s playing the Lakers.

    • dootsiez says :

      LOL oh Matt.

      I’ve seen Jordon’s HoF speech. Why anyone would go around tramping on their own image and legacy like that is just beyond me.

      We make em good in tennis.

    • forehandshanker says :

      Oh Matt, I grew up a Lakers fan from the prehistoric era when their best player not named Kareem was Norm Nixon.

      At any rate, basketball has a long tradition of trash talking, and ruthless competition. If you’ve played basketball and tennis, basketball is not a genteel game by a country mile, when you have to rebound, run through picks, defend against someone trying to jump over you on a drive to the hoop, etc.

      Although I think Woger would have been a great point guard, given his smarts and his footwork, it’s a good thing he stuck to tennis. It suits his personality better.

      • Mia says :

        Funny how small Fed and Sampras look beside Kobe, Pau and Phil. Makes Fed more endearing, too, fan-boying.

        That Lakers era was pure magic. 🙂 And then there’s nothing to rival the sky hook yet (save for maybe MJ”s fadeaway jump shot).

      • Matt Zemek says :

        Forehand Shanker:

        I was a diehard Laker fan in the 1980s, but then came the young Shaq, Nick Van Exel, and that malodorous 1990s decade. Then a certain young punk in 1997. Completely different attitude.

        In much the same way, I adored the Dallas Cowboys under Landry and then came to fiercely hate them after Jerry Jones barged onto the scene and fired Mister Fedora in his first act as the Cowboys’ new owner. Jerry Jones and Kobe Bryant/Phil Jackson are parallel people in my sports universe. They both took great franchises and made them much darker, even though they also won multiple additional championships.

        But as Andrew Burton, Fed fan and tennis philosopher extraordinare over at Tennis World regularly says, “your mileage may vary,” and there’s no problem with that at all.



  6. just saying says :

    the Fedass Club entry requirement…

    must …

    amass double figures majors singles
    be nike sponsord
    have own logo
    wear baseball hats (not on court) that would be juvenile
    have thick eyebrows
    be hairy
    be 6’1″

    • dari says :

      might as well be brothers, these two.
      ive never seen pete look at anyone that way as he is rog in the first photo!
      and who is that guy in the plaid?

  7. Marie says :

    Wogie wocks in these photos. He is seriously delicious. Love the twig arm, reminds us that he is human after all!

  8. Lady B Good. says :

    Thanks Doots, great photos of Roger and Pete, definitely a Curb your Enthusiasm moment on some of
    these pics, is it Larry David with Richard Lewis, in the “Shaq” episode of CYE, no its a meeting of the
    GOATS! Pretty pretty pretty pretty GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Alex says :

    I wonder if they discussed Djokovic and S&V.

  10. marcoiac says :

    I think even Pete has given up on convincing Fed to S&V. What a pity. I have seen Pete hitting a few times, and Fed too, of course. But never these two guys together. Should be pretty phenomenal

    • dootsiez says :

      S&V is dead as a style, and not exactly “alive” as a tactic either.

      In any case, Pete was a big server who also volleyed, which is a different proposition to him being a S&Ver, or a great believer in this style.

  11. gamegrrle says :

    Oh Feddy…you bring the stalker out in me! 🙂

    I live in LA and one of my girlfriends and I have been half-jokingly (only half) been discussing how and where to stalk him. We heard he was at UCLA campus hitting for a bit and we rushed over there (she knows someone), but we were too late! 😦

    I was in the Rodeo drive area the other day as I was on the way to the doctor’s and I wondered if maybe he had Mirka and the babies in tow and were shopping along the Drive. Shame he doesn’t tweet like Serena, then maybe he might have announced what restaurant he was eating at and I could fufill my stalker destiny.

    Forgive me folks…I’ve never met the man…and I’ve never stalked anyone before… we’re all entitled to one! 😉

    At least I can console myself with the fact that I will be going to Indian Wells this weekend! Maybe I can have a close encounter there! 🙂

    Probably best…since I’m not sure I could be very respectful if I met him while Mirka was around! Hehehehe…

  12. Alex says :

    If S&V is such a brilliant tactic then why isn’t Llodra in the top 10? Face it, S&V these days is suicidal.

  13. jfK says :

    love that. Roger in Converse 😀
    …and what happened to PCone? Usually he is the one with Pete at Lakers games.

  14. crumbs says :

    I love how you added the extra ‘s’ to make it ‘Pissterer’. I smile just saying it out loud.

  15. Deborah says :

    I can never look at Sampras without thinking about all the BS he has spewed about Roger playing in a “weak era”. Such a small petty man. Wasn’t there some quote about Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire, that she supplied the sex appeal and he supplied the class? In this case, Roger has to supply both, especially the class.

  16. ceciliase7en says :

    this is a post full of such loveeeeeeeeee LOL
    but damn Roger looks so fione and classy next to Pete
    but the photo which cracked me up was the one with bball player dude towering over rogie and pete LOL

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