OOP Preview

Day 13. Semi-finals day for the men.

Play starts 2PM local (Parisian time)

Court Philippe Chatrier:
Rafael Nadal (ESP) [1] vs Andy Murray (GBR) [4]
Roger Federer (SUI) [3] vs Novak Djokovic (SRB) [2]


– PJ

P.S. Did a rambly sort of semis thoughts here. Something just a little more substantial.



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23 responses to “Roland Garros: FRACKITY FRAK FRAK FRAZZLE POST”

  1. flo says :

    As it looks now Djokovic has the worst draw of the top seed. Don’t know if Del Po is healthy and will make their seed. I would have preferred Federer on Nadal’s side because I don’t if Federer makes the semis and Djokovic as well then I have to root for Federer but I want to see a final that’s competitive and epic and that seems like only Nadal/Djokovic can provide that.

    • dootsiez says :

      Epic final over the success of Roger Federer?

      Fair enough. 😉

      • flo says :

        I would be weighing Federer the Finalist (with a tiny chance of being champion) versus Federer the Semi-Finalist (with the chance of Djokovic taking Nadal’s stronghold in short order). But it is too early to think about that as nothing is guaranteed.

      • Marie says :

        The only epic final I want to see has Wogie on one side of the net and any one of about 127 other players on the other. Two weeks today I want to see Wogie holding up that trophy. Let him show all those so and so’s that he is still the man to beat.

  2. Marcoiac says :

    Whoever got Delpo clearly got the worst draw. That’s Nole. If Delpo beats him in Paris, Nole may go in mental breakdown the rest of the year. Most likely it won’t happen though. But 1st round with Feli ain’t easy. 1st round matches always tricky, and Lopez can play. He should have beaten Fed last time they played. Not clear to me why lots of Fedfan aren’t worried about Fed-Lopez 1st round. Anyway, I think at this point Fed either wins the title or who cares when he loses. 1st round, final, not much of a difference. Wait, I am wrong. Big difference: I wanna see him playing. He’s still the artist of the game. Even when he loses.

    • dootsiez says :

      As a matter of fact, I think Djokovic had the easier quarter. Del Potro might have to work hard from Day 1 against Ivo – the guy served 56 aces on clay against Hewitt first round 2 years ago, not exactly a walkover. Other than del Po, there really aren’t many people in Djoko’s draw to threaten him.

      Rafa’s quarter on the other hand … generally tougher, I would say.

      I’m not worried about Feliciano Lopez because 1) this is best of 5 set, 2) Lopez can play, but he can’t play well consistently and over multiple matches, 3) the clay in Paris is slower than the clay in Madrid, 4) Federer will be more on guard this time.

      It’s a tough first round match, but I think you’d have to give Roger the benefit of the doubt that he’ll come through in straights.

    • Marie says :

      Last time they played, Lopez played the match of his life and that only happens ONCE IN A LIFETIME so I expect tomorrow to be a three setter in Wogie’s favour.

  3. Lady B Good. says :

    Tough opener for our Roger against Lopez, a potential banana skin for him, started biting my nails ALREADY!!! And its not even started yet! Got my fingers crossed, eyes, toes, for you Roger, good luck, hoping for a win…………There is no finish line!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. FortuneCookie says :

    Poor Delpo,and things aren’t so great when he gets onto grass (whenever that may be) either…never his best surface and dude hasn’t played a match on it since Hewitt beat him 2R TWO YEARS AGO at Wimbly (that sounds like a weird result now…)!

    And as for Wogie McFed,I have very low (in his terms) expectations,anything QFs or further will be just fine,not because I don’t believe in him (far from it),it’s just that in terms of this year’s results it’s realistic…as much as I hate to say it,this is the 1st season in a long time where he hasn’t been particularly relevant to the season’s narrative (only in the context of the annoying “Is he in terminal decline?!?!?!!??!?!?” ad nauseum),and I’d looove that to change here but definitely taking it by match by match!
    By which I mean *whispers*…go and win the whole fucking thing! 🙂

  5. Matt Zemek says :

    These foot pains of Fed’s are really worrying me. A QF loss to Ferrer might be as good as it gets here. Yes, Wimbledon is the biggie; a semifinal would be a truly fabulous result, even more so as I continue to think about the draw.

    • dari says :

      What foot pains?

      • dootsiez says :

        Federer has mentioned he had minor foot pains in two short interviews in passing. Yesterday when he was practicing with Stan, he was reportedly rubbing one of his legs, stretching it, then apologizing to Stan.

        Hopefully this is a minor issue, and will heal by itself over the course of the two weeks, although drawing Feliciano Lopez first round does not help.

  6. steve says :

    Semis is a reasonable expectation for Federer. If I absolutely had to put my money on someone for the title, it would be Djokovic. But I just can’t kill that tiny little sliver of hope that Roger will win it all.

    Federer may have had a bit of a hangover from Madrid; he had to change his tactics significantly against Nadal, and I think that threw him off a bit in his next few matches, and cost him against Gasquet. Especially since Rome started the week after Madrid; no time to adjust.

    In the extremely unlikely event that he makes it to the final, it’s much better if he faces Nadal in the final rather than the semi. That way he’ll only have to change his tactics once, in the final, rather than change them in the semi and then try to change back to his usual game in the final.

    Del Potro’s still underdone; his offensive game is not in full gear yet (nor has been this season), which is why he got injured: he’s had to spend too much time running instead of dictating the plays. I don’t think he is in shape to take out Djokovic, as well as the Serb has been playing.

    • dootsiez says :

      Agree on the Del Potro, and he’ll have to get past Ivo first round. He’ll be the favourite in that match, but I don’t think it’s that much of a given.

  7. xta says :

    so, is ana offering to sprinkle bread crumbs on satan’s mussels/mushrooms ???
    or giving rafa secret blackmail material ???
    c’mon, doots — tell ALL !!!

  8. jfK says :

    Allez Roger!! 😀 would be a dream for him to win in Paris again.
    And Allez Maria! Want to see her get the career slam!

  9. pban says :

    The foot pains are worrying, I want him absolutely fit for Wimby.As for RG zero expectations mean less heart ache.

    • Marie says :

      We had zero expectations for Wogie 2 years ago and lookie what happened:) Anything can happen in a GS including the so-called favourites getting knocked out early. Other than the 1st round which could be a test (although I don’t think it will be) Wogie has a pretty good draw until the semis where he meets the energizer Serbian bunny.

  10. schroeds says :

    Hey, love your perspective, will be cool to see what Fed does with virtually no pressure…

    think you might like my tennis related blog entries, would appreciate any feedback…

  11. dari says :

    Different lukas- kubot and lacko. Lacko bagel at doha, no?

  12. peRFect Tennis says :

    Good match from Roger today against Monfils. Windy conditions didn’t help but getting the job done in straight sets definitely did!

  13. Carotid says :

    …Are you alive? I hope you’re alive! Today we Fedfans feast!


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