Picspam: BOOM! Your lady tubes just DIED OF CUTE.

As the Wogie McFed clan jet around the US, more and more pictures of the Twin Mangoes are emerging, slaying ovaries and lady tubes worldwide with their SHEER CUTENESS.

MRF and CRF turned up to their daddy’s doubles match in Indian Wells last week to show their support, and everything, I mean EVERYTHING about them looked like a miniature version of Wogie.


Yes. That’s a teenyweeny RF jacket she’s wearing. *clutches ladytubes in pain* TOO MUCH CUTENESS! TOO MUCH!




It’s strange how despite being identical twins, they already look so different. The ickle one wearing pants is a girlie girl, sporting a fringe and cheeks full of squishiness…



… But the one that’s pantless is daddy’s little girl, with the same hair, same nose, same semi-scowl and even the same body language as Wogie.






100% Roger Federer, down to the last strand of curls. No wonder Mirka looks like one proud Mama.




xx doots

Comparison image credit to MTF and the Mothership.


29 responses to “Picspam: BOOM! Your lady tubes just DIED OF CUTE.”

  1. LJ says :

    the twin mangoes are just amazeballs, I can’t believe how much they’re like wogie, basically add them together and it’s ALL facets of wogie.

    but the prettier one has more Mirka in her

    • dootsiez says :

      the “prettier” one? ALREADY PLAYING FAVOURITES NOW ARE WE?

      • LJ says :

        however I bet the more wogie squish face one has the better personality…

        *totes playing faves but I love both of them*

    • Nancy says :

      Prettier one? They’re both friggin’ adorable. Squishable. Rogi is indeed blessed. What a beautiful family he has. I think the pantless one looks more like Wogie and she is soooo cute. But so is the other one. They probably have totally different personalities.

  2. Cyn says :

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! Jst freaking adorable!!!!

  3. Jodi says :

    I always like to think that the fact the mangoes were born on my birthday links me to them in some cosmic way. 😉 A fairy godmother style way. We are totally like two of the three fairy godmothers in Sleeping Beauty.

  4. just saying says :

    erm i thought it was the same twin wearing and unwearing the pants? and I’ve got a twin you’d think i’d be more clued up on the whole twin thing!

  5. Matt Zemek says :


    All the way.

    Wuv you wots, Doots.

    (What’s the back story on the coining of the term “mangoes” for the Federer junior-ers?)

  6. ovoorigo says :

    even the way they open the hand are the same! *is amazed*

  7. Christie says :

    they are so sweet, a chip out of the delicious Papa Fed look. If both gals look that adorable, I wonder what damage if Papa Fed has a boy next. We will definately need to start new stalker club Fed Jr.

  8. FortuneCookie says :

    Awwwwwwwwwwww.What else is there to say?!
    Also,Mirka looks so ridiculously happy,it’s pretty heartwarming to see 🙂

  9. jandemom says :

    These little girls are simply, completely adorable! It’s interesting to me how “looks” & gestures run in families – Rog clearly has some powerful genes. Lucky parents, lucky little girls – good health to them, always.

  10. virgilou says :

    I’m not too crazy about kids but why do I luv Wogie’s cuties??! Great choice of pictures doots, this is fun!! Thanks!

    • jandemom says :

      Maybe because they’re super cute? Maybe because you see them only in photos? Maybe a little of both? You’re right, though, these are great pictures & this is fun 🙂

  11. girl_from_mi says :

    Please, Mirka, pop out a boy next time. The collective FedKad universe will explode, but so be it.

    Also, I’m loving that designer diaper bag she is carrying around.

  12. flo says :

    No worries about switch ups in the hospital.

  13. caliope says :

    super super cute!!! everything this man does is beautiful!!! amazing!

  14. Lynd says :

    Hi, just rediscovered your site again. Dootsiez you’re the best! Those pics are the cutest indeed – those little wogies are most adorable. But how you matched them with Rog’s pictures is just brilliant. Thanks for keeping on with anything about the Fed when there seems to be so much negativity towards him around in the blogosphere.

  15. jfK says :

    Doots, I FLOVE you, flove this post, flove the photos of THe Mighty Babes that match up perfect with Roger.
    too cute 😀

  16. PJ says :

    OMG. The Pantless One = total win at life seriously. She’s 100000001% Roger’s girl…especially love the photo-comparison of them holding the arm out with a face of exasperation.

    Now if only Wogie will go around pantless as well…

  17. Sue.W says :

    Late to the party after already Awwwwwwwww-ing myself into oblivion on the mothership!! How utterly cute and adorable are these two!! Love how you described them and the pics of Wogie and them are amazing !! Keep up the awesome work Doots !!

  18. dari says :

    Thats real cute stuff, thanks for digging up the matching roger photos!
    I can’t tell them apart, I thought it was all one baby who got hot and took her pants off 🙂

  19. pban says :

    the pantless one is pure wogie for sure…..too cute 🙂

  20. Lady B Good. says :

    Thanks Doots for these wonderful photos of Roger and Mirka’s bundles of joy, sooooo much
    like our Roger like 3 peas in a pod, happy birthday today(1st April) to Mirka who is 33, wonder what lovely presents she’ll get from Roger, Charlene and Myla, beautiful and loving family Team Federer!
    Wishing our tasty peach melba good luck in the semis against Rafa.

  21. virgilou says :

    Am I the only depressed after Fed’s match against Nadal? 😦
    What th hell was that? Can’t imagine what the media is going to do with this horrible performance… and I don’t really want to know.

  22. Lady B Good. says :

    “If you can meet with triumph and disaster and treat those two impostors just the same”
    I am not ready to write an obituary, like everyone else has, some of the media stories have been shocking
    to the core and deeply distressing for all of Roger’s legion of fans to read, we shall have to wait and see
    just how this year pans out, at this moment in time it hurts, but as they say time is a healer, i will not
    crucify him, he has given us so much, i still love my Roger!
    Wishing Roger all the best at the Monte Carlo Rolex Masters XXXX

  23. dari says :

    Ok, maybe I see a difference now. The pants one is more tan and the one in the RF jacket is the same as pants-less.
    I wish we could make bets on which one is which- pants-less is Charlene my bet.

  24. Vanessa says :

    oh LORD you are good! These are amazing!!! Thank you, thank you!!!

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