Picspam: You’re like the hottest thing since my mama’s kimchi.

Oh my lovelies, work and study has basically killed what’s left of my free time, and it appears that I am no longer on top of the latest developments in tennis porn. DISASTUH. So to make up for my negligence in patrolling the internetz for fluff, here’s a picspam to make your lady tubes flutter and your dude pendulum swing.

Well … GO ON!

Marat Safin, Instyle Russia May 2011



Hands down, one of the best photo shoots of Safin I’ve ever seen, because it captured precisely so many different facets of Marat Safin: charismatic, kind, cheeky, with a depth of character hidden underneath all his rhetoric and all that friggin crap he puts you through as a tennis fan.

One of the hardest people in tennis to dislike. Despite the aforementioned bucket loads of crap.









For excerpts from the interview, clickey over here.

Photographer: Erez Sabag

xx doots



4 responses to “Picspam: You’re like the hottest thing since my mama’s kimchi.”

  1. Marie says :

    He’s Hot alright. But Wogie’s hotter.

  2. girl_from_mi says :

    Only Marat could were a cowl neck shirt and pull it off.

  3. Caroline Paquin says :

    Let me gather the bucket and the mop. I’ve been drooling way too much. Holy smokes, the epitome of sexy! Thanks for sharing those wonderful pics, Doots! 🙂

  4. caliope says :


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