Exhibition of Awesome

Four of my favourite players united on one court against each other: Wogie and Wafa frolicked, JMac bantered, a new doubles pairing was born – the Federpova, and a new commentator – Roger McFeduhruh – was there to out-Mac Johnny Mac. WHERE IS MY LIVESTREAM? WHY HAVE MY OVARIES NOT DIED A THOUSAND DEATHS COURTESY OF GETTY IMAGES YET?!

Internetz. You have failed me.

With a combined 30 grand slam titles between them, Wogie, Wafa, Masha, Vika and JMac came together for a quick exhibition of awesome in Oregon. And for those who care – Nadal won the single set exhibition against Federer 7-5. Federer and Sharapova took down Rafa and Azarenka 6-3 with a little help from their fwend, umpire and commentator Mister Mac.

Not that the scorelines are what you watch exhos for. Check out the obscene amount of fun Wogie had giggling through umpiring the doubles match.

It was a light hearted start to the Indian Wells/Miami swing, as the men’s draw came out earlier in the day. But more on that in the Frazzle Post. For now, we shall just enjoy the purrrrdy.







You know it’s totally unnecessary for you to look this good at an exho right? RIGHT?!

… Bitch.


xx doots


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10 responses to “Exhibition of Awesome”

  1. Matt Zemek says :

    Oh, my.

    This event, which I (thankfully yet evidently) knew nothing about, was played in a building that’s been open for all of 3 months. This is the new arena at the University of Oregon, the (cough, cough, COUGH!) “academic institution” whose athletic department is personally bankrolled by Nike, Inc., founder and godfather Phil Knight, aka Uncle Phil to those in and around the University of Oregon athletic program. This was clearly a “pay homage to the benefactor and bless his new arena” deal. (As you can see, the place is named after Phil’s son, Matthew.)

    You’ll note on the jumo-tron video board that Federer was made to wear a variation of one of Oregon’s hideous-looking (American) football uniforms.

    Try doing a Google Image search for Oregon football uniforms and you’ll see what I mean. The 10 trillion combinations offer Nike and Uncle Phil the ability to crank out even more apparel in sweatshops throughout Asia. It’s why I hate Federer’s association with “Swoosh INC.” I liked things better when it was Mirka’s Mom And Pop Fed Store.

    Yes, for those uninitated (and who live in Australia or other places outside the United States), this is the seamy, ugly underbelly of American collegiate sports. Interestingly enough, Oregon’s American football department is in the midst of a scandal centering around paying five-figure sums for professional recruiting services of dubious repute.

    But you just go on ahead, Uncle Phil. Make your Nike-sponsored athletes worship at your shrine.

    Killjoy Zemek? I don’t run from the label if you want to tag it on me.

    Forgive me, Empress Doots. I needed to unburden myself. Sic Federbear on me if you wish, milady.

    • dootsiez says :

      Carry on Moonpie … when you feel a rant comin’, ain’t nothing to be done but let it flowwwww.

      When it comes to corporate image, Nike ain’t exactly a shining example of living up to their corporate social responsibility.

      Still, it’s hard to see how an athlete like Federer and Nadal can turn down a Nike offer and the sort of doors it opens up.

  2. pban says :

    Is he still going with the yellow

  3. A_Gallivant says :

    Thanks for the only images I have seen from awesome night. Vika loks wonderful. Fed certainly brought the pretty!

  4. jfk says :

    Federpova is so much win 😀
    and yes Rog will be in yellow for IW, but white/blue for Miami I think.

  5. girl_from_mi says :

    Thanks for the pics, Dootsiez!

    Nike had tweeted yesterday that there would be no livestream or televised coverage of the event. Fuck you, Nike, very much for that. At least I didn’t waste all night looking for a non-existant stream.

  6. dari says :

    fun! how does roger stay so silly?!

  7. Lady B Good. says :

    Fantastic photos Doots! Rafa looks supremely happy hes got his boyfriend back from Pistol Pete!
    everyone wants Roger! Me included!!!!!!!
    Wish i would have been there, much gnashing of teeth! Roger, be still my beating heart, sweet as a
    lemon meringue pie, sweeter!
    Good luck in Indian Wells Roger, sending you all my positive energy and good vibrations!

  8. Katarina_YYZ says :

    Nice pic here of Fed and Rafa enjoying some girl-on-girl action 😛

    • dari says :

      Haha Just cackled out loud on the subway on that one-your caption is perfect!
      BTW, roger looks good even in that weird yellow jersey. Brings out the shoulders!

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