Vid: See Woger? You can show off without hitting a tweener too.

With Lopez out of the way, I think a huge section of the Federer fan community just breathed a sigh of relief and wondered why they were worried in the first place. Grand slams bring a completely different set of dynamics, and as well as Lopez played yesterday, he simply could not match Federer’s level of consistency, solid serving – enhanced this time by the best of 5 set format.

And there was a bit of Federer magic too. That’s what we’re all here to see, no?

More on Roland Garros later. Good morning to all you Aussies, and to the rest of you – good night.

xx doots


7 responses to “Vid: See Woger? You can show off without hitting a tweener too.”

  1. marcoiac says :

    oh yes, it was a real nice magic, this morning, to have breakfast with the maestro. best way of starting the day. hope they schedule him always around that time.

    next up is a frenchie qualifier (or wild card? i forget). frenchies at RGs are always tricky. but it’s great to know that we will enjoy some more magic in less than 48 hours 🙂

  2. A_Gallivant says :

    It was a delightful match to watch. I’m going to miss his 2nd round, so I hope it’s not too frazzle-worthy! Lovely vid to find for us Doots!

  3. Lady B Good. says :

    Thanks Doots! You cant beat a bit of Swiss Magic, yes i heard the wolf-whistle Roger got when he unzipped his track suit top, to reveal his new threads! Cant say i blame the french crowd, i very nearly exploded myself!
    Good luck Roger in the 2nd Round!

  4. jfK says :

    Bow down, King Fed still lives. :worship:

  5. Deborah says :

    Pretty good moving from Roger!! Great stuff!

  6. M says :

    How does he do that? That’s just fabulous.
    Allez, Roger!

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