Destroyer Mode.

So this happened …

Masha Fierrrrce

I was actually bracing myself for a train wreck going into this match, but what’s been getting increasingly evident over the past few weeks is that Sharapova is starting to play better. There are days and moments when she steps out on court that I see the Destroyer in her, a mode of Masha Fierrrrce I haven’t seen for over 2 years.

But all that comes, of course, with a qualified note on Stosur:

Look, I like Sammy. Love her game, love her personality (isn’t it nice to have a quiet and shy Aussie for a change? We’re not all boisterous bogans, ya know?)

But the truth of the matter is that the girl is headed for a massive plummet down the rankings once the clay season comes around. Mentally unhinged, committing routine errors, unable to rely on her serve: the Stosur of pre-2009 is back – the player who spent most of her career outside the WTA top 20 because she couldn’t quite hold the pieces of her talent together.


I’m really hoping she finds some semblance of form for the clay season, because “weak” isn’t an adjective I enjoy using to describe one of the most physically fit and athletic players in tennis.

Mentioning destroyer mode: it’s not often that you see a player come back from injury stronger and in better form than she was before, but in the case of Aga, this seems to be precisely the case. She battered an out-of-sorts Franny 60 62, winning almost 65% points on return. It was ARad’s first win over Skivvy in 5 attempts.

The real upset of the day though went to the Petkorazzi, who snapped CWoz’s premier level winning streak with a slugfest victory, 75 36 63. Anyone making this sound like some sort of hyped up breakthrough needs to be whacked out of their delusion. The pair amassed a ratio of 100+ unforced errors to 30+ winners, and more than anything, it underscored how difficult it is to win the Indian Wells/Miami double.

More unfortunately, the immediate reaction post match seemed to be focused on the Petkorazzi’s last dance, as Petko announced she was going go retire her post match squiggle from now on.

Good call. I have no issue with a young woman enjoying life, but there is a fine line between celebration and gimmick, no?

Q.  Do you have a name for the dance that you do after you win?
ANDREA PETKOVIC:  It’s the Petko Dance.  (Laughter.)

Q.  Where did it come from?
ANDREA PETKOVIC:  It was a bet with my coach at the US Open.  I was playing really bad beforehand and I got Nadia Petrova in first round, so was obviously tough round for me first round US Open.  He said, If you win you have to do something special.
That was the first thing that came to my mind.  Actually, I wanted to get rid of it after the US Open, but the fans just    they said like, Hey, we are just coming to see the dance and you’re not doing it anymore.
So I brought it back in, but this is definitely the last tournament where it’s gonna happen, and then I’m moving on to something else.  (Laughter.)

Q.  Must have been nice to do it one more time today.
ANDREA PETKOVIC:  Yeah, definitely.  I tried to do it as much as I can here in the tournament, because then it’s gone.  I’m a little sad, but it was    it was a nice phase and it was nice fun, but now I’m getting a little tired of it.  Time to move on.

Not much going on for the men as rain disrupted proceedings for the evening. But VIP GOATS Rafa and Fed were fast-tracked to the next round courtesy of some decent humid weather.

Nadal honoured the Universal Law of Paella by dispatching Feliciano “I-flick-my-hair-back-and-forth” Lopez, 63 63, before treating the crowd to a quick strip tease.

Rafa strip tease

No such luck for Wogie, who had to work a little harder to overcome a pesky little problem named Juan “Baby Jesus” Monaco – 76 64 – while giving away breakpoints like a girl scout with cookies. WHAT A GENEROUS BOY.

At least the humidity made his hair look like a lush amazonian rainforest.

A rainforest FULL OF WONDERS.


Moving on…

Roger Federer

One for all you Canadians. You know who you are.

xx doots

Q. I’m from Canada and we have a rising star. He was knocked out in the first round. Milos Raonic. Have you seen his game? Do you have an opinion on it?

ROGER FEDERER: Well, I almost played him in the second or third round in Indian Wells last week when he lost to Ryan Harrison.

I didn’t see him play that much in the summer when he did, you know, the whole, you know, rise in the rankings, sort of when he won the tournament, lost in the finals against Roddick in the next one, because I was all the way on the other side of the planet.

So I didn’t see that much of him, but I’m sure I’ll see plenty of him in the next six months because he will be in all the main draws where I will be around. It will be interesting to see him play, and most likely I will also play against him, you know, if we sort of play each other in that draw.

But he seems like he’s very talented. He’s obviously very big and strong already at a young age, and that allows him to have great potential for the future. It’s nice to see so many up and coming guys at the moment like we have in the game right now.


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5 responses to “Destroyer Mode.”

  1. TennisAce says :

    Doots, you really think that Sharapova is in Destroyer mode? Did you see her matches in Indian Wells, especially the one against Wozniacki? The woman looked clueless. As for the match yesterday against Stosur, sorry, but Stosur’s head is in the toilet these days and for Sharapova to be fist pumping and screaming come ons was not about being a fierce competitor, it was shoving it in the face of an opponent who has never beaten you, that today was not going to be that day. It is all well and good to fist pump and scream come ons when you are in the battle of your life in a match, but all that glaring and fist pumping yesterday just made me question just how much of a fighter Sharapova really is. It was pathetic to see Stosur basically disappear from the court and was almost in tears at the end. She is ranked NO. 4 in the world, and yet she played as if she was ranked No.. 100. She needs to get a grip.

    As for Petkovic, maybe she should try and win a tournament now and again rather than try and create new gimmicks. Also, a well fitting bra would not hurt. Yesterday, Woz was flat and listless. Her forehand, never her strongest asset broke down repeatedly. I am sure that the next time that Woz plays Petkovic the outcome will be different. Let us see how well Petko has a game plan and how well she is able to execute it against the Glitter Queen.

    As for the Fed match, I am just glad he was able to win. That is all.

    • dootsiez says :

      Actually I thought Sharapova played well in Indian Wells UNTIL she got to Wozniacki. Being No 1 and in good form, I didn’t think the loss to Woz (total annihilation as it may have been) was unexpected or surprising. In fact, Sharapova tends to be the precise type of player that plays into Woz’s strengths. Her power gets absorbed by Woz, her movement exploited, and unless she can paint the lines with every shot (she’s not quite there yet), there was little chance of Sharapova beating Wozniacki.

      But agree with you on Stosur. It’s tough to watch a supposed top player be humiliated like that. As for Sharapova’s on court demeanour, it’s nothing I haven’t seen before, and I prefer her to – say – Ivanovic, who is simply full of showmanship.

      And yes – Petkovic gets an abnormally large amount of attention for a player who has yet to accomplish anything *defining* in her career thanks to her prolific use of social networks. But if she doesn’t start creating big results, the attention will shift elsewhere too.

  2. just saying says :

    the topless nadal pic…can’t u see federer taking a photo?

  3. jfK says :

    I’ve missed Masha Fierce and it’s awesome she’s back in the top 10. 😀
    Keep going, girl
    and Go Rog! Love the peach on him.

  4. allie says :

    as a canadian, i thank you 🙂

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