Men’s Semi-Finals Thoughts (by PJ): For that slice of the historical pie

Semi-finals day for the men, and fittingly according to the draw, it will feature the Top 4, facing off against each other. All fighting for the place to cement their own bit of personal history in the record books on Sunday.

Here’s my breakdown of what it means for them to be in the final:

Rafa: The chance of equalling Borg’s 6th RG. Second man in history to win 6 RG titles.
First British player in the RG final since Fred Perry in 1935. And of course, the giant: another shot at being the first British GS winner since Fred Perry in 1936.
Satan: #1 ranking. Longest winning streak. A chance to win his third Slam and possibly send Rafa into therapy.
Federer: Chance to play for 17th Slam/second RG. Kicking Satan’s ass.

So, who will emerge the victors? To play off against each other on Sunday? To kiss the clay and kiss the Coup de Mousquetaires? Why am I even thinking that far ahead?


Anyway, for the first semi – up at 2PM on Philippe Chatrier naturally, we have Rafa Nadal v Andy Murray.

Why I think Rafa will beat Mandy:

1)      MAndy has a dodgy ankle. And he may also fall asleep mid-match from all his painkillers.
2)      MAndy has never been a strong presence on clay and Rafa has never lost to Mandy on clay.
3)      Rafa has found his form; MAndy seems to have lost his (as seen from the weird Chela match) although ankle issues again comes into debate.
4)      Roland Garros is Rafa’s turf.
5)      It’s Rafa. And it’s MAndy. ‘Nuff said.

Why I think Mandy will beat Rafa:

1)      Mandy was not completely in-form in Rome, but took a set of Rafa. He may carry this with him and create his opportunities.
2)      Rafart turns up for the day and stays for the entire match.
3)      Bjorn Borg posses Mandy’s body.
4)      The Curse of Breaking Bjorn Borg’s Records swings in Mandy’s favor (see Wimbly2008 and RG2009).
5)      No, I seriously don’t think Mandy will beat Rafa.

And when the dust has settled for that one, we have Roger Federer v Novak Djokovic.

Why I think Satan will beat Federer:

1)      He’s playing the tennis of his life. No question about it. He’s been solid and on-song.
2)       He’s got everything going on his side – the momentum, 5 days of rest (in a SLAM WTF), the fact that he’s beaten Roger at the last two Slams PLUS two other victories in between.
3)      The streak and the #1 ranking. He can smell it.
4)      Being 5 years younger and having more days of rest than the Old Man doesn’t hurt.
5)      Gone were the days when he brain-cramped when he was needed to play for the rankings (see Nienmen, Sydney 2009).

Why I think Federer will beat Satan:

1)      Even if Satan has been playing well, so has Federer. He has been impressive throughout the tournament – minimal brain farts, minimal brain cramps – beat 3 seeded players in straights and fared well against a spirited Monfils in the windy and gale-y (Gaely HAHAHA lame) conditions. And he’s the only one not to have dropped a set.
2)      Nobody beats Roger Federer four times in a row (I HOPE).
3)      In the face of all of Djokovic’s streaks: the Universal Theory of Something’s Gotta Give.
4)      After losing to Satan in the last two Slams, he’ll be more fired and more determined to end this before it goes any further.
5)      Preserving the #1 ranking for his boyfriend best bro Rafa.
6)      He wants a crack at that second RG. YOU KNOW HE REALLY WANTS IT.
7)      Because my heart says Federer. It always says Federer.

THIS IS IT – the final stage WILL be set.

All aboard!

– PJ


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I'm a tennis nut. Loves watching and freaking out over tennis, and as of late, writing about tennis. As a player though, I'm terrible. My other interests includes reading (pretty much will give any genre a go), checking out films, crafting (making cards, scrapbooking etc), eating/food (specifically searching for the perfect chendol outside Malaysia). I'm also trying to find my own perfect corner in this world!

7 responses to “Men’s Semi-Finals Thoughts (by PJ): For that slice of the historical pie”

  1. Katarina_YYZ says :

    “Nobody beats Roger Federer four times in a row (I HOPE).”

    well, Rafa did: 2008 Monte Carlo, Hamburg, RG, Wimby and 2009 AO. 😦

    But Roger bounced back from that, so let’s stay positive. COME ON, ROGER!

  2. flo says :

    But Murray is +500 paying 5 to 1 with sports bookies. I know they set the lines based on many things like how much money is coming in for either player and there’s also Murray injuries. But I think if I were a betting man I’d take the +500 (Nadal is -900):

    1) Murray is playing with house money at this point, no expectations no real pressure (unless he gets the lead)
    2) He had to fight through the ankle thing, he thought about giving about and then suffered through it. Accepting the pain and suffering may give him a better attitude and confidence (like this is some destiny crap – even though the universe doesn’t care about fuzzy yellow balls)
    3) He knows that he can’t wear don’t Nadal on clay so he might be forced to play more shots up the line and be more attacking
    4) He can hurt Nadal with his backhand
    5) The possible Djokovic matchup may prey on Nadal’s mind

    Having said all that, Nadal will still probably win.

  3. gamegrrle says :

    Not sure why no one…I mean absolutely no one…including the mainstream press has mentioned this… but if Feddy beats Nole and then goes on to win the final he will not only be winnind his SECOND FRENCH OPEN TITLE, but he will effectively be completing his SECOND CAREER GRAND SLAM!!! 🙂

    Plus… he’s got another 2 spare sets in the closet, so if he were to win next year … that would make THREE CAREER GRAND SLAMS!! … and then the year after that… 😉

  4. steve says :

    I smell a five-set, four-hour plus classic with Nadal-Murray. But Nadal will win, probably by 6-1 in the fifth set or some lopsided score. Expect endless rallies, one minute plus between serves (especially on Nadal’s side), perhaps some broken rackets from Murray and exaggerated grimaces of pain.

    Federer-Djokovic I think will go much quicker, especially if Federer comes with his best game. I hope he can overwhelm Djokovic with a wave of magical shotmaking. Go Roger!

  5. girl_from_mi says :

    I am a Roger/Rafa fan, so of course I want them both to win today. My Frazzle is with the final. I want Roger to win this tourney but if Rafa doesn’t win the tournament, Satan takes over #1. I CAN’T HAVE THAT. NoNoNoNo!

    My stomach hurts thinking about it. HURTZ!

    ~ whimpers ~

  6. breadstix says :

    I love how chilled Rog looks in the montage of the top 4. :”)

    • PJ says :

      LOL I couldn’t find one of him all pumped and yelling and stuff…then yesterday’s semi happened and now there are LOTS of fistpumpy roar-y photos all over le internets.

      Ah well, ZEN looking is good, no?

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