Let’s get this straight. Losing in straight sets in not just one, not even two, but THREE grand slam finals? Okay. So your balls lack a little circumference.

Losing your next match in the immediate aftermath of the Australian Open to Baghdatis? Bummer. But perhaps understandable, given Baghdatis’ relative quality as a player and the degree of post-slam blues many players experience, especially those whose dream trophies were wrestled away – kissed, bitten and spoiled by the true champion.

I might’ve even been inclined to excuse Indian Wells, given Donald Duck’s inspired performance and the increasingly visible trajectory of Murray’s 2011 (starts with “S”, rhymes with dump).

But folding like an accordion at a rock concert against Alex Bogomolov Jr – World No 118 and former hubby of the infamoose Ashley Harkleroad? It was a feat so alarmingly pitiful that I couldn’t even derive a sense of my usual petty schadenfreude from it.


Yes. I’d be facepalming if I were you too, Kim.



“I’ve played poorly last two weeks, but I was happier with the way that I competed this week than last. Confidence could have something to do with that.”

“In practice I have been competing well.” [No shit, Sherlock]

“Especially this week, chasing everything down, playing a lot of good points and feeling good, then in matches I haven’t been able to get it going at all.

“It’s happened to me in the past where I’ve had bad moments and I’ve come back well from them.”

Source: BBC Sport


Earlier this week, Murray unveiled his close friend and former doubles partner Dani Vallverdu as his new full-time coach. As Vallverdu happens to be – oh I dunno –  completely inexperienced and lacking authority as a coach, Murray will also continue to work with Alex Corretja on a part-time basis in an arrangement that, on its surface, seems remarkably like the Federer-Luthi “Yes Man” combo. In any case, I doubt we’ll be seeing much activity from the Murray camp until after the clay season.

On a side note, given Murray’s horrific post-Aus Open results, hands up if you’re more inclined to favourably upon Roger Federer’s early 2010 results now?


xx doots



6 responses to “Nadir.”

  1. Matt Zemek says :

    Kudos to Murray for so instructively showing the world what it is to truly struggle and decline…. unlike a guy who’s made the semis or better in (now) 12 straight singles events.

    Bogomolov is already an ex-husband of anyone? He had time for both ends of that situation?

    I inhabit a different cosmos. Whoa.

  2. evie says :

    I’m a fan, so it’s all quite disturbing. But I only found out last night that he had named his BFF and hitting partner his freaking coach. Murray is getting crushed — not just losing, but being humiliated — by QUALIFIERS and he is screwing around with choosing a real damn coach? He’s out of his mind and I’m worried that by the time is realizes it, he’ll have wasted two prime years of his career.

    There is no question his confidence is shattered, but there is also no question that his game needs help. Professional coaching help.

    (Talking about how great he did in practice made me a little sad.)

    And if he is following Roger’s lead, Andy might note that after losing in the QFs of two straight Slams to the eventual runner-up, he decided his game needed help and he hired a professional. Since he had 16 Slams under his belt, he could have said screw it, I know best. But he wanted to get better, and results followed. Andy needs to stop being so stubborn.

    Can’t the best mom in tennis smack some sense into him?

    • Katarina_YYZ says :

      I’m pretty sure that Roger was scouting Annacone for a while, not that he ran to him in a panic after Wimbledon. Finding the right coach takes time, especially for a top player. A kid just entering the ATP can be thankful to have just anyone as coach — but a player as highly ranked and successful as Murray (masters 1000 success, but still…) needs more time to find the right coach. Looks like he didn’t do any scouting in the off-season. Now he is in a rush to do anything to get the press of his back.

    • dootsiez says :

      What’s this I hear about Ivan Lendl and Andy Murray possibly teaming up?

  3. Deborah says :

    The only reason this is interesting to me at all is the snarky comment from Neil Harmon that Roger was Murray’s “bunny” after Roger lost to him a couple of times. Well, obviously, AM is not all that discriminating. Murray right now is a cautionary tale as was ND for two years after his first AO. Obviously this tennis consistency thing is harder than Roger made it look.

  4. Freudo says :

    Great Doots!!! Murray needs psychiatric help. I had hoped that was what consultant meant. Drats, it doesn’t. Maybe Djokovic is done with his now, except for tune-ups.

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