Slow news day, huh?

The death of Bin Laden brought a lot of mixed feelings over the course of the day. Some were jubilant, some (myself included) felt the human cost of the past 10 years more acutely than ever. But above all, if there could ever be one good thing to come out of this entire clusterfuck of the 21st century, I hope that it is some measure of closure for the families of innocent civilians torn apart by terrorism. Not just American, British, or Australian, but also Arab or Muslim.

In light of all this – who wants to talk tennis?


But indeed we should. Lives must be lived, and nothing brings me more glee than watching Dayvo make sweet love to a nice German car after beating home boy Florian Meyer 6-3 3-6 6-1 in Munich. It was Dayvo’s 21st career title and should be more than enough to send him on a well-deserved climb back into the top 30.


In other news, del Porridge took out Real Tennis Fiasco 6-2, 6-2 at the Estoril Open final, while over in Serbia, Satan maintained his perfect record for the season with a 7-6 (7-4), 6-2 win over Deliciano Lopez at the Mama Djokovic Open, improving his match record in 2011 to 27-0. Clap along politely, if you must, as he enjoys an intimate moment with the alarmingly phallic trophy.


27 wins in a row is no doubt an incredible achievement, but just to put it in context:

Wogie McFeduhruh is the only player in the Open Era to hold 6 winning streaks of 20 matches or more. The 1st streak being 23 matches in mid-2004; the 2nd streak was 26 matches; 3rd – 25 matches in early 2005; the 4th streak was 35 matches at end of 2005; and the 5th and longest streak started at the 2006 US Open and ended after 41 victories.

All credit to Mister @naughtyT for the stat.

So yes. Fantastic achievement for Novak Djokovic. But when I, Miss Bossypants Doots, tell y’all to sacrifice goats at the alter of the too-often underappreciated Wogie McFed, YOU DO EXACTLY WHAT I SAY! Oh yes you do!

xx doots

PS. By the way, Rotterdam could barely prevent itself from weeing in excitement as it announced this week that GOATerer will be joining the line up for the 2012 tournament. Check out the video here.


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6 responses to “Slow news day, huh?”

  1. Marie says :

    Thanks for the winning streak stats. Something the media tends to forget. They spend too much time concentrating on the flavour of the month and foolishly overlook his royal GOATness.

  2. Marcoiac says :

    Nice! Especially the comment on Nole’s trophy. Let’s not forget that Nole skipped Monte Carlo. His streak could be over by now. Roger never pulled such tricks (and he did have his streaks repeatedly) 🙂
    Still, I like the present more than the past. Fed, show us the good stuff in Madrid!

  3. Pratha says :

    Doots,first of – GORGEOUS VIDEO!!I could kiss u for that! 😀 Man,does this guy have to be so damn sexy ALL THE TIME?And also thanks for reminding me of the streaks! 🙂 Good to read your blog after such a boring day at school and a maths class 😉

    Plus,I’m delighted about Delpo beating nando.My Gentle Giant will be on a roll by RG! 😀 I’m not concerned much about Djoker,though I think I must learn to appreciate him a bit Reading about Davy is a bit of surprise here,cuz I haven’t heard or read anything about him since Qatar this year!Just today I was discussing about his absence from the circuit with a friend of mine….

    Thanks a lot for the read Doots! 🙂

  4. girl_from_mi says :

    “weeing in excitement”

    Oh, Dootz,, I cannot count the number of times your blog has left me crying silent tears of hysterical laughter. I’m sure my co-workers think I’m insane.

    Thank you.

  5. Katarina_YYZ says :

    Rog is so cute in that video with all his smiles and giggles 😀
    I also love car-hugging Davy. And did you see the follow up pic where he takes his sneakers off before getting into the car, so he doesn’t dirty the interior with clay? smart guy!

  6. caliope says :

    loved Roger´s interiew!!! thanks for sharing.

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