RG2011 Day 10 (by PJ): And he went one better

So. The Mighty Swiss Cheese made it to semi-finals of le French Open. Before I dwindle into any more specifics, first things first:


I’m mighty pleased he went one better this year after last year. I’m mighty pleased that he’s been playing quite well throughout the last week and a half. And I’m mighty pleased that he overcame Gael Monfils in three sets (although I’m not so pleased about his aversion to BP conversion – which made a FULL return yesterday, but let’s not talk about unpleasantries).

It wasn’t the best of starts from Fed yesterday. He was broken early in the match with TWO double faults in one game, and seemed to be struggling with the wind, hitting a rather hefty number of 10 unforced errors in mere three games. But as we all know, soon as he finds his mojo, he gets it going, and that he did, breaking Monfils twice to tuck the first set under his belt.

On the flip side of that though, as we all know quite well (as well), he can lose the mojo just like *that* with his sudden walkabouts. Walkabout-Fed hadn’t really make a significant appearance so far in the tournament, but he was out and about yesterday, contributing to the chapters of Federer’s best-selling novel, The Break-Points Not Taken.  Dude had numerous opportunities to break Monfils in the third set, but opted to send ‘em waving merrily away.

Even so, Federer hung on well enough to win the third-set tie-break in the most convincing fashion. Through to the semis, through to facing a very fresh Satan on Friday.

There is, you know, some stuff at stake. The FINAL, for one. And the #1 ranking (for Satan). The Satanic Streak. The JMac record. Small fry stuff.

BUT. I am going to try my very best not to think about the semi-final until semi-final day on Friday. Because the mere thought of the final makes my head hurt/my stomach ulcerate/my bipolar-multiple-personality disorder of ZEN VS OMGWTFFRAZZLE rear its very ugly and very confused head.

What happened to nice normal hobbies like reading, painting, writing, caged-tiger fighting, shark-swimming, y’know, hobbies that are not horribly detrimental to my health?

Anyway, for the ladies’ stage – Francesca Schiavone overcame a horrific performance in the first set to stage a comeback and wrestle the match from Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova’s fingertips in three sets. The third set was a tussle – with breaks and rebreaks galore until Franny managed to held on for the match. The final game between the two laydees was brilliant though – screaming winners won the points, not ugly errors.

Props to Pavlyuchenkova for getting this far and putting up a fight but I am very very VERY pleased that Franny is still rolling. I know that it’s a fairytale if she defends her title, but at least she’s still on track to make that fairytale a reality.

Sveta, however, didn’t manage to play her part in completing my dream semi-final, but Marion Bartoli certainly played her part in continuing the dream of the Frenchies as well as her own. She’s the first Frenchwoman into the semis since Mary Pierce in 2000 (who went on to win the title). I have to admit I have no great affection for Bartoli, but hey, if that’s what the crowd wanted…

My heart weeps for Sveta, though. I really did think she had a chance – not just for the semis, but for the whole tournament.

Yeah yeah yeah, I live in Delusion Land. But just so you know, we’re building up a pretty good population. Interested parties please e-mail me for the application process to become permanent residents/citizens.

That’s the wrap!

– PJ


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I'm a tennis nut. Loves watching and freaking out over tennis, and as of late, writing about tennis. As a player though, I'm terrible. My other interests includes reading (pretty much will give any genre a go), checking out films, crafting (making cards, scrapbooking etc), eating/food (specifically searching for the perfect chendol outside Malaysia). I'm also trying to find my own perfect corner in this world!

10 responses to “RG2011 Day 10 (by PJ): And he went one better”

  1. pban says :

    let the semifinal speak for itself though Ferd did make an appearance,I am praying it was a one off situation.

  2. Katie says :

    Omg, I am so nervous about Friday. The walkover for Nole could be a help or a hindrance; an extra rest day, but could get in the way of his rhythm. Clutching at straws here?! I think so.

    Haha, ‘The Break Points Not Taken’ would not just be a novel but a fucking Milton-esque epic. Pure hair-tearing and nail-biting frustration, but luckily not too harmful in the endz this time.

    Anyway, I’m reet glad he made it through this far- I think the fact that he’s been slightly under the radar in this slam has helped him play better, I dunno. Unfortunately that all ends Friday, and I think that’s going to increase any hint of self doubt he has going into the match against the terrifying one. I still reckon it’s going to go Novak’s way, but maybe be closer than say, the AO. If he by some chance makes the final, it’d be the ultimate boost and- and… I’m getting carried away.

    Ooh- I wanted to say, if anyone remembers me on Twitter (KatieCalling), my massive hiatus is not my fault and I miss you guys! Some douchey failbag logged me off when I told them not to as once I log back in it changes it to an odd New Twitter/Old Twitter hybrid that doesn’t let me tweet and gives me a script error. So I’ve been reading my timeline every day for the last few months and know what everyone’s up to but haven’t been able to say anything back 😥 Buuut, my friend who says her Safari wouldn’t work with New Twitter either said to install Chrome and try ittt. So then I can enjoy/cry my way through the rest of RG with everyone!


    • PJ says :

      Katie! I was just thinking about you and checking your tweetline and wondering whether are you still alive! Pleased to see you checking in. We miss you on Twitterverse definitely!

      Thinking about Friday makes me want to barf, to be honest. I am so nervous for that match, it’s bordering on ridiculous. I hope Fed has enough self confidence to bring it against Djoko. I mean, he has been other peep’s bunnies in the past – Hewitt, Safin, Agassi – but found a way to turn it around in his head. Let’s hope for the same thing to happen this Friday because nothing, NOTHING would please me more than seeing him BEAT Djokovic. SOUNDLY.

      Get your ass back on Twitter stat!

  3. steve says :

    If Federer makes the finals, it won’t be by chance–it will be a result of his superior play.

    The match with Monfils was more closely contested than any of his previous matches. The earlier rounds were pretty routine, but he really had to hang tough and fight at every point to stay on top of Monfils. He dealt with difficult conditions and a tricky opponent who was playing fantastic tennis.

    The ball striking was often very clean (despite the wind) and they both moved and defended very well. Federer stayed aggressive, both from the baseline and in coming forward and using the whole court.

    It was a good match, and I hope he can raise his game against Djokovic.

  4. jandemom says :

    You have been choosing great photos for your posts, PJ – I especially like the first one today. Thanks!

    Ought to be 2 great matches on Friday – let’s hope they live up to expectations. And I really hope the old hot Swiss guy treats us to another smart, well-played match. come on, Rog!

  5. roadrunnerz says :

    My head says Novak on Friday. And part of me is even kind of relishing in the thought of a Nole-Rafa final.

    But my heart says Fed. Always.

    • PJ says :

      Exactly what you said. I hope for my brain to be proven wrong come Friday and our man will pull through!

  6. Lady B Good. says :

    Rafa is 25 on Friday! So happy birthday to you Rafa, ideal present a new fishing boat from Uncle Toni? No!
    Roger to beat Novak, Oh! Yes! If our Swiss guy can manage to pull it off, then Rafa stays World Number One!
    so inadvertently Roger would give Rafa the best gift of all! Good Luck on Friday Roger, started chewing my nails already!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. jfK says :

    Roger :D!! Come on man keep going!

  8. peRFect Tennis says :

    Gonna be a tough match tomorrow against Djok I just hope Rog can win the first set its gonna be so important!

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