I had a bit of a rant on Twitter that inevitably exhausted my Federbear-induced rage.

Having only seen the highlights in hindsight, it’s fair to say that it was probably the best I’ve seen Felopian Tubes play on clay. Remembering also the US Open 2007 fourth round against Federer, or Nadal’s loss at Queens last year, sometimes, that’s what you get against FLopian Tubes. He’ll always be about 80% minion, 15% spunk, and 5% porn star.

Be it fortunately or unfortunately, we got the 15% yesterday.

That said, it was really no excuse for Mister Fuckerer. It wasn’t a solid match to start off a tournament.

I HAVE A PROBLEM with his aversion to breakpoint conversion. I HAVE A PROBLEM with the shanks, the total mindfuck of a second set tiebreak (mind you, Felopian came to play). I HAVE A PROBLEM with him even being taken to a first set tiebreak, or wasting multiple opportunities to finish off the third set much, much earlier than he did.

But above all, I HAVE A HUGE FUCKING PROBLEM with any number of tennis reporters, journos and self-endorsed commentators who suggested after the match that this three set win against an opponent who was redlining his game in the second round of a Masters tournament no one outside Spain has ever heard about or care about, was somehow game over for Fed. That somehow, fans should be quivering fearfully in their knickers, waiting for an inevitable defeat. That somehow, this fits into the greater cosmic balance of the tennis universe.

Oh geez, really? Have we never seen a top player struggle in early rounds of a tournament and survive to tell the tale before?

Or is the logic simply that when Federer is taken to a third set tiebreak, this is just yet another episode of the “Chronicles of Federer’s Decline”? Is he simply not allowed to play a tough match these days without it being seen as some part of a greater narrative of doom and gloom? Moreover, IS THIS WHAT READING THE PRESS IS GOING TO BE LIKE FOR ME IN THE NEXT FEW YEARS?

Had any other player come back from match point down to win in a third set tiebreak today, it would have been a tale of fight and bravado. Unfortunately, Federer is not just any other player. He doesn’t get luxury of being the comeback kid.

For what it’s worth, you should know that I for one, am simply exhilarated to see him save a match point and win a third set tiebreak, instead of wasting match points and coming out the loser. It was this core of steel that saw him to the 2009 Roland Garros and Wimbledon crowns, and ya know what? We’ve lived to see another day.

Madrid Federer1

xx doots


I was wrong. Not everyone in the media is prone to reading too much into everything. Clickey here.


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15 responses to “Vid: PHEWWWWW!”

  1. lapinroyal says :

    I was so stress… You should see the finger nail print on the poor bear… EEEK Felicious bring his A game… So relief after the miss-smash at 5-2 in the third… fiouuu!

    • dootsiez says :

      Yup, Deliciano missed that overhead at 5-2.

      And they say Federer has no “aura” anymore.


  2. LJ says :

    I just wanted to point out, during the slow mo of feli missing the crucial smash, in the blurred background a fan with an RF hat double fistspumps and goes “THANK GOD (for that miss)”

    bloody hilarious, made my day

    • Salma says :

      LOL! I actually went to check out. I also spotted Verdasco’s reaction when he missed that over head. ahaha!

  3. flo says :


    If he gets 17 then no. If he gets back to number 1 then no. But if neither materializes, even if he’s still the third best in the world and making semis and finals, then a definitely YES.

    • Deborah says :

      I gave up seriously reading the tennis press after last year’s Wimby and the “low rent” comment. Being a Federer fan means making peace with the double standards used to judge his efforts and his results (shrug). I follow some of the clowns on twitter but the disrespect they mostly show to Roger and what he means to the game is startling.

  4. Marie says :

    Love Feli’s reaction when he missed that smash. But I love even more that Roger fought and didn’t fold. What a warrior. Great rant Doots. Hate the media:( Can’t wait to see how the king of clay handles JMDP on this fast clay court:)

  5. Matt Zemek says :

    Ravi Ubha said something inane about the Melzer loss, so he evidently learned his lesson. Very good to see.

  6. Pratha says :

    It was one hell of a match for my nerves!I couldn’t watch the 3rd set,it was way past midnight for me and I had school,but the first 2 sets weren’t any less than the third must have been!

    Hey btw,in case u haven’t already read,here’s a piece from Xavier’s presser today.Would be good for the comms to read 😉
    Federer in decline? No way!! (he says: ‘don’t let me laugh’)

    Malisse faces Federer for the 10th time in 13 years. In january he got a beatdown at the Australian Open. He hopes to do better in Madrid.

    “Federer in decline? No way!! I also would like to be in decline then”, Xavier laughs. “He still easily gets to semis and finals”
    “In Melbourne I was happy with the way I played, but still I got a beatdown. On clay I have 20% chance against Federer. I’ll give everything and try my best, but he has not weaknesses, that’s the problem.”

  7. ines says :

    Journalists are Roger´s haters.So when Roger loses a close match it´s because of mental weakness, but
    when Roger wins a close match (saving MP) it´s still mental weakness???

  8. FortuneCookie says :

    That last pic looks so “FUCK YEAHHHH I’VE STILL GOT IT,BOW DOWN BITCHES” that it’s amazing…

    • dari says :

      That pic also kinda looks like he is about to conduct an orchestra!
      He is the MAESTRO after all!

  9. Jack says :

    I remember one journalist (think it was Wertheim) asking on twitter whether this loss was depressing or source of encouragement.

    I mean, honestly. Is he stupid?? What’s depressing about winning a tight three setter against a player, who was playing well, and saving match points too. Losing in a third set tiebreak after having match points, thats depressing. Something us Fed fans know only too well.

    Also, is it me or do the madrid courts not really play like a clay court?? I mean, there were 48 aces combined in Fed’s match yesterday. Granted it was three tiebreak sets but still, those aren’t numbers you usually see in a clay match.

  10. Katarina_YYZ says :

    think you nailed it in your “Passing Thoughts” post yesterday. See items 1 thru 8. 😡

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