Mini-picspam: Average Joe

It is truth universally acknowledged that all extraordinary men must – at times – descend onto the level of the “Average Joe”, just to prove that he can be ordinary if he really wanted to. This surely must be the reason behind Wogie’s bizarre grey, collarless Miami outfit that looked more appropriate for the practice courts than the flashing camera lights of a show court.

But it makes sense to some degree: it is hardly the ambition of the Average Joe to skip around looking like Neapolitan ice cream on a tennis court. But dressing up a giant, moving slate? Total stud.

Average Joe Mission No 2 involved Wogie heading to another NBA game between Miami Heat and Houston Rockets with “the boys”, trying to look utterly pedestrian in a checkered shirt.



Well, as “pedestrian” as he can be with that watch, and that hair, and the kind of tan that screams “I spent my summer sunbathing in Corsica with my twin mangos“.

Slip slap slop, Wogie. Slip slap slop!

xx doots



7 responses to “Mini-picspam: Average Joe”

  1. Nancy says :

    pedestrian? Wogie? Never! He looks so hot in that checkered shirt but I have to agree about the gray and peach. Not my fav combo on him.

  2. Katarina_YYZ says :

    I like the outfit. A switch to collarless here and there is cool (and emphasizes his drool-worthy broad shoulders). The subdued colours make his awesome hair and skin tone pop more (showing that he cannot be washed-out looking, no matter what you put on him, he will glow). And the peachy accent is just there to say “I haz fashun sens, bitches!” 😛 Go Roger!

  3. A_Gallivant says :

    I wasn’t a fan of the shirt but it has since grown on me for several reasons: it really accentuates Fed’s shoulders which I didn’t realize were so broad and the little peach detail on the shirt that is picked up by the bandanna is a nice touch, and said bandanna looks good with Fed’s chocolate curls.

    Clearly I’ve thought about it a lot.

  4. Pratha says :

    I love Roger’s outfit.Grey is a dull colour,and I’m not a huge fan of peach either,but it’s a nice change from the usual polo shirts.It gives him a rather casual look,like he’s on a practice court.And I dare sa,he’s been going about business in a rather casual manner,like the way he dismantled Stepanek.It’s a fresh look 🙂

  5. Freudo says :

    I love the retro-Fed look and that he had that on his mind when he chose a t-shirt a year ago for now. I love a better look at his musxles, and I imagine less material makes for a cooler covering. With his tan and face, grey and ebony with thr peachy ribbon is very smooth.The checkered shirt and keds like foot coverings are more pedestrian, or local color. I loved he said, “Hope my fans like it. But if they don’t there’s the clauseason soon. And I like it!” That’s how to dress.

  6. Freudo says :

    and I almost fergoot, the horrid humidity of Miami has a silver lining, Rogie’s curls are back in a most delightful way! especially after the dry dry hiar straighening desert. Not that I have anything against straight hair, often iron my own, but when the option is what Roger’s got, keep them!

  7. virgilou says :

    Loooove Roger’s outfit… Makes him look young, cool and relaxed. His unique features stand out even more I think. Must be the peachy color… Shoot, how I love this guy!!

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