Frazzle Post: Indian Wells

We have a blockbuster Saturday coming up in Woop Woop. Wafa faces off first match against a resurgent del Potro. Normally, I would not worry, but given Rafa’s performance in his last two matches, del Potro seems to be in with a chance to win.

In a dystopian world, my anticipation of a Fedal final would be completely derailed by both delPo and Satan.


Unlike every other tournament, this time in Woop Woop, we get a second chance to reach Dootsie’s ovarian happiness. FEDRINKA plays Dolgopolove and Xman in some kinduva alternative dream doubles final.


OOP – STADIUM 1 start 11:00 am

[1] R Nadal (ESP) vs J Del Potro (ARG) – ATP

[3] N Djokovic (SRB) vs [2] R Federer (SUI) – ATP

Not Before 3:00 PM

[8] B Mattek-Sands (USA) / M Shaughnessy (USA) vs S Mirza (IND) / E Vesnina (RUS) – WTA – DOUBLES FINAL

Not Before 4:00 PM

A Dolgopolov (UKR) / X Malisse (BEL) vs R Federer (SUI) / S Wawrinka (SUI) – ATP – DOUBLES FINAL


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17 responses to “Frazzle Post: Indian Wells”

  1. Matt Zemek says :

    I approve of your spelling of Kuznetsova’s nickname.

    I also approve of Vera Zvonareva’s photo caption. #DONDRAPERTENNISTWEETS

    I also approve of these hilarious photos.

    I also approve of February being over so that the tennis calendar returns to relevance, but more importantly, I approve of February being over so that American college basketball can flourish, enabling me to make some money as a two-bit-hack sportswriter-editor for the next month.

    Fed, time to pick up a big, fat, honking stack of POINTS in the United States. Remember, Wogie, you need to play Rafa in the US Open final. That’s the only thing my life as a tennis fan still needs if we want to get down to reductionist brass tacks.

    Carry on, Empress Doots of The Genius Photos And Unsurpassed Ways With Words.

  2. marcoiac says :

    Yeah, that’s where I am going this weekend, the desert. (no lemon in my eyes, please!) Every year, Indian Wells is a nice tradition. Can’t watch the final this year coz I am flying to Buenos Aires that day, I’ll have to tango a lot to console myself. But first weekend is always a blast. Everybody still around. One of the coolest venue in tennis, very relaxed, practice courts so close to match courts, easy to go from one to another. This year I read there will be the challenge system in every match court, that should be fun too.
    I should go over all the pictures I have from previous years and post them, but can’t find the time. Too busy reading this blog 🙂

  3. jfK says :

    GO Maria and Bepa!! would love it if they won here
    and Marco have a great time 😀

  4. dari says :

    Looking forward to it! I need to be at Indian wells next year. If school doesn’t prohibit, I gotta go!

  5. Brad Green - Adelaide tennis says :

    The photos are great!

    I think Stosur has a great draw. She has a great chance to take out this tournament. I just want to see her rip out a few of those amazing kick serves. Especially to the “China Town” players (as you said not me haha). Smaller girls needing to move a lot more to get to the ball.

    Support the Stos!


  6. girl_from_mi says :

    Universal Law of Paella?

    ILU Dootsiez.

  7. elisha says :

    OMG dying in laughter from the pictures. And that Djoko picture makes me cringe. lol. If I was any other unbiased female, I’d probably say that’s the hottest picture of the bunch you’ve shown us, but my complete and utter distaste for Djoko trumps all else. And about that top quarter… I’m not surprised.

    I haven’t been keeping up with the tennis as life/school got in the way. I’ll barely be able to keep up with Indian Wells/Key Biscayne as well, but I hope to be hearing good news! haha thanks for the frazzle post as always! No one breaks them down quite as well as you!

  8. FortuneCookie says :


    That pic is just…I don’t know.Also,hehe at emo Robin!

  9. dari says :

    Yeah roger has a tough road- you picked a great quote for that.
    Robin-ewwwww, thank goodness be does not wear hair anymore!
    Roger- what an 80’s sleezeball. But the hair blowing in the wind – oh my!

  10. jandemom says :

    love your spin on things, doots, and you crack me up 😀 thanks! and come on, Roger!

  11. gamegrrle says :

    I’m late to the party… I don’t know what pictures all you people are talking about…guess they’ve been overlaid by the OOP…but it sounds like Doots was up to her old tricks again …sorry I missed those pics! 🙂


    CALLING ALL FEDOPHILES, ROGERAHOLICS and anyone else you can think of …

    I am 100% sincere when I say this… I live in CA and I’m going to INDIAN WELLS on Tuesday March 15th and I have an extra ticket for the evening session… COURTSIDE BOXSEATS!!! CENTER LINE!! 5th ROW!! My friend can’t go and she was hoping I could find someone to buy the ticket from her.

    I told her I didn’t want to be sitting next to a complete stranger but then I thought about it and I guess the person sitting on the other side of me will be a complete stranger as well so…..

    Federer is playing on Tuesday so even though she can’t go, I’m going to trek out to the desert by myself because nothing stands between me and my Swiss Man. If anyone out there is LEGITIMATELY interested, or knows someone who might be, please let me know.

    They can just buy the ticket out right or if they’re feeling a little dangerous, they can take the ride out there with me from LA.

    I do drive, but I don’t bite, and I promise not to sing any GWEN STEFANI songs! 😉

  12. Freudo says :

    Doots you are a great image-maker, the core-relative of a great shot-maker, but I think I have a better one for Sharapova’s dress [also Bartoli’s, cow could she :)] anyway, rather than a “giant tangerine”, I see Maria as a a perfectly cooked “salmon filet.”

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